Looking for the best things to do in Iceland? We have the ultimate list of the best sight for you with impressive volcanoes, thundering waterfalls, inhospitable areas and gigantic glaciers to discover. Iceland has simply an incredible number of natural highlights to offer and it would be pointless to list them all here Therefore, we want to limit ourselves to the in our opinion most blatant and most beautiful Iceland Highlights that you should not miss in any case

The Best Things to do in Iceland

#1 Jökulsarlon Lagoon

Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon is the largest and most famous lake in Iceland and one of the best things to do in Iceland on the Ring Road. Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon is a lake fed by meltwater from the nearby Vatnajökull glacier (which, by the way, is the largest glacier in Europe) and is connected to the sea by a short stretch of river. This is also the reason why the lake does not freeze in winter, because the tides push sea water into the lagoon, which is why the water here is salty.

What to expect?

The main attraction of this lagoon are the up to 30 meters high icebergs that float by thousands in the turquoise blue water of the glacier lagoon. As soon as you park your car at the nearby parking lot, you are standing in front of the huge lagoon and see the thousands of ice chunks and icebergs floating around in the glacier lagoon.

ActivitiesPrice p.P.Tickets
Crystal Ice Cave Day Tourfrom 155 €Book now*
From Reykjavik: Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon Full-Day Tripfrom 160 €Book now*
Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon & Boat Tour from Reykjavikfrom 200 €Book now*

Hotel Recommendation

30 BEST Things To Do In IcelandDuring both of our visits to the glacier lagoon we stayed at the Skyrhúsid Guesthouse*, which is only 10 minutes away. You can reach Diamond Beach very fast and still sleep a bit away from the ring road. The rooms are lovingly decorated and there is a large communal kitchen.

Skyrhúsid Guest House | Check Prices*

#2 Diamond Beach

Diamond Beach is a black sand beach directly across from Jökulsárlón Lagoon and, in our opinion, one of the best things to in Iceland you shouldn’t miss. It is not the only black sand beach in Iceland, but together with the ice chunks from the neighboring glacier lagoon, this landscape is absolutely unique. Diamond Beach gets its name from the many ice chunks floating in the sea and lying on the beach. In the sunlight they often glitter like little diamonds.

What is also special about this beach is that it never looks the same a day. Everything depends on the wind, the tides, the sun and of course the glacier. Nevertheless, every day it looks just spectacular, as if someone had planned this beach. But nature is still the best builder!

What to expect?

From the parking lot you are in a few minutes on the pitch black sandy beach where – in the best case – hundreds, if not thousands of small and larger ice chunks lie on the beach or float around in the water. You can walk several kilometers along the beach, but most of the time it is not necessary, because right next to the strait that connects the lagoon and the beach, the most icebergs can be seen.

#3 Skogafoss

Skógafoss is a must-do on your Iceland tour. The special thing about this waterfall is that you can walk to the bottom of Skógafoss and get really great shots The Skógafoss pours on a width of up to 25 meters almost 60 meters into the depth and offers particularly great photo motifs, if you go close or zoom in with the camera You can climb a staircase on the right side of Skogafoss to the top and see the waterfall from a completely different perspective.

What to expect?

A lot of tourists are waiting for you here, because this waterfall is located directly on the ring road and is heavily visited. But it is worth it. And the closer you get, the better the perspective on this spectacular waterfall is getting. But be careful, it could get wet.

#4 Things to do in Iceland: The Westfjords

The way to the Westfjords is very adventurous. This region at the westernmost tip of Iceland is super pristine and hardly comparable to the rest of Iceland. There are only a few roads here and it is much quieter and more relaxed, as only a few Iceland tourists make the long journey to the Westfjords. And that’s what makes it one of the most beautiful Iceland sights for us.

Many nature highlights, like sandy beaches, waterfalls and of course the numerous fjords, are waiting for you here. You can go on lonely hikes through the nature and with a lot of luck you can also see humpback whales in the fjords. That was at least our wow moment of the whole trip. Also the famous puffins can be seen very well at the cliffs of Latrabjarg. For us one of the most beautiful experiences on Iceland.

What to expect?

The original Iceland awaits you here. Sounds like a postcard saying, but it’s actually true. Due to the fact that more and more tourists come to Iceland, the atmosphere in the country changes, of course. But since only a few of the tourists come to the Westfjords, it is still very quiet, remote and nature is much stronger and rougher than in other parts of the country.

Hotel Recommendation on the Westfjords

Hotel WestfjordeThe guesthouse Bjarkaholt in the south of the Westfjords offers you great, newly renovated rooms. There is a well-equipped kitchen and opposite the accommodation there is a hot tub where you can relax after a hard day’s travel.

Guest House Bjarkaholt | Check Prices*

#5 Kerlingarfjöll

Kerlingarfjöll is one of the most surreal and at the same time beautiful places in Iceland and in our opinion also worldwide. You can experience a landscape that no human being can imagine. These colors, this smell, these temperatures. Kerlingarfjöll is truly unique and one of the top sights in Iceland.

