Before our Slovenia 2 week itinerary, we actually didn’t know what to expect in this beautiful country. We knew that Slovenia borders Austria and therefore would probably be similar in landscape to the Alpine country. But what are the best things to do in Slovenia and what can you actually experience in the country? After our Slovenia road trip we know that Slovenia has wonderful mountain panoramas to offer, great lake landscapes but also beautiful coastal towns.

You can hike through gorges and ravines, climb mountains and swim in turquoise rivers. The country really fascinated us. On our Slovenia road trip we have seen the most beautiful highlights of Slovenia and now we want to tell you how to summarize them best in a spectacular Slovenia itinerary.

How to get to Slovenia

If you travel from Germany to Slovenia, you will definitely drive through Austria. You will pass through the wonderful regions of Salzburger Region and Salzkammergut. There are already so many great things to do that you should definitely make a few stops.

We have compiled the most beautiful highlights in Salzburger Land here: Salzburger Region | 8 Best Things To Do

You should also pay a visit to Lake Königssee, which is located directly on the German side of the border to Salzburg Land and is simply too beautiful to be left out: Read more: The Best Things To Do At Lake Königssee

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The Karavanke Tunnel

You will cross the border to Slovenia in the Karavanke tunnel. This is almost 8 km long and currently (2022) costs 7.60 € toll for a car. This amount is in addition to the tolls on Slovenian highways. But more about that later in the travel tips chapter.

The tunnel is known for the fact that often kilometer-long traffic jams form in front of it and also the toll clearance can drag on. So it’s best to check Google Maps before you arrive at the tunnel to see if you can expect a traffic jam here and plan ahead accordingly.

Slovenia Itinerary

Slovenia Itinerary for 14 days

Our 2 week road trip through Slovenia is based on the best things to do in the west of the country and especially on the many sights in the Triglav National Park. The scenery here is simply spectacular and especially the impressive Soča Valley will be a real highlight on your Slovenia round trip. But also coastal towns like Piran and the incredibly beautiful Lake Bled should not be missed on a Slovenia road trip.

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Day 1 + 2 | Lake Bled

From the Karavanke tunnel, which connects Austria with Slovenia, it is only about 20 minutes to one of the most beautiful highlights of Slovenia: Lake Bled. If you want to visit Lake Bled from the capital you can travel easily from Ljubljana to Lake Bled by Bus.

Lake Bled is located, how could it be otherwise, right next to the small town of Bled just outside the Triglav National Park and is one of the most visited sights in Slovenia. The region around Bled is naturally so well visited because there is so much to do here. The most beautiful destinations in the area of Bled can be reached in less than an hour. You can also book a tour to the most beautiful sights* directly. Here you can discover the most beautiful highlights and get a lot of information.

Tour to the Best Sights at Lake Bled | Check Prices*

Accordingly, it is very touristy at Lake Bled and you can feel that everywhere in the small village. Everywhere are parking lots for the many tourists, there are souvenir stores, restaurants and cafes where you must try the culinary highlight of this region: the Bled Cream Slices. The puff pastry tartlet made of vanilla cream and cream is really available on every corner and we had to grab it more than once.

Slovenia 2 Week Itinerary I The Complete Travel Guide

To work off the calories, you can go for a walk around the lake in about an hour. On the way you will see the pilgrimage church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary on the small Bled Island and Bled Castle, which is perched on an imposing rock high above the lake. If you want to be a bit more sporty, you can hike to the viewpoint Mala Osojnica, where you have a wonderful view of Bled Island.

Red more: Lake Bled I The Best Tips for the Slovenia Highlight

Staying Overnight at Lake Bled

Slovenia 2 Week Itinerary I The Complete Travel GuidePenzion Pibernik in Bled

Penzion Pibernik is a family-run bed & breakfast in a quiet location.

The hotel is located on a large meadow surrounded by a forest above the Sava River, only 300 m from the main road to Lake Bled.

You can reach the lake very quickly on foot. Nevertheless, you are in a quiet environment in the middle of the forest.

