Piran is in our opinion one of the most beautiful cities in Slovenia. The small town on the Adriatic Sea convinces with its medieval old town, the great location by the sea, wonderful sunsets and of course by the Venetian architecture. We now tell you what are the best things to do in Piran, how much time you should spend in the city, where you can park best and why the place should not be missing on any Slovenia road trip.

Facts about Piran Slovenia

The first settlements in the current city area existed more than 2000 years ago. After that, the rule over this city has changed several times. For a long time the area belonged to Italy or the Republic of Venice. After the 1st World War the city officially fell to Italy only to fall to Yugoslavia a few years after the 2nd World War in 1954. Since the foundation of Slovenia in 1991 Piran is officially Slovenian. But even today, the exact border with neighboring Croatia, only a few kilometers away, is still disputed.

Piran Slovenia

In Piran, by the way, there are still two official languages, Italian and Slovenian. This is also the reason why all street signs in the region are bilingual. Today, Piran is one of the most popular sights in Slovenia, attracting several hundred thousand tourists each year with a population of just over 4000. Many visitors to the nearby Soča Valley or Triglav National Park stop by Piran on their Slovenia tour. Piran is famous for its beautiful old town, the great Venetian architecture, the excellent restaurants and of course the many beautiful beaches nearby.

The Best Things To Do In Piran Slovenia 2024

We found Piran beautiful and strolled for hours through the romantic coastal town on the Adriatic Sea. For us, the most beautiful city in Slovenia and definitely one of the most beautiful places on the Adriatic. In our opinion, a visit to Piran is definitely worth it and the small town should be part of every Slovenia road trip. The most beautiful part of Piran (as is often the case) is the old town, which is located at the westernmost tip of the city. The rest of the city, which you will also pass through on your journey, can be left out in our opinion.

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Things To Do in Piran Slovenia

Which beautiful sights and highlights there are in Piran and which you should not miss, we tell you in the following section. If you would like to know more about the history of Piran, we can recommend a tour with a local*, where you will learn many insights and discover corners that most tourists do not get to see.

Private Walking Tour in Piran | check prices*

The Waterfront

The waterfront is the first thing you will see when you come to Piran Slovenia. Coming from the outside, the promenade is stretched over several kilometers and you walk here directly along the water. When you get to the old town, a small marina opens up in front of you, which fits wonderfully into the old town panorama. Even from here you have a great view of the central Tartiniplatz and the church of St. George right before your eyes.

Tartini Square

Tartini Square (named after the composer Giuseppe Tartini) is the center of urban life in Piran. When you enter the old town, you will inevitably come to this large square and first of all you will have a spectacular panorama all around. In the center of the square is a larger-than-life statue of the eponymous Tartini, to the north is Piran’s classicist town hall, and to the right is an imposing patrician house with Gothic elements. Everything here just looks pretty impressive.

The Best Things To Do In Piran Slovenia 2024

The Old Town

The Old Town is of course one of the best things to do in Piran. No matter which way you take after leaving Tartini Square behind you, you will be thrilled. Just let yourself drift here and stroll through the narrow, winding streets. The old town stretches from the old city wall in the east to the pointed headland in the west, which has made Piran so famous. Venetian-style listed buildings are everywhere and there are many good restaurants, especially those serving seafood. There are also galleries and art exhibitions everywhere and already in the shop windows of the galleries you can discover many great pictures and paintings.

Cathedral of St. George

The Cathedral of St. George is visible from far away and also from almost every place in Piran. Particularly striking in the church built in the Venetian Renaissance style is the 47-meter high bell tower, which can also be climbed for only 2 Euro entrance fee. From here you have a wonderful panoramic view of the city and the Adriatic Sea.



Piran city wall

The old city wall is one of the most beautiful things to do in Piran Slovenia. However, you have to work hard to get there, because the remains of the old city wall are located a little above the old town and can be reached on foot from the central Tartini Square in about 15 minutes. The entrance fee here is 2 Euro per person and the city wall is open daily from 08:00 – 20:00.

Unfortunately, however, dogs are not allowed here, so Sabrina had to wait with our dog Aaro down, while I looked at the old walls. One runs here steep and very narrow stairs up and must bend over again or make very narrow. You can climb the old towers here and walk along the wall. In about 15 minutes you are here but also through, if you do not take much time.

Especially at sunset you can take your time here, because then the visitors come to watch the sun disappear behind Piran in the sea. In hardly any other place you have a better view of this spectacle than from up here. You can find the entrance to the old city wall here on Google Maps.

Tips for Piran Slovenia

Where to Stay in Piran

There are many great hotels and accommodations in Piran and of course the possibility to stay at a campsite nearby. We present you here a recommendable campsite and a nice hotel.

Hotel Recommendation in Piran Sloenia

Apartments Riva are located directly on the waterfront of Piran and you can look from your room directly on the Adriatic Sea. You are super fast in the old town and at the sea. The Best Things To Do In Piran Slovenia 2024
  • Each room has free wifi
  • Super furnished apartments with kitchen, bathroom and bedroom.
  • a free breakfast is freshly prepared
  • you are at the sea in 20 meters

Apartments & Rooms Riva | Check Prices*

Camping in Piran Slovenia

Since wild camping is officially forbidden and severely punished in Slovenia, there is no legal possibility to camp in Piran with a campervan. However, we can recommend you the camping site Camping Kanegra. This is located in neighboring Croatia but is only a half hour drive away. You can find more information here.

The Best Things To Do In Piran Slovenia 2024

Parking in Piran

Piran is mostly car-free and we think that’s a good thing. So you won’t get into the old town with your car and you have to park outside. But there are some paid parking lots near the old town. The parking lot closest to the old town of Piran is located at here. Here you pay 2,40€ per hour and there is a free shuttle bus to the city.

If you are traveling with a campervan or motorhome, then you unfortunately do not have so much choice. Most of the parking lots are not allowed or suitable for campers. We can recommend you our parking lot, where we stood during our visit to Piran. You can pay here with the app EasyPark (1.50€ per hour) and walk about 20 minutes into the old town. You can find the parking lot here on Google Maps.

The Best Things To Do In Piran Slovenia 2024

Beaches in Piran Slovenia

There are no beaches in Piran. You could theoretically go swimming in the sea in Piran, but it is not recommended. You can only get into the water from the promenade via a ladder or stairs. For swimming you should go to the neighboring town of Portoroz, which is only a few kilometers away.

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