The Barracuda Lake Coron is next to the Kayangan Lake probably one of the most famous and beautiful lakes in the Coron region. The special feature of this lake are, as the name suggests, the barracudas, which you can see here with luck. Besides that, of course, the lake is also crystal clear and is located in a beautiful setting. How to get to Barracuda Lake, how to avoid the tourist crowds and what else you should pay attention to, we tell you now.

Barracuda Lake Coron | How to get there?

Barracuda Lake is located in the island world off Coron and is not far away from the capital Coron Town. But of course you can only get there by boat and the best way to get there is with an organized boat tour. Where you should book this best you can read below.

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Barracuda Lake Coron | What to expect?

If you have booked a tour you will probably go to this great lake as one of the first destinations because it is relatively close to Coron. You will first go by boat into a very small bay where only very few boats can dock.

Via a staircase you go between the sharp limestone rocks to the other side where there is a large jetty and the really completely transparent water of the lake. It’s really amazing how far you can see through the water. If the lake wasn’t so deep, you would be able to see all the way to the bottom of the lake.

By the way, Barracuda Lake is up to 40 meters deep and has a pleasant water temperature of 28 degrees all year round. You have enough time at the lake to snorkel, swim and look for barracudas. Unfortunately you have to wear a life jacket like at Kayangan Lake. According to our guide you can take it off if you only want to swim or dive at the edge of the lake along the limestone formations.

You should definitely accept this offer, because underwater the lake looks much more spectacular, because the limestone rocks that rise above the water, continue underwater. And due to the clarity of the water, you can follow the course of the rocks 10-20 meters deep. A really great sight.

Barracuda Lake Coron | What To Expect

Your guide will also be happy to take photos of you if you are reasonably good at freediving. Do not miss this chance.

Is it possible to see Barracudas at Barracuda Lake Coron?

You are probably wondering if you will get the chance to see the impressive barracudas at all? Often such places are named after such animals, although hardly anyone has ever seen them. We were lucky to see several of these great fish swimming past us. So you could also be lucky if you visit Barracuda Lake.

Barracuda Lake Coron | What To Expect

Tips for visiting Barracuda Lake Coron

Hotel Recommendation for Coron

La Natura Resort 

La Natura Resort in Coron consists of a beautiful garden-like complex located a bit away from the hustle and bustle of Coron Town. You are in the middle of nature and far away from other tourists or the noise of the city. You wouldn't expect it, but the owners have built a wonderful resort here that you can't even imagine from the outside. 

There is a large pool, a lovingly landscaped garden and the spacious cabins are equipped with large bed and ceiling fan.

  • large pool with whirlpool
  • lovingly landscaped garden
  • away from the noisy hustle and bustle of the city
  • WLAN & breakfast included

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Where should I book a tour to Barracuda Lake?

We can highly recommend the Provider El Nido Paradise*. With this provider we also experienced the highlight of our Philippines round trip, the 3 day boat tour from Coron to El Nido. Read more about it here: 3 Day Boat Trip from Coron to El Nido I An unforgettable Trip *

Island Hopping Tour at Coron | Check Prices*

Barracuda Lake Coron | What To Expect

This provider also offers all kinds of excursions on Coron and among others the Super Ultimate Tour on which you also visit Barracuda Lake. To make a trip only to Barracuda Lake does not really make sense, because there are far too many other beautiful destinations in the vicinity. Therefore, you should definitely book a day tour.

Barracuda Lake Coron | What To Expect

Drone flying at Barracuda Lake Coron

The island world in front of Coron is really predestined to be experienced with a drone. Thank God it is not forbidden to fly here with his drone.

You can take really beautiful photos with the drone. But you should be careful with the rocks that surround the lake and the bay. These are supposed to have negative effects on the radio connection to the drone and can also confuse the compass. So be careful when flying in any case.

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