The hike up to Reinebringen Norway is probably the Lofoten hike with the most impressive view. The panorama you will have from the 460 meter high mountain to the town of Reine is unique in the Lofoten. Where exactly the starting point of the Reinebringen hike is, where you can park your car and what you should keep in mind, you can find out now.

Reinebringen Hike

Reinebringen Hike

On this hike you will hike up the almost 500 meter high mountain Reinebringen and have a wonderful view of the town of Reine and the Lofoten Islands.

  • Length: approx. 7 km (return)
  • Circular route: no
  • Altitude difference: 449 m
  • Duration: about 3-4 hours
  • Level of difficulty: demanding
  • Trailhead: see Google Maps

The hike up Reinebringen mountain is one of the most popular hikes in Lofoten and rewards with one of the most beautiful viewpoints of the small town of Reine. Especially when the weather is good it offers a panorama of the Lofoten island that stretches for kilometers.

But due to the beauty and popularity of the hike, you will not be alone here.

Reinebringen Hike I Lofoten's Most Beautiful Viewpoint
The hiking trail on the Reinebringen

You will probably do the hike with hundreds of other hikers. And since the trail up to the top is quite narrow, you can’t really avoid each other. Everyone goes up and down on the same stairs.

Speaking of stairs, there is actually a well-built staircase leading up to the summit with over 1500 steps. The city of Reine had this staircase specially built a few years ago by Nepalese Sherpas, who have already realized other sensational projects in Norway.

Reinebringen Hike

This has made the Reinebringen hike a lot easier and also safer, but also ensured that even more tourists take on the exhausting journey to the summit. At the top of the peak there are several viewpoints depending on whether you go left or right when you reach the end of the stairs.

From everywhere you have a wonderful panoramic view of Reine and the rest of Lofoten. If you’re lucky, you’ll even manage to take a picture without other tourists.

Tips for the Reinebringen Hike

The Best Parking Place for the Reinebringen Hike

Unfortunately, the parking situation for the Reinebringen Hike is not very good. There are a few options for parking near the starting point of the hike (trailhead) to Reinebringen.

  • Free parking lot #1: Google Maps
  • Free parking lot #2: Google Maps
  • Paid parking (further away & expensive, 50 NOK/h): Google Maps
Reinebringen Hike I Lofoten's Most Beautiful Viewpoint
Reine with the Reinebringen in the background

Overnight Stay near Reine

If you are not traveling with a campervan, we can recommend the following accommodation in Reine:

Valen Cabins in Reine Reinebringen Hike I Lofoten's Most Beautiful Viewpoint

You will spend the night in the typical red wooden houses, which stand on stilts directly at the sea and which everybody connects directly with the Lofoten.
In your small wooden cabin you have a kitchen and your own bathroom.

And as a highlight you have of course the special Lofoten panorama. It is not cheap, but you usually go to Lofoten only once in a lifetime.

Wooden cabins in Reine | show prices*

When should you do the Reinebringen Hike?

As the Reinebringen hike is one of the most popular hikes and viewpoints in Lofoten in Norway, there are always many tourists here. Reinebringen Hike I Lofoten's Most Beautiful Viewpoint

You should try to leave early in the morning, firstly to get a parking lot and secondly to avoid the tourist crowds.
The alternative is to start hiking in the late afternoon (best in midsummer with midnight sun) when most of the other tourists have already finished the hike.

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