The Lofoten Islands are a wonderful spot in the far north of Norway and offer many sights and scenic highlights. On the Lofoten Islands you can expect beautiful fjords, imposing mountains, Caribbean beaches and the typical red wooden houses. Here you can go on spectacular hikes, see authentic fishing villages and take in the incomparable nature.

But what are the best things to do in Lofoten Islands? We will tell you now what the best 10 most beautiful places in Lofoten are.

The 10 Best Things To Do in Lofoten Islands

#1 Reine | The typical Lofoten Photo Spot

The small town of Reine is one of the most visited and most photographed places in the Lofoten archipelago. Reine is one of the most famous fishing villages in Lofoten and has existed since 1743.

This is the place to be if you want to capture one of the typical Lofoten motifs and take photos from one of the most popular Lofoten viewpoints. You could say that Reine is typical Lofoten.

The 10 Best Things To Do in Lofoten Islands

Where you can find the most beautiful photo spot in Reine and what else you can do here, you can read in our travel report: Reine I The most beautiful place in Lofoten?

In addition, here is one of the most spectacular hikes you can do in Lofoten: The Reinebringen

The hike on the Reinebringen is probably the Lofoten hike with the most spectacular view. The panorama that you will have from the over 460 meters high mountain on the town of Reine and the mountain ranges of Lofoten is incomparable and unique in Lofoten. The 10 Best Things To Do in Lofoten Islands

Everything else about the hike on the Reinebringen you can learn here: Reinebringen Hike I The most beautiful viewpoint of Lofoten

#2 Uttakleiv Beach & Haukland Beach

Haukland Beach is probably one of the most famous beaches in Lofoten. It offers a true postcard motif with its powdered sugar sand and the mighty mountain massif in the background. Here is enthroned the exactly 400 meters high Mannen, on which even a relatively easy hiking trail leads.

On the other hand, you’ll never be alone here at Haukland Beach. At least during the high season, the beach is very well frequented. Unfortunately, this also means that parking here is very difficult. Nevertheless, you can watch wonderful sunsets here and you can take a wonderful walk on the beach.

The 10 Best Things To Do in Lofoten Islands

A wonderful walk can also be made to the neighboring (and no less popular) Uttakleiv beach, namely on a 4 km long completely flat hiking trail that leads directly along the coast.

You should do this hike in any case. You have the whole time the deep blue sea in view and right of you the imposing mountain Mannen.

The 10 Best Things To Do in Lofoten Islands

The Uttakleiv beach itself is, similar to the Haukland beach, a long and wide beach with powdered sugar sand and turquoise blue water. Here at the beach you can even stay overnight with your campervan.

Do you want to know what other beautiful Caribbean beaches there are in Lofoten? Then read on here: The 7 most beautiful beaches in Lofoten

#3 Ryten Hike

The hike up Ryten and is one of the most beautiful hiking highlights in Lofoten. The ascent of the Ryten is really a classic in Norway and is therefore also a very popular hike. The 10 Best Things To Do in Lofoten Islands

Ryten is not the highest mountain in Lofoten, but still offers one of the most beautiful viewpoints in Lofoten and a landscape that is just beautiful and very varied. Mount Ryten is 543 meters high and is located in the southern Lofoten not far from the museum village of Nusfjord.

The hike up this imposing mountain is one of the most popular and also most beautiful in all of Lofoten. The 10 Best Things To Do in Lofoten Islands

Accordingly, you will meet many other tourists on this tour. Our highlight of the hike is not the summit itself, but a small rock just below the mountain top. From this viewpoint rock you can take spectacular photos of the neighboring Kvalvika beach.

Read more about the hike to Ryten here: Ryten Hike + Kvalvika Beach I Tips for Lofoten Highlights

#4 Kvalvika Beach

Kvalvika Beach is one of the most spectacular beaches in Lofoten, which generally has a lot of Caribbean feeling. The hike to this beach is not so easy, but can be combined well with the hike to the Ryten.

The beach consists of the finest sand, the water glistens in the most beautiful shades of blue and the arduous hike here also makes the whole thing a bit adventurous. The 10 Best Things To Do in Lofoten Islands

Kvavilka Beach is secluded and surrounded by high mountains (such as Ryten) in a small bay and is just waiting to be discovered by you. Especially in the afternoon it is illuminated by the sun and shines at you in the most beautiful colors.

Because the hike is somewhat strenuous, there are not so many other tourists on the road.

How to get to this beautiful beach you can find out here: Ryten Hike + Kvalvika Beach I Tips for Lofoten Highlights

#5 Hamnoy

Hamnoy is located in the south of Lofoten and is one of the classic photo motifs of Lofoten. Here are the typical red wooden houses (Rorbuer) directly on the water and you have an imposing mountain backdrop in the background.

Hamnoy is located in Lofoten on the island of Moskenes and is a tiny village with only a few inhabitants, but a picture book scenery that is second to none in Lofoten. Here you just have to stop to take one or preferably several photos.