Penzion Pibernik | Check Prices*

Day 3 | Lake Bohinja

Not far from Lake Bled is the almost 4 km long Lake Bohinja, which directly appears much more natural and much less touristy. Some people compare it with the Königssee in Bavaria. Here it is much quieter, there are only a few restaurants and not such a hustle and bustle as at Lake Bled.

Slovenia 2 Week Itinerary I The Complete Travel Guide

Here you can walk around the lake in a beautiful landscape and at the same time the lake is suitable for sports activities. Because, although it doesn’t look like it, swimming and activities like SUPing and canoeing are possible here. From Bled you even have the possibility to go canyoning*. If you are into adventure, this is definitely the right thing for you.

Canyoning Tour in Bohinj Valley | Check Prices*

By the way, at the western end of the lake you can take a cable car up to 1800 meters above sea level, and in the small ski resort, where downhill skiing and cross-country skiing trails tempt you in winter, you can go for a wonderful hike in summer.

The Mostnica Gorge

A very special highlight at Lake Bohinja should not be missed. Less than 10 minutes away from the lake is the hike to the Mostnica Gorge. This hike was one of the highlights of our Slovenia 2 week itinerary. The path through the forest is really extremely beautiful and not always easy to walk.

You walk over large roots, have to cross small streams and also the one or other moss-covered rock is there. The forest smells wonderfully of coniferous wood and looks super untouched and natural. You walk along the Mostnica gorge and have several points where you can look into the narrow gorge that the river has washed into the rocks.

The landscape here is really very different, because after a few hundred meters the river is completely flat again and has purely nothing more of a gorge or ravine. Even if the gorge is not super long, the landscape around it makes the whole hike really super special. You should not miss this hike in any case. If you want to know more then read our travelogue:

Read more: Mostnica Gorge I Hiking at Lake Bohinj

Staying near Bohinji Lake

Slovenia 2 Week Itinerary I The Complete Travel GuidePenzion Pibernik in Bled

Penzion Pibernik is a family-run bed & breakfast in a quiet location.

The hotel is located on a large meadow surrounded by a forest above the Sava River, only 300 m from the main road to Lake Bled.

You can reach the lake very quickly on foot. Nevertheless, you are in a quiet environment in the middle of the forest.

Penzion Pibernik | Check Prices*

Day 4 | Vintgar Gorge

Just a few kilometers from Lake Bled is the wonderful Vintgar Gorge. This gorge is the most visited gorge in Slovenia and a super popular sight in the Alpine country. The Vintgar Gorge is a narrow gorge washed out by the Radnova River between the Hom and Boršt mountains. You can hike along the gorge on narrow wooden walkways for almost exactly 1.6 kilometers and catch spectacular views of the river and the steep rock walls next to you.

Slovenia 2 Week Itinerary I The Complete Travel Guide

The steep rocks along the gorge are overgrown with greenish shimmering moss and grasses. The gorge is sometimes wider, sometimes narrower. You walk sometimes on the left side and sometimes on the right side of the roaring river. The water has a beautiful turquoise color, while it flows with a loud roar under you through the gorge. A real experience!

Read more: Vintgar Gorge Hike I Tips, Parking & Highlights

Accommodation near the Vintgar Gorge

Slovenia 2 Week Itinerary I The Complete Travel GuidePenzion Pibernik in Bled

Penzion Pibernik is a family-run bed & breakfast in a quiet location.

The hotel is located on a large meadow surrounded by a forest above the Sava River, only 300 m from the main road to Lake Bled.

You can reach the lake very quickly on foot. Nevertheless, you are in a quiet environment in the middle of the forest.

Penzion Pibernik | Check Prices*

Day 5 + 6 of the Slovenia Itinerary | Drive over the Vrsic Pass

Today we head over Slovenia’s highest mountain pass, the Vrsic Pass, to the wonderful Soča Valley. Both are spectacular highlights in the Triglav National Park that are part of any Slovenia road trip. Before that, though, you’ll want to pick up a special waterfall that’s conveniently located right along the way.