Kerlingarfjöll is a 150 km² volcanic mountain range in the highlands of Iceland. In the middle of this mountain range is the small but beautiful geothermal area Hveradalir in which it steams everywhere, mud pools boil away and the mountains glow orange-brown around the bet. Since this mountain massif lies at an altitude of over 1000 meters, it can still snow here in summer and you will see isolated snowfields. The temperatures are then also correspondingly low.

30 BEST Things To Do In Iceland

What to expect?

There are many hot springs here, it steams and hisses at every corner. And there are numerous hiking trails to discover. As soon as you leave the official parking lot behind you and the sulfur itches in your nose, you’ll be right in the middle of it all and you won’t be able to escape this area. You can spend several hours here and still discover something new.

Overnight Stay at Kerlingarfjöll

30 BEST Things To Do In IcelandThe only possibility to stay overnight in this amazing environment is the Kerlingarfjöll Mountain Resort. There are 10 cabins, a hotel with 20 double rooms and a camping site directly at the river. If you want to stay in the cabins, then you should make your reservation a few months in advance, because the resort is usually booked up very early.

Kerlingarfjöll Mountain Resort | Check Prices*


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#6 Landmannalaugar

Landmannalaugar is one of Iceland’s scenic highlights, and the route over the F-208 highland road from the south is by far the gnarliest road in all of Iceland. The route awaits with landscapes you haven’t seen before. Landmannalaugar itself is a wonderland of rainbow-colored mountains, black lava fields, and hot springs. The rhyolite mountains surrounding the area offer an incredible display of color and are unique to Iceland in this accumulation, making Landmannalaugar one of the most beautiful areas in the highlands and simply perfect for hiking.

30 BEST Things To Do In Iceland

What to expect?

After the unbelievably spectacular journey you will enter the remarkable magic world of Landmannalaugar. Here you can explore various hiking trails, relax in the hot tub and discover more highland highlights in the surrounding area.

ActivityPrice p.P.Tickets
From Reykjavik: Landmannalaugar & Háifoss Waterfall Tourfrom 163 €Book now*
Landmannalaugar 4-Hour Hiking Experience
from 98 €Book now*

Overnight Stay

30 BEST Things To Do In IcelandYou can stay overnight here, but only in tents or in shared rooms. If you don’t have a campervan with you, you should go back the same day. Back at the ring road the Hunkubakkar Guesthouse is waiting for you. Here you sleep in your own wooden huts in the green and can enjoy a delicious breakfast tomorrow.

Hunkubakkar Guesthouse at Booking*

#7 Stokksnes

Stokksnes is a black lava beach on the south coast of Iceland. It consists of extremely fine, pitch black sand and you almost feel like you are in the Caribbean. On this very large beach, there are a lot of smaller hills that are covered in poison green grass, creating a perfect contrast to the black sand. You can walk all around here and take great photos. Best of all, of course, with Mount Vestrahorn in the background.

Mount Vestrahorn is one of the most breathtaking mountains in the country. With peaks that rise up to 454 meters, steep cliffs that rise on the sides of a stunning lagoon and black sand beaches, it is a special treat for any nature lover. It is mostly made of gabbro, a plutonic magma rock and is almost 11 million years old.

30 BEST Things To Do In Iceland

What to expect?

This area is really totally crazy and unexpectedly beautiful. Although this beach is not far from the ring road, comparatively few tourists come here. You can take wonderful photos and stroll along the beach. If you drive to the end of the road you also have the chance to see seals.

#8 Dettifoss

Not far from the whale watching capital Husavik is the powerful Dettifoss. This impressive waterfall pours from a height of 44 meters over a width of 100 meters into a long gorge and is also the most powerful waterfall in all of Europe. In rainy summer months, up to 1,500 m³/s pour into the gorge here. That is the content of a standard swimming pool, and that per second!

The whole spectacle is really very impressive, which is why the waterfall is also for us one of the most beautiful in Iceland. The spray that the waterfall swirls up is more than a hundred meters high and can be seen from a distance. When the sun shines, the spray creates a beautiful rainbow over the waterfall, which gives the whole thing a particularly beautiful face.

What to expect?

After a few hundred meters of walking you reach the waterfall and can wander around, because there are no barriers. If you are as daring as we are, you can walk right up to the edge of the waterfall and see how the water masses pour into the gorge.

#9 Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon

The canyon with the unpronounceable name is a canyon in the south of Iceland, located about 70 kilometers west of Vik and is for us one of the most beautiful Icelandic sights. The canyon is up to 100 meters deep in some places and has a length of about 2 kilometers The canyon was formed about 2 million years ago and offers steep cliffs and fantastic views of the rugged rocky landscape. The canyon was formed by the river Fjaðrá, which rises far away in the highlands.

