The Coron Ultimate Tour in the Philippines is probably one of the most beautiful highlights you can see on Coron. Even if Coron (or the main island Busuanga) itself is not worth seeing, the lagoons and bays off the coast are. The islands that we saw on our Super Ultimate Tour off Coron are among the most beautiful natural highlights that we saw on our round trip through the Philippines.

Island Hopping Coron | Super Ultimate Tour

Since we only wanted to stay a few days on Coron, we chose the Coron Super Ultimate Tour, as it combines the most beautiful and popular destinations of the island world off Coron in one day trip. What experiences we had on our boat tour and whether we can recommend the Super Ultimate boat tour, you can read in our experience report.

Super Ultimate Tour in Coron | Check Prices*

Highlights of the Coron Super Ultimate Tour

Kayangan Lake

Kayangan Lake is probably the most famous lake in Coron and definitely one of the most beautiful spots in the region. If you have booked a private tour then you will be lucky to get to this lake before the other group tours. You will first drive into a small bay, which looks beautiful in itself.

There is a large boat dock that shows how many boats can dock here. From the pier you go up a more or less steep staircase. There you will find the famous viewpoint from which the photos are taken that are known from this place.

Coron Ultimate Tour I What To Expect

Funnily enough, the famous photos of Kayangan Lake are not from the lake itself, but from the bay where you arrive by boat. The actual lake is on the other side, but there is not such a nice viewpoint. From the viewpoint you go down the stairs to the actual Kayangan Lake. There is a large footbridge that gives you a view of the really crystal clear greenish shimmering water. By the way, the water here is freshwater and the lake has really very impressive underwater rock formations.

You can see them while snorkeling or free diving. By the way, for safety reasons you have to wear a life jacket when swimming here. This makes swimming easier, but submerging a bit more difficult. If you ask your guide, it should be no problem to take off the life jacket for a short time, for example, to take beautiful underwater pictures.

Since we were lucky enough to be the first ones at Kayangan Lake that day, we could enjoy the lake alone for almost half an hour before other tourists arrived. Then we went on to the next highlight, the neighboring Barracuda Lake.

By the way, you can read more about Kayangang Lake here: Kayangan Lake I Tips for the most beautiful highlight in Coron

Barracuda Lake

The Barracuda Lake is located right next to Kayangan Lake and the special feature of this lake are, as the name suggests, the barracudas, which you can see here with luck. Barracudas are about 1-1.5 meters long predatory fish, which can be dangerous for you. Normally the barracudas only make mock attacks. If you do not come too close to the fish then you should have no problems.

You are surely wondering if you will get the chance to see the impressive barracudas at all? Often such places are named after such animals, although hardly anyone has ever seen them. With us it was at least different. We were lucky to see several of these great fish swimming past us. So you could also be lucky if you visit Barracuda Lake.

Coron Ultimate Tour I What To Expect

Barracuda Lake is relatively similar to Kayangan Lake next door. Here, too, the boat landing is on one side, you walk down a staircase between the sharp limestone rocks to the other side where there is a large jetty and the almost transparent water of the lake. By the way, the Barracuda Lake is up to 40 meters deep and has a pleasant water temperature of 28 degrees all year round.

The main activities at Barracuda Lake are swimming and snorkeling, just like at Kayangan Lake, and of course looking for barracudas. In our separate travel report you can learn more about Barracuda Lake. The next stop on the Super Ultimate in Coron is right next door.

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Twin Lagoons

The Twin Lagoons are again a very special highlight of the island world of Coron. As the name suggests, this highlight consists of 2 lagoons, which are connected by a thin rock wall. At low tide you can swim through a hole in the rock wall or at high tide you can climb a ladder over the rock wall.

A special feature of this Coron highlight is that there is no jetty where the boats can dock. This means that the boats anchor in the small bay in front of the Twin Lagoon and you have to swim from there to the rock wall.

So after swimming to the rock wall you could swim under the rock on the way there. This is especially easy at low tide, but actually also at high tide. You will have much less space and you will have to take care of your head. The other side of the Twin Lagoon is much bigger and you have a lot of space to swim or snorkel. Snorkeling is not so popular here, because there is not really much to see under water.

On the other side of the Twin Lagoon you can not do more than swimming, because there is no jetty or anything where you could walk on it. Also, this side of the lagoon does not look as spectacular as the other side where the boats are anchored. Therefore we would recommend you not to stay too long, but to swim back to the rock face and this time take the ladder.

With the boat side in the background you can take really nice pictures. But also the rock face with the ladder itself is very picturesque and is a great photo motif. So you should plan a lot of time here to make many beautiful photos.

The small rock in front of the cliff is also good for taking photos or jumping into the water from there. If you had enough fun then swim back to the boat, because it’s time for lunch.

If you want to know more about Twin Lagoon read our travel report: Twin Lagoon Coron I The most important tips for your visit

Beach 91

Lunch will be served at this beach. The beach itself is beautiful and perfect for swimming. The lunch, however, puts the crown on the whole thing again. We had a large buffet with seafood, crab, chicken, vegetarian options and of course lots of fruits.

A special highlight were the so-called Sea Grapes. These really look like a mini version of green grapes. They just taste a little salty. The whole thing is dipped in a tincture of vinegar, lemon and sugar. Really super tasty!

After lunch we even had some time to explore the area with a kayak. Next door is Sunset Cove, another small cove that can be explored by kayak.

Twin Peaks Coral Garden

Here is another beautiful snorkeling spot where you can explore the amazing underwater world of Coron. Don’t forget your snorkel mask, because there is a lot to discover here.

CYC Beach

The end of the Super Ultimate Tour in Coron is the CYC Beach. So after all the strenuous activities you can relax a little bit. The sand is super fine and at the edge of the beach there are also some mangroves. You can go swimming here or just relax on the beach.