Peričnik Waterfall

There are 2 ways to hike to the 52 meter high Pericnik waterfall. We recommend you to take the right path for the ascent and the left one for the descent. This way you can experience the waterfall during a nice round trip. The right path is quite steep directly through the forest.

The path is not well marked or not marked at all. So you should rely on apps like to find the right path. You will first come to a vantage point where you can see the waterfall from below and can already guess what awaits you.

Triglav Nationalpark I Die 12 schönsten Highlights + Reisetipps

If you then follow the path further up you come to the foot of the waterfall and now really notice why this waterfall is so special. The path runs behind the waterfall. So far, we only knew this from Seljalandsfoss in Iceland. You will definitely get wet here and it’s like walking under a huge shower.

Somehow a bit unpleasant, but also totally funny. When you reach the other side of the waterfall, the wind whips the spray of the waterfall towards you again. So if you haven’t gotten wet yet, you definitely will now. From here you can go up one more level and look at the second level of the Pericnik waterfall. From up here you can have a wonderful view of the valley you came from.

Lake Jasna

You continue west and pass the turnoff to the Karavanke tunnel again. Most cars (and especially trucks) turn off here and drive in the direction of Austria. But you continue straight ahead and it is spontaneously quieter and you notice that directly much fewer cars are on the road and simply much less is going on. On the way to the Vrsic Pass you will first pass the two Jasna Lakes.

Slovenia 2 Week Itinerary I The Complete Travel Guide

Jasna lake consists of two artificial lakes at the foot of Vršič pass. But even if these lakes were created by man, you do not notice this, because they blend beautifully into the surrounding natural scenery. Lake Jasna is very well developed for tourism, which means that there is a restaurant, a beach bar and you can even rent SUPs (Stand Up Paddle) here.

You can take a nice hike around the two lakes, which only takes about 30 minutes. There are benches everywhere from where you can admire the lake and the ducks swimming on it. And if it’s warm enough, you can even go swimming in Jasna Lake yourself.

The lake consists of really crystal clear turquoise water and with the amazing mountain panorama around it, it’s really a very beautiful backdrop. But you don’t have to spend more than half a day here.

Drive over the Vrsic Pass

If you drive from Jasna Lake further south, you will soon notice how it goes uphill and shortly after the serpentines begin. The Vršič Pass is the highest mountain pass in Slovenia and leads you in incredible 50 hairpin bends up to 1611 meters above sea level and back down again. A ride over this spectacular alpine pass is a must on any Slovenia itinerary, whether you are traveling by motorcycle, car or campervan.

Built over a hundred years ago, the Alpine Pass still fascinates on every road trip through Slovenia. As a relic from the old times, the curves of the serpentines are still laid out with cobblestones. This is otherwise very rare in the Alps.

Two special hikes you should do here in any case. The first one starts at the highest point of the pass and leads you to the viewpoint Slemenova Spica. You walk over scree fields, through beautiful spruce forests and past rocky peaks that look like the Tre Cime in the Dolomites.

Slovenia 2 Week Itinerary I The Complete Travel Guide

The second recommended hike starts at the penultimate switchback in the direction of the Soča Valley and leads to the source of the Soca River. Partly you have to climb or hold on to an iron chain to avoid falling down. At the top you will see the turquoise spring water of the Soca falling over a waterfall into the riverbed.

You can find more information about the Vrsic Pass here: Vršič Pass I What to expect at the Highest Pass in Slovenia

Overnight Stay at Vrsic Pass

Hotel PLANINSKA KOČA NA GOZDU Slovenia 2 Week Itinerary I The Complete Travel GuideThis beautiful rustic accommodation is located near the Russian chapel right on the Vrsic pass and is super quaint. The perfect place if you want to spend several days at the pass and have enough time for hiking.
  • Located directly in the forest on the mountain
  • Greathiking possibilities nearby
  • Delicious breakfast and dinner
  • Simple and rustic rooms

Day 7-10 | Soca Valley

The Soca Valley is one of the best places to visit in Slovenia and once you cross the Vrsic Pass you will inevitably come here. You could – if you have only little time – cross the Soca Valley in one day and see only the most beautiful sights. But we would recommend you to spend 3-4 days here. It is simply too beautiful to rush through it quickly.

