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How Much Does It Cost To Travel Colombia?

Minca, Kolumbien

How much does it cost to travel Colombia? On our trip through Latin America, Colombia was one of the countries that were at the top of our wish list. The diversity of the country, with its vibrant big cities, small Caribbean islands, colonial cities and breathtaking coastal mountains, fascinated us from the beginning. So much […]

Providencia | All You Need To Know

Almond Bay auf Providencia, Kolumbien

When researching a tour of Colombia, two small islands always jump out at you: San Andres and Providencia. On photos, these two islands look like true paradise: green overgrown hills, dream beaches and Caribbean feeling. We spent a total of one week on the Caribbean island of Providencia. And we can justifiably say that Providencia […]

Medellin Colombia | All You Need To Know For Your First Trip

Comuna 13, Medellin

Medellin was the first destination on our backpacking trip through Colombia and also the most beautiful big city we have seen so far on our journey through Latin America. Medellin is a city of millions and the second largest city in Colombia, but we still felt very comfortable. And that although we actually do not […]

Things To Do In Guatapé Colombia | All You Need To Know

El Penon, Guatape, Kolumbien

What are the best things to do in Guatape? We read a lot about Guatapé and the mysterious rock El Penol that stretches up from a beautiful reservoir before our Colombia round trip. It just looked too fantastic to not go there. But how do you get from Medellin to Guatapé? Should you stay overnight […]

How To Get From San Andres to Providencia | All You Need To Know

Providencia mit der Drohne

How to get from San Andres to Providencia? On our journey through Latin America we have spent 3 weeks in Colombia and were of course also in the Caribbean paradise of Providencia. But the journey to San Andres or to Providencia is not so easy. Especially to get to Providencia you have to consider some […]

Hiking The Peak | Isla Providencia, Colombia

The Peak, Providencia

The hike on The Peak is one of the highlights of Providencia and actually the only real hike on the island. You hike to the highest elevations of the entire island and have a wonderful panoramic view of all of Providencia. We had already informed ourselves in advance about the hike and wanted to do […]

Palomino Colombia | All You Need To Know

Palomino, Kolumbien

Palomino is a small village in the north of Colombia on the peninsula La Guajira. Palomino is about 90 kilometers from Santa Marta and has about 2,000 inhabitants. Especially backpackers are drawn here and if you want to go to the nearby Tayrona National Park, Palomino is a good starting point. But Palomino is also […]

Providencia Colombia | The 6 Best Beaches

Providencia, Kolumbien

Where can you find the most beautiful beaches in Colombia? In our opinion on Providencia. This secluded island paradise in Colombia was one of the highlights of our big trip through Latin America. There are some beautiful beaches on Providencia. The two largest and also most beautiful beaches of Providencia can be found in the […]