Hamnoy in Norway is located in the south of the Lofoten islands and is one of the classic photo spots of the Lofoten. The typical red wooden houses (Rorbuer) are located directly on the water and you have an imposing mountain view in the background.
Where the most beautiful photo spots in Hamnoy Lofoten are, where you can park in Hamnoy and whether the place is worth a visitapart from photographing at all we want to tell you now. Hamnøy Norway I One of Lofoten's Best Photo Spots

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Hamnoy Lofoten | Is it worth it?

Hamnoy is located in Lofoten on the island of Moskenes and is a small village with only a few inhabitants, but a picture book scenery in Lofoten. Here you simply must stop to take one or preferably several photos.

The typical red Rorbuer wooden huts can be found here with an extremely picturesque mountain view. Hamnoy Lofoten But does the place have anything to offer apart from that? We don’t think so. In our opinion, it’s not really worth strolling through the very small town. There is nothing to discover here (except more photo motifs).

The place also consists mostly of vacation houses (Eliassen Rorbuer*) where you can just stay in the typical red houses.Hamnøy Norway I One of Lofoten's Best Photo Spots Our tip: Stop here on your Lofoten road trip to take the obligatory photos and also take a short walk through the small town to find beautiful motifs, but do not expect a lively village here away from the photo spots.

The Best Photo Spot in Hamnøy Norway

You can best walk along the small harbor into the village to find your personal photo spot. There are numerous phot spots here. But if you want to have the classic Hamnøy photo, you should park at the parking lot described below and walk up the street until you get to the bridge.

Here you can find the Hamnoy photo spot on Google Maps.

Hamnøy Norway I One of Lofoten's Best Photo Spots
Our dog Aaro does not trust the water

From there you have the classic and beautiful view of the red wooden houses with the mountains in the background. Unfortunately, we found out about this Lofoten photo spot too late, which is why we didn’t take a photo here.

But we still managed to get enough nice pictures in Hamnoy.

Parking in Hamnoy Lofoten

Hamnøy Norway I One of Lofoten's Best Photo SpotsThere is a small parking lot next to the road where you can park easily and free of charge to walk from there into the village and to the above-mentioned photo spot. You can find the parking lot here on Google Maps.

Overnight stay in Hamnoy Norway

Directly in Hamnoy there are the typical red wooden houses, which are directly at the sea and look exactly like one imagines wooden houses on the Lofoten.

An overnight stay here also costs much less than in comparable cabins in neighboring Reine. You can find the wooden cabins here at Booking.com*.

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