Mostnica Gorge is located very close to the beautiful Lake Bohinj and is a spectacular hike along a special gorge in the middle of the Triglav National Park. Even though Mostnica Gorge is not super long, it is extremely beautiful and can be admired very well from the hiking trail that runs parallel to it. On our Slovenia road trip, we have seen several gorges, but this one we found very beautiful and charming. Why that was the case you can read now in our travel report

Mostnica Gorge Hike

Mostnica Gorge Hike | Short Info

On this hike you will walk along the wonderful Mostnica Gorge (Korita Mostnice) through fantastic nature very close to Bohinj Lake in the Triglav National Park.

  • Length: about 4 km
  • Circular route: yes
  • Entrance fee: 3 € pP
  • Meters in altitude: 50
  • Duration: about 1 hour
  • Difficulty: easy

Mostnica Gorge

Arrival & Parking

Only about 8 minutes from Lake Bohinj and about 30 minutes drive from Lake Bled is the parking lot for the hike to Mostnica Gorge (Google Maps). Here you pay 3 Euro per hour parking fee or nothing if you come like us in the low season (October). At the parking lot starts another toll road, which should bring you closer to the gorge, but which also costs 15 euros toll (although here the barrier was also open during our visit).

The toll road doesn’t even makes sense to us, because the extremely scenic route starts directly at the parking lot. And the toll road may save you a few meters of walking, but you will also miss a beautiful part of the hike.

Accommodation near Bohinja Lake and Mostnica Gorge

Mostnica Gorge I The Best Hike at Lake Bohinj 2023If you want to spend the night near Mostnica hike and Bohinja lake then we can recommend you the Hotel Bohinj. It is located only 100 meters from the lake and offers rustic furnished double rooms in alpine style.

You get here half board, there is a spa and of course free Wifi. And of course you get a great view of the lake and the untouched nature around it.

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The Hike along the Mostnica Gorge

From the parking lot you walk directly into the forest. After a few meters it will be really beautiful, because you can already see the gorge next to you. After about 10 minutes you come to a fork in the road where there is a small ticket booth where you have to pay 3 Euro entrance fee for the trail. During our visit in October, the little house was unoccupied, so we did not have to pay anything.

Mostnica Gorge I The Best Hike at Lake Bohinj 2023

On the right side of the Mostnica gorge you walk along and have in between spectacular views of the gorge next to you. The landscape is really very different here, because after a few hundred meters the river is completely flat again and has nothing more of a gorge or a ravine. You can also go down to the water and cool your feet in the ice-cold river.

The path through the forest is really extremely beautiful and not always easy to walk. You walk over large roots, have to cross small streams and also the one or other moss-covered rock is there. The forest smells deliciously of coniferous wood and looks super untouched and natural. After another 15 minutes you come to the end of the loop trail, you cross the river again on a small bridge and can then go back on the other side. Here you have two options to walk back.

Either walk directly along the water on a rather poorly built path or take a well-built path to the right of it, which is much better to walk. After a few hundred meters both paths meet again. After a total of almost 4 km hike through the beautiful forest along the Mostnica gorge you are back at the parking lot.

We really enjoyed the hike along the gorge and the forest could unfold its almost mystical atmosphere. The views of the narrow gorge are really spectacular and a wonderful contrast to the touristy Lake Bled. If you haven’t been there yet, you should pay a visit to the nearby Bohinj Lake.

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Lake Bohinj in Slovenia

Almost next to the Mostnica Gorge and also not far from Lake Bled is Lake Bohinj, almost 4 km long, which is much more natural and much less touristy than Lake Bled. Some also compare it with the Königssee in Bavaria. Here it is much quieter, there are only a few restaurants and not such a hustle and bustle as at Lake Bled.

Mostnica Gorge I The Best Hike at Lake Bohinj 2023

Here you can walk around the lake in a beautiful landscape and at the same time the lake is suitable for sports activities. Because, although it doesn’t look like it, swimming and activities like SUP and canoeing are allowed here. From Bled you even have the possibility to go canyoning*. If you are into adventure, this is definitely the right thing for you.

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At the other end of the lake, by the way, you can take a cable car up to 1800 meters above sea level and enjoy the small ski resort (Vogel Ski Resort), which offers downhill and cross-country skiing in winter and hiking in summer.

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