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Backpacking Latin America | A Perfect Itinerary for Guatemala, Belize & Mexico

Laguna Bacalar

Guatemala, Belize, and Mexico are completely different countries, yet they are located in close proximity on the Yucatan Peninsula, on the border between Central and North America. It makes total sense to visit these 3 countries together during a round trip. At least Belize and Guatemala are small enough to see the main highlights in […]

Antigua Guatemala | 7 Things You Should Not Miss

Bunte Gassen in Antigua

One of the highlights in Guatemala is the beautiful colonial city of Antigua. The city of Antigua is located in the central highlands of Guatemala, is home to nearly 35,000 inhabitants and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979. The small town offers plenty of sights and should be part of any itinerary […]

A Complete Guide On Hiking Acatenango Volcano Guatemala

ulkan lava Ausbruch, Antigua guatemala

The hike up Acatenango Volcano was the big highlight in Guatemala, something we’d seen in numerous blogs and guidebooks before we even started our Latin America trip. The prospect of hiking up Acatenango Volcano for hours on end in the sweat of our brow, only to see its twin, Fuego Volcano, spewing fire, smoke and […]

How To Get From Guatemala To Belize

Grenzübergang Guatemala nach Belize

How to get from Guatemala to Belize? To get from Flores to San Ignacio, you will find shuttle buses everywhere in the travel agencies. If you don’t want to take the tourist bus to Belize at 8 a.m., you still have the possibility to do it on your own by public transport. This way the […]

A Complete Guide To Semuc Champey Guatemala

Semuc Champey von meiner Drohne aus gesehen

Semuc Champey is definitely one of the highlights of Guatemala. Located just under 11 km from the village of Lanquin, the natural pools stretch for about 300 meters and are, what most people don’t know, a naturally formed limestone bridge over a raging river that runs underground. This sounds totally crazy, but on site you […]

Tikal Guatemala | A Complete Guide To Explore The Maya Ruins

TIkal, Guatemala

Tikal is one of the most important Mayan sites in northern Guatemala and was inhabited by the Maya since 1000 BC. It is also one of the best explored Mayan sites and has been considered abandoned since the 10th century. In Tikal in Guatemala you can experience the history of the Maya up close and […]

Guatemala Backpacking | Travel Guide for first timers

Drohnenaufnahme des Vulkans Fuego in Guatemala

Guatemala Backpacking …. that sounds like adventure in untouristy areas and natural places. Even though Guatemala was not as untouristic as we thought, this beautiful country still impressed us. With the backpacking trip you can already look forward to an unforgettable and very diverse vacation. Everything you need to know you will learn in or […]