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How Much Does It Cost To Travel Colombia?

Minca, Kolumbien

How much does it cost to travel Colombia? On our trip through Latin America, Colombia was one of the countries that were at the top of our wish list. The diversity of the country, with its vibrant big cities, small Caribbean islands, colonial cities and breathtaking coastal mountains, fascinated us from the beginning. So much […]

Costa Rica Itinerary 7 Days to 2 Weeks | All You Need To Know

Vulkan La Fortuna, Costa Rica

What to expect on a Costa Rica Itinerary 7 days up to 2 weeks? You close your eyes and see the lush green jungle in front of you, hear the howler monkeys and macaws. You feel the sand between your toes and hear the ocean rushing. A 7 days to 2 week road trip through […]

ARGENTINA | The Most Epic 10 Day Road Trip You Will EVER Experience

unendliche Weite in Argentinien Roadtrip

A road trip through Argentina has been our dream for a long time. in 2019, we finally made it come true. To make a road trip in Argentina is quite obvious when you consider the size of the South American country. From Patagonia in the south to the Buenos Aires region and the far north […]

Backpacking Latin America | A Perfect Itinerary for Guatemala, Belize & Mexico

Laguna Bacalar

Guatemala, Belize, and Mexico are completely different countries, yet they are located in close proximity on the Yucatan Peninsula, on the border between Central and North America. It makes total sense to visit these 3 countries together during a round trip. At least Belize and Guatemala are small enough to see the main highlights in […]

Backpacking Bolivia Peru | Adventurous 3 Week Itinerary

Machu Picchu mit Alpaka

In 2015, I embarked on the adventure of South America with a friend for 3 weeks. For our first backpacking trip in Latin America, we took on the typical gringo trail through Bolivia and Peru. We would like to tell you about our itinerary through Bolivia & Peru and the experiences we made on our […]

Cafayate Argentina | Amazing Hike At Rio Colorado

Rio Colorado, Cafayate, Argentinien

For the end of our road trip through the Quebreda Las Conchas we chose something special in Cafayate. We just wanted to see something green again, after the last days we only saw a lot of red-brown and gray when looking out of the window. Which was of course nevertheless beautiful to look at. When […]

How To Cross The Border Between Argentina And Chile

Paso de Jama Grenzübergang Chile nach Argentinien

During our road trip through Chile and Argentina we crossed the border between Chile and Argentina twice. From Chile to Argentina we crossed the little used Sico Pass and from Argentina to Chile we crossed the busy Paso de Jama. Since at both passes the landscape captivates with innumerable gentle and rough hill ranges, we […]