The small town of Reine is one of the most visited and most photographed places in the Lofoten archipelago. Reine has barely 2000 inhabitants, which is relatively much for the Lofoten, and is located in the south of the Lofoten archipelago. If you cross the Lofoten Islands on the Norwegian Landscape Route E10 from north to south, you will automatically pass the beautiful fishing village of Reine. But what can you do in Reine? What are the sights of Reine? How to get to Reine and is a visit to the fishing village of Reine worthwhile at all?

The Fishing Village Reine in the Lofoten Islands

Reine is one of the most famous fishing villages in Lofoten and has existed since 1743. This is the place to be if you want to capture one of the typical Lofoten photos from one of the most popular Lofoten viewpoints.

You could say that Reine is typical Lofoten. Here you can find one of the best hikes in Lofoten and because it is divided into several small islands, this Lofoten place is really special. On the other hand, we don’t think you need to visit the actual center of Reine.

It is not particularly worth seeing and the real highlights are around it. Reine I The Most Beautiful Place in Lofoten?

Arrival Reine

You can’t miss Reine on your Lofoten road trip, because it is located on the scenic route E10 and is automatically crossed when you make a round trip through Lofoten on the main road E10.

If you travel to Lofoten from the north via the ferry port of Lodingen, you will automatically pass Reine from the north. If you use the southern ferry port and arrive in Moskenes, then you have to drive north on the E10. So, you will not pass Reine at all.

Parking in Reine

Reine I The Most Beautiful Place in Lofoten?Finding a parking place in Reine is not that easy anymore, at least when it comes to free parking. Without paying you can only park at a parking lot, which is located directly at the E10 at the entrance of the town. But this is really very small one and therefore mostly full.

With a campervan or motorhome you will have a hard time. You can find the parking lot here on Google Maps. If you drive into the town then there is in the center of a very large, but paid parking. Here you will find a free parking space in any case.

The parking lot (Google Maps Link) costs 50 NOK (5 €) per hour and 150 NOK per day for a car and 300 NOK for a campervan. You can pay for parking at the Visitor Center, which is located right next to the parking lot.

Things To Do in Reine

Reine in Lofoten is just too beautiful to drive through. But which Reine highlights should you not miss? And what is there to do in Reine? We will tell you now. Reine I The Most Beautiful Place in Lofoten?

Spend the Night in Reine

An overnight stay in Reine does not sound like a special highlight. But it will be, if you spend the night in a typical Norwegian Rorbu wooden house. And such cabins are also one of the most beautiful photo spots in Reine.

Valen Cabins in Reine Reine I The Most Beautiful Place in Lofoten?You will stay here in the typical red wooden cabins, which stand on stilts directly at the sea and which everyone connects directly with the Lofoten Islands.

In your small wooden cabin you have from the kitchen to your own bathroom everything you need. And as a highlight you have of course the special Lofoten panorama.

It is not cheap, but you usually go to Lofoten only once in a lifetime.

Wooden cabins in Reine | show prices*

The Most Beautiful Viewpoint in Reine

The most beautiful photo spot in Reine and the best viewpoint (if you ignore the top of Reinebringen) is the bridge leading to the city center. If you don’t have much time and don’t want to spend money on parking, you should park at the free parking lot (Google Maps link) and walk a few meters to the bridge.

You can find the viewpoint here on Google Maps. Reine I The Most Beautiful Place in Lofoten? From here you can see the typical Reine view.

You look over the water, on the right side the typical red wooden houses, in the background the imposing mountain scenery and on your left the mountain Reinebringen.

It looks simply fantastic. You won’t get such a great panorama anywhere else in Reine.

The Beautiful Bridges of the Archipelago

Another highlight of Reine are the many small islands that make up the town and are connected by picturesque arch bridges. These bridges can really be found everywhere in Lofoten and to our knowledge only in one other place in Norway: namely the Atlantic Road in Fjord Norway. These bridges are really very narrow, so that they can usually only be driven on in one direction.

For this purpose there are traffic lights on both sides of the bridges. The special thing about these bridges is that they lead in a high arc from one island to another island. Reine

Of course, this looks very good, especially from a drone. By the way, on the other side of this group of islands is the also very photogenic village of Hamnoy.

Hike to Reinebringen

A special highlight in Reine and one of the most beautiful hikes in Lofoten is the hike up Reinebringen. You have to climb more than 1500 steps to reach the top of the mountain, which is almost 500 meters high. The hike is extremely popular, so you will share the narrow trail with many other tourists.

But it is definitely worth it, because the view you have from the top of Reinebringen is incomparable in Lofoten. You can read more about the hike on Reinebringen here in our detailed hiking report. Reine I The Most Beautiful Place in Lofoten?

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