Slovenia 2 Week Itinerary I The Complete Travel Guide

The center of the Soca Valley is the Soca River of the same name, which accompanies you from the Vrsic Pass in the north to the Tolmin Gorge and beyond. The river Soča is 137 km long before it flows into the Gulf of Trieste in Italy. With its narrow gorges, turquoise waters, rapids and suspension bridges, this river is truly the most beautiful natural highlight in Slovenia and should be part of your Slovenia itinerary.

You can go on great hikes here, visit the spectacular Soca Troughs – a kind of gorge – and also just enjoy the wonderful nature here in the valley. There are waterfalls, dense forests, high mountains and narrow gorges. In addition, outdoor sports are very important here, you can go whitewater rafting* & or kayak through the river*.

Learn more about the Soca Valley in our detailed trip report: Soča Valley I 7 Spectacular Highlights & Travel Tips

Accommodation in the Soca Valley

If you are not traveling with a camper or campervan then we can recommend the following beautiful hotel:

Hotel Mangart is brand new and welcomes you with a wonderful view of the mountains. It is located in Bovec, so you are very quickly at all the highlights of theSlovenia 2 Week Itinerary I The Complete Travel Guide of the Soca Valley.

  • Each room has a balcony and free wifi
  • There is a whirlpool and sauna
  • Free parking is also available
  • wonderful alpine panorama


Hotel Mangart | Check Prices*

Day 11 | Postojna Caves

Another nature highlight in Slovenia are the famous Postojna Caves. Unfortunately, we could not visit this cave complex because we were traveling with our dog Aaro and dogs are not allowed there, but you should definitely not miss this sight.

The Postojna Caves are the second largest stalactite caves in the world and have a total length of 24 km of which you can explore 5 km. Over 3 km of it you will ride on an underground train – yes, you heard it right, there is a train in the stalactite cave that will take you through the cave. This is truly unique and a wonderful experience. Admission to the cave costs 28 Euro per person and can be booked here on the official website of the operator.

Accommodation near the Caves

Postojna Cave Hotel Jama is brand new and located right next to the caves. So after a day in one of the biggestSlovenia 2 Week Itinerary I The Complete Travel Guide Cave systems in the world, you can walk to your accommodation.

  • Each room has its own bathroom and free Wi-Fi
  • Walking distance to the cave
  • Free parking is also available
  • Tasty breakfast

Postojna Cave Hotel Jama| | Check Prices*

Day 12 of the Slovenia Road Trip | Piran

Even though the city of Piran is located at the most southwestern tip of Slovenia and therefore means a detour on your Slovenia road trip, you should not miss this small town on the Adriatic Sea. Piran is located between Italy and Croatia on a 20 km wide coastal strip that Slovenia has on the Adriatic Sea.

Slovenia 2 Week Itinerary I The Complete Travel Guide

In our opinion Piran is one of the most beautiful cities in Slovenia. The small town on the Adriatic Sea convinces with its medieval old town, the great location by the sea, wonderful sunsets and of course by the Venetian architecture.

We found Piran beautiful and strolled for hours through the romantic coastal town on the Adriatic. For us, the most beautiful city in Slovenia and definitely one of the most beautiful places on the Adriatic.

What are the most beautiful sights of Piran you can read in our travelogue: Piran Sights I The most Beautiful Highlights + Tips

Accommodation in Piran

Apartments Riva are located directly on the waterfront of Piran and you can look from your room directly on the Adriatic Sea. You are super fast in the old town and at the sea. Slovenia 2 Week Itinerary I The Complete Travel Guide
  • Each room has free wifi
  • Super furnished apartments with kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.
  • a free breakfast is freshly prepared
  • you are at the sea in 20 meters

Apartments & Rooms Riva | Check Prices*

Day 13 | Ljubljana

From our Slovenia road trip, we continued across the border to Croatia for a few more days by the sea. But if you want to end your tour in Slovenia and – like us – you don’t like to go back the same way, we recommend you to continue your trip via the capital and to spend at least one day in Ljubljana.