Coron Ultimate Tour I What To Expect Since this is the last stop, we will return to the port of Coron.

Procedure of an Island Hopping Tour on Coron

The procedure of an island hopping boat tour on Coron is actually always the same, no matter which tour or which provider you choose. You will be picked up in the morning between 8 and 9 o’clock either in front of your hotel or – if it is too far away – you will meet at the office of the tour operator or directly at the harbor. You should clarify this in advance.

Explore all these beautiful Places by Boat | Check Prices*

When all participants are on board and the greeting has been said, you will start exploring the first highlights of your tour. If you have booked a private tour then you have of course still influence on the course and the order, with a group tour you have this of course not.

Coron Ultimate Tour I What To Expect

After the first 2-3 stops on your Coron boat tour you will have a lunch break and a rich buffet. In the afternoon the remaining stops will be made, which can consist of island visits, snorkeling or swimming. Around 5pm you will arrive back at the port in Coron Town and can then stroll around town or take a tricycle directly to your hotel.

Hotel Recommendation on Coron

La Natura Resort 

La Natura Resort in Coron consists of a beautiful garden-like complex located a bit away from the hustle and bustle of Coron Town. You are in the middle of nature and far away from other tourists or the noise of the city. You wouldn't expect it, but the owners have built a wonderful resort here that you can't even imagine from the outside. 

There is a large pool, a lovingly landscaped garden and the spacious cabins are equipped with large bed and ceiling fan.

  • large pool with whirlpool
  • lovingly landscaped garden
  • away from the noisy hustle and bustle of the city
  • WLAN & breakfast included

La Natura Resort | Check Availability*

Tips for Coron Island Hopping

Group Tour or Private Tour?

We opted for a private tour because we liked to be alone on the road and so we can still influence the individual stops. So we can decide to stay longer at one stop and maybe skip another stop, just as we want. Also, we do not have to take into account others. A private tour is not much more expensive than a group tour. You pay only about twice as much as you pay for 2 people in a group tour. We think it is worth it and would recommend a private tour if it fits into your budget.

Which Tour to choose in Coron?

There are several tours in Coron and if you have enough time and money it can make sense to do several tours on consecutive days. This way you won’t miss any of the highlights of the beautiful island world in front of Coron. However, due to time constraints, we only chose the SUper Ultimate Boat Tour in Coron, as it really covers the most beautiful and popular sights in Coron.

Coron Ultimate Tour I What To Expect

If you are interested in more tours, we have some inspiration for you here:

Reefs & Wrecks Tour

Here the focus is on shipwrecks (of which there are a lot in Coron) and reefs. Perfect for the marine adventurers among you. The following places will be visited on this tour:

  • East Tangat Gunboat
  • Pass Island
  • Lusong Coral Garden
  • Lusong Gunboat

You can book the special Reefs & Wrecks tour here at El Nido Paradise*.

Island Escapade Tour

This Coron boat tour emphasizes pristine beaches and beautiful islands. You will visit the following places on this great boat tour:

  • Bulog Island
  • Banana Island
  • Malcapuya Island

You can book the Island Escapade Tour here at El Nido Paradise*.

Coron Ultimate Tour I What To Expect

Where should I book a Boat Tour in Coron?

We can highly recommend the Provider El Nido Paradise*. With this provider we also experienced the highlight of our Philippines round trip, the 3 day boat tour from Coron to El Nido.

Read more about it here: 3 Day Boat Trip from Coron to El Nido I An unforgettable Trip

This provider also offers all kinds of excursions on Coron and among others the Super Ultimate Tour on which you also visit the numerous highlights described here.

Unforgettable Multi Day Trip in Palawan | Check Prices*

What can you do in Coron besides Island Hopping?

On the main island itself there is not much to do, most of it is really in the sea on the islands in front of Coron. But if you want to do some things without a boat, here are some suggestions for sightseeing on Coron:

Climbing Mount Tapyas

This is a popular activity on the otherwise rather poor in sightseeing main island of Coron. Especially at sunset many people walk up the 721 steps. It takes about 45 minutes and you don’t even have to be very athletic. At the top, a viewing platform with 360 degree view is waiting for you. There is no entrance fee and it is open all day.

Hot Springs of Makinit (“Maquinit Hot Springs”)

At the south coast of Busuanga the Maquinit Hot Springs are waiting for you. It takes about 30 minutes to get there by tricycle and the round trip will cost you 400 Pesos. Your driver will wait for you while you are in the hot springs. The entrance fee is 200 Pesos and the hot springs are open from 8am to 8pm. By the way, the water has a temperature of almost 40 degrees.

This was also the reason why we decided not to visit (unlike our trip to Costa Rica), because we were already hot enough, so we felt more like cooling down than going to a hot spring. However, if you like to relax in hot springs, this may be the one for you.

Calauit Safari Tour

It sounds strange, but you can really do a safari on Coron. In the north of the island there is a zoo you can visit. There are actually giraffes, zebras and other animals from the African savannah. We found this a bit strange, and since we have already seen elephants and co. in Tanzania, we decided against a visit to this zoo. But if you want to see African animals in the Philippines, you can book a tour there here*.

Coron Ultimate Tour I What To Expect

In 3 Days by Boat from Coron to El Nido

This was really the highlight of our whole Philippines round trip. In 3 days you will travel by boat from dream island to dream beach and hardly miss a highlight. 2 nights you stay on lonely beaches in beautiful bays. And you will experience things that you would never see on a day trip. Learn more about such a multi-day boat tour in our travel report:

3 Days Boat Trip from Coron to El Nido I An unforgettable Trip

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