The typical red Rorbuer wooden huts can be found here and are extremely picturesque with a great mountain backdrop.

Hamnøy I Bilderbuchkulisse auf den Lofoten

What else the place has to offer you can read here: Hamnøy I Picture book scenery in Lofoten

#6 Rambergstranda

Rambergstranda is one of the coolest and most beautiful beaches for us. Here we felt for the first time not like in the Caribbean, but like on a beach in South Africa. The atmosphere here is really unique.

If you park your car on the free, but extremely small parking lot, you can walk over a small path directly down to the beach. The 10 Best Things To Do in Lofoten Islands

This slightly curved beach is almost 900 meters long and you can walk along it and enjoy the atmosphere. Rambergstranda beach is located in the small village of Ramberg and so the atmosphere is a bit different from the other beaches in Lofoten.

There are some nice beach houses along the road and contribute to the rather urban atmosphere. But we mean that totally positive.

For us, this beach is unique in Lofoten. Read all about the other most beautiful beaches in Lofoten here: The 7 most beautiful beaches in Lofoten

#7 Soccer Field in Henningsvær

Probably everyone who has ever googled Lofoten has seen the picture of the most spectacular soccer field in the world. It is located on one of the many small islands of the village Henningsvær and looks especially from a drone just unique.

From the ground, you can only guess at the fabulous panorama, but it’s still worth a visit to the small fishing village. The 10 Best Things To Do in Lofoten Islands

Just under 500 inhabitants live in this small village and away from the soccer field, there is a beautiful harbor and a cozy downtown with cafes and a small pedestrian zone that invites you to stroll.

It’s worth stopping here on your Lofoten road trip to take in the laid-back town. By the way, it’s also interesting to see how to get here, which leads over several bridges that stretch across the turquoise sea, similar to the one in Reine.

#8 Lofoten Beach Camp

A campsite as one of the best things to do in Lofoten? The Lofoten Beach Camp is by far the coolest and most relaxed campsite in all of Lofoten.

Lofoten Beach Camp (Google Maps) is located right on the beautiful Skagsanden beach and has an incomparable atmosphere. In a few seconds you are on the beach and can swim, walk and enjoy the amazing sunsets in the evening.

Everything here is super relaxed. You should definitely spend 1 or 2 nights here. You can book a place directly on site or at*.

#9 Nusfjord & Lofoten Road

Nusfjord was the leading fishing village in Lofoten until 1989 and was economically very successful. Even today, stockfish is still produced here and exported all over the world. But the main source of income is of course tourism. Nusfjord is today developed as an open-air museum and can be visited as such by you.

You can expect in Nusfjord a historical place, which is (in parts) also beautifully laid out. But it is no longer a lively fishing village with real life, but in the best and worst sense… a museum.

Nusfjord Lofoten 2022 I Alle Infos zum Museumsort

Nearly 50 historic buildings stand here, mostly built in the 19th century. Some of these red rorbuer cabins can also be rented by tourists. You can visit the actual core of the village for an entrance fee of 100 NOK (about 10 €).

There you will find a bakery (where you can buy super delicious cinnamon buns), a blacksmith shop, a boathouse and other historic buildings. Nusfjord Lofoten 2022 I Alle Infos zum Museumsort


On the way to Nusfjord you drive along a road that at first seems unimpressive. But if you look at the road from the right perspective, you realize what a magnificent panorama you have in front of you.

The so-called Lofoten road leads straight ahead for kilometers and at the end, like a natural wall, there is a mountain range that seems to border the road. Here you should get out briefly and take a photo.

Read all about the museum town of Nusfjord and the Lofoten Road here: Nusfjord Lofoten I All info about the museum town

#10 Offersoykammen

Finally we have to mention the hike to Offersoykammen. It was our first hike on the Lofoten Islands and we were immediately captivated by it. The hike to the 436 meter high Offersøykammen is one of the rather untouristy hikes in Lofoten.

The 10 Best Things To Do in Lofoten Islands

Although the hike offers a wonderful 360° view from the summit, the crowds here are not comparable to more crowded Lofoten hikes like Reinebringen or Ryten. Especially if you start early, you will have to share the view from the top only with a few others.

Where to park and how long the hike takes you can read here: Offersøykammen Hike | The unknown Lofoten viewpoint

(Wild) Camping on the Lofoten Islands

Most tourists travel to Lofoten with their own camper or campervan. Also we visited the Lofoten Islands with our Campervan. On of the best things to do in LofotenThe 10 Best Things To Do in Lofoten Islands is it in our opinion to camp in the midst of nature and not on a camping site.

In Norway, as is well known, the Right to Roam applies, which makes free camping in nature really easy. But can you really camp in the middle of nature everywhere in Lofoten?

And what do you have to watch out for and where are the most beautiful campsites?

We have written a detailed post about Lofoten camping here: Lofoten Camping I Our Campervan Experiences

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