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9 Day Croatia Itinerary | Zadar to Dubrovnik

Krk, Kroatien

9 days are actually much too short for a Croatia itinerary. This country has so much to offer that you could spend several weeks there. But since we only had a little more than a week for our road trip through Croatia, we focused on the most beautiful places. Our Croatia itinerary took us mostly […]

Madeira TOP 15 Highlights you don’t want to miss

Madeira TOP 15 Highlights you don't want to miss

On Madeira there are many sights and highlights, like levada hikes, waterfalls, mountains or beaches. Actually too much to accommodate them in a normal 2 week vacation. You have to make a selection so that you don’t miss the most beautiful highlights. But what are the most beautiful sights in Madeira? And which Madeira highlights […]

Iceland Travel Tips I 17 Things You Need To Know Before You Go

Iceland Travel Tips I 17 Things You Need To Know Before You Go

You are looking for the best Iceland travel tips for your first round trip? Then we can tell you in advance that you will experience a dream vacation … and if you have read through our Iceland travel tips you will also be spared one or two surprises. Our own Iceland trip was actually planned […]

Westfjords of Iceland I 3 Day Roadtrip in Icelands most romantic landscape

Puffins Westfjorde Island

The Westfjords of Iceland are not on the program of most Iceland tours, although there are fantastic nature highlights, great sights and an originality like nowhere else in Iceland. The reason is that the Westfjords of Iceland are very remote and you usually can’t fit them into a normal road trip. Many people go to […]

Guide to Kerlingarfjoll and Hveradalir | Iceland

Guide to Kerlingarfjoll and Hveradalir | Iceland

Hiking through the Hveradalir geothermal area in Kerlingarfjoll is one of the most incredible experiences you can have in the highlands of Iceland. Here everything bubbles, bubbles and steams and the colors are really like it looks on the photos. Simply spectacular. Geothermal areas are a few in Iceland and many in the world, but […]