From Piran you can reach the capital of Slovenia in less than 2 hours and experience numerous sights. Ljubljana is almost car-free and is quite manageable in terms of area. This means that you can explore the city relatively well on foot. The most beautiful sights of Ljubljana are easy to discover in one day and therefore the capital of Slovenia can be a good end to your Slovenia road trip.

Accommodation in Ljubljana

Slovenia 2 Week Itinerary I The Complete Travel GuideThe Zlata Ladjica Boutique Hotel has a perfect downtown location, putting it within walking distance of most of the capital's sights. The decor is also super modern and chic.
  • super furnished, modern rooms
  • View of the castle and the river
  • in the middle of the old town
  • very good organic breakfast

Zlata Ladjica Boutique Hotel | Check Rates*

Day 14 | Return Journey

From Ljubljana, you will continue your Slovenia itinerary in a northerly direction, passing Lake Bled again on your way to Austria or Germany. So if you missed some highlights at the start of your Slovenia round trip, now you have the opportunity to catch up. Otherwise you will cross the Karavanke tunnel again and you will be back in Austria.

Tips for Slovenia

In the following we want to give you some travel tips for a itinerary through Slovenia, so you can spend a nice and relaxing vacation.

Wild Camping in Slovenia

Wild camping and standing free in nature is one of the best experiences when traveling with our campervan. During our trip through the Lofoten Islands in the north of Norway we enjoyed it very much to stand in the spectacular landscape partly in complete solitude. In Slovenia, this is unfortunately not possible, because camping outside of campsites is prohibited in Slovenia and is unfortunately also sometimes severely punished.

Slovenia 2 Week Itinerary I The Complete Travel Guide

Especially in the Triglav National Park, camping in nature is strictly prosecuted and severely punished. Outside the national park it is seen a little less strictly, but you should still follow the rules. Fines of 100€ and more are not uncommon.

On your Slovenia road trip you will have to rely on the numerous campsites, which are unfortunately also quite expensive. In the low season you will pay about 30-40€ per night for 2 persons. In the high season it can easily be 50 up to 60 €. In Slovenia, unlike in Norway, which is otherwise quite expensive, you pay per person on campsites. Dogs and children cost extra and often tourist tax is added on top. But showers are always included, which is not the case in the camping paradise Norway.

Driving in Slovenia

Driving in Slovenia is as easy as in Germany. The roads are very well developed and you will have no problems. Slovenia also has a well developed highway network.

Vignette & Motorway Toll

What you have to keep in mind is that you have to have a vignette in Slovenia – just like in Austria – to use the freeways. In addition to the familiar sticker for the windshield, you can also purchase an e-vignette. We find this super convenient, because you can buy the vignette online just before your trip. All you have to do is enter your license plate number online and the vignette is valid immediately.

Slovenia 2 Week Itinerary I The Complete Travel Guide

Unfortunately, the vignette for Slovenia is very expensive. Per week you pay 30 Euro for a campervan and 15 Euro for a car. For a monthly vignette you pay 60 Euro for a camper and 30 Euro for a car. You can buy the e-vignette for Slovenia on this website:

Is Slovenia Touristy?

We would not have believed it before our trip, but Slovenia is as touristy and partly as crowded as the neighboring countries Austria or Croatia. Especially in such tourist strongholds like Lake Bled it is super touristy and it can get extremely crowded in high summer.

If you expect an untouristy country and a little insider tip in the Alps, you will be disappointed here. Nevertheless, in our opinion, this should not be a reason not to travel to Slovenia, it is simply too beautiful for that.

How Expensive is a Slovenia Vacation?

Since Slovenia is so touristy, the prices are correspondingly high. In Slovenia, you pay in Euro and the prices are comparable to those in Austria, for example. Whether it is a delicious ice cream, the restaurant visit or hotel accommodation. In terms of prices, Slovenia is therefore on a similar level as vacation regions in Austria or Germany.

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