Nusfjord in Lofoten is a place that didn’t really appeal to us at first glance. We almost didn’t go there on our Lofoten road trip. In the end, we were glad that we did visit Nusfjord, although the place was quite different from what we had expected. Whether visiting this museum place should be worth it for you and what you can expect in Nusfjord, you can read now in our blog post.

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Nusfjord | The Museum Village in Lofoten

Nusfjord was the leading fishing village in Lofoten until 1989 and was economically very successful. Even today stockfish is still produced here and exported all over the world. But the main source of income is of course tourism. Nusfjord is today developed as an open-air museum and can be visited as such by you. You can expect a historical place in Nusfjord, which is (in parts) also beautifully designed.

But it is no longer a lively fishing village with real life, but in the best and worst sense… a museum.Nusfjord Lofoten I All You Need To Know For Your Visit Almost 50 historic buildings are located here, most of which were built in the 19th century. Some of these red rorbuer cabins can also be rented by tourists. You can visit the actual core of the village for an entrance fee of 100 NOK (about 10 €).

There you will find a bakery (where you can buy super delicious cinnamon buns), a blacksmith shop, a boathouse and other historic buildings. Nusfjord Lofoten I All You Need To Know For Your Visit

If the entrance fee is too much for you, you can also visit many of the wooden houses from the street and at some of them you can even go out on the terrace and have a premium view of the Nusfjord and the wooden huts built on the water.

Nusfjord Lofoten I All You Need To Know For Your VisitWhether this is really allowed, we do not know. But at least here was nothing closed off or marked as private. So we walked around in this area of Nusfjord and took some pictures.

In addition, above the parking lot behind the bushes is a small (unofficial) viewpoint from which you also have a great (free) view of Nusfjord.

By the way, you can find the exact location here on Google Maps. Nusfjord Lofoten I All You Need To Know For Your Visit

We looked at the city from the viewpoint, from the street and of course from our drone, because we did not want to pay the entrance fee of 20 euros (for us two).

In our opinion, it is not necessary to visit Nusfjord for a fee if you want to save money and also time (for this detour).

There are other places on the Lofoten besides Nusfjord, which are more centrally located and offer a similar, if not a more beautiful panorama, such as Reine or Hamnoy. Nusfjord Lofoten I All You Need To Know For Your Visit

The Lofoten Road | Photo Highlight on the Way there

When you drive to Nusfjord, you will inevitably pass a photo spot called “Lofoten Road” by tourists. You should definitely stop here and take a photo, because here the road runs dead straight towards the impressive mountains in the background and creates a spectacular panorama. Nusfjord Lofoten I All You Need To Know For Your Visit

If you also want to have such a photo then you should park your car here (Google Maps link) and walk a few meters further to take an (typical Instagram) photo.

Travel Tips for Nusfjord

Accommodation in Nusfjord

If you want to spend the night in one of the historic wooden cabins in Nusfjord, you can easily do that. You can book one of the typical Lofoten cabins here at* book. Nusfjord Lofoten

Parking at Nusfjord Lofoten

Parking is a bit more of a problem in this small town. There are 2 free parking lots, but they are extremely crowded at peak times. So it can be quite difficult – especially with a campervan or motorhome – to find a free space. Shortly before the place comes a large parking lot (Google Maps link) on which actually only buses and campers should stand, but there are also normal cars parked here.

About 200 meters further, a way goes steeply uphill and leads to a rather small passenger car parking lot Nusfjord Lofoten I All You Need To Know For Your Visit(Google Maps Link). Here you should drive up but only with cars. Usually there a no free parking lots here and with a caravan or camper it is very difficult tu turn the car and go back. You do not want that in any case.

Some also park on the side of the road a few hundred meters away from the site. This may be necessary at peak times, but we would not necessarily recommend it.

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