Since the river seems very puny today, it is hard to imagine how it has carved this gorge over the millennia. The gorge is covered with lots of grass and moss as a colorful counterbalance to the gray rock, which enhances the ambience even more.

What to expect?

From the parking lot you can walk on a narrow path along the edge of the gorge in about an hour to a waterfall that pours into the gorge, and then back to the parking lot There are always small natural “view points” in between, which are located directly on the steeply sloping gorge. However, these are closed since short for nature protection reasons.

#10 Laki Crater

The Laki craters are named after the Laki mountain, which is in the middle of the crater row and one of the best places to visit in Iceland. The craters themselves were formed during one of the largest volcanic eruptions in human history. The eruption started on June 8, 1783 and continued until February 1784, forming a new volcano in the row of Laki volcanoes every few weeks and spewing lava.

When the eruptions reached Mount Laki the force from within the earth was not strong enough to penetrate the mountain itself. Thus, the eruptions continued only on the other side of the mountain, creating the 25 km long series of Laki volcanoes Nowadays, you can only imagine the ferocity of the eruption, but the historical background and beautiful scenery in the highlands of Iceland make this day trip to the Laki craters a top highlight of any Iceland road trip.

30 BEST Things To Do In Iceland

What to expect?

From the parking lot, where there is also a toilet, you walk in about 30 minutes up to the 800 meter high mountain From the top you have a fantastic view of the whole crater row and in good weather also to the dusty horizon.

#11 Golden Circle

The Golden Circle is one of the top highlights in Iceland. Actually every tourist who travels to Iceland comes here. Some even exclusively, because of the proximity to the airport, many stop here even with a one-day stopover and look at the famous Iceland sights of the Golden Circle. Accordingly, it is touristy here.

There are several sights to see here and the 3 most beautiful and famous of them are: The waterfall Gulfoss, the Strokkur Geysir and the National Park Thingvellir. You can easily spend 1-2 days, but you can also tick off the most important things in half a day.

What to expect?

At all three major sights you can expect a lot of tourists There are large parking lots, stores and we have seen Iceland in no other place so touristy developed. Nevertheless, the visit of the sights is worthwhile in our opinion, because there is of course a reason (besides the proximity to the airport) why everyone comes here.

ActivityPrice p.P.Tickets
From Reykjavik: Golden Circle Full-Day Tour with Kerid Craterfrom 65 €Book now*
Golden Circle and Glacier Snowmobile Tour
from 240 €Book now*
Golden Circle & Blue Lagoon Small-Group Tourfrom 199 €Book now*

Hotel Recommendation at Golden Circle

30 BEST Things To Do In IcelandWe have found you a nice hotel close to the Golden Circle, which offers a large common area and even a whirlpool. Great for relaxing after a long day.

Efra-Sel Hostel | Check Availability*

#12 Fimmvörðuhál’s Hike

East of the Skogafoss waterfall, the famous Fimmvörðuháls trekking trail leads up to the Fimmvörðuháls pass and on to Þórsmörk. This hike is a very long on with its 25 km length. The hike is usually run in 2 days, because it is accordingly exhausting.

The destination is the camping site of Þórsmörk, from where you can get back to the ring road by bus. You can also do the hike in one day, either by being very fast or by walking only to the middle of the hike, to the Fimmvoerduhals huts (about 8km), and then turning back.

What to expect?

An exciting but also exhausting hike awaits you. You start by walking along the gorge and the river that feeds the Skogafoss waterfall. If you don’t want to hike the whole way you can also just walk from Skogafoss a few km and then turn around and walk back the same way.

ActivityPrice p.P.Tickets
From Reykjavík: Day-Trip to Thórsmörk with Mountain Hikefrom 300 €Book now
From Reykjavik: Super Jeep Tour of Thórsmörk Valleyfrom 250 €Book now*

#13 Seljalandfoss

This waterfall is one of the most famous ones in Iceland and is famous for the fact that you can also get behind the waterfall, giving you a great photo perspective. The waterfall plunges 66 meters into the depths and is fed by the Eyjafjallajökull glacier, which spectacularly paralyzed air traffic throughout Europe in 2010. By the way, a visit is particularly attractive in the evening, because the sun is wonderfully positioned when you stand behind the waterfall.

What to expect?

Here one of the most amazing Icelandic sights is waiting for you, because not in many places you can stand behind a waterfall. But beware… here you will get wet for sure. However, the proximity to the ring road also ensures that this highlight is well visited and even the parking lot is chargeable.

#14 Glufrafoss

Glufrafoss (or Gljúfrabúi) is only a few hundred meters away from Seljalandfoss and you should bring rubber boots and a rain jacket. You have to walk through a small canyon directly through the water to get to the waterfall.

What to expect?

Here the way to the waterfall is really the goal. The waterfall itself is not that spectacular, but the gorge you have to go through is super adventurous and it’s fun to hop from rock to rock to get through the gorge dry footed.

#15 Dyrhólaey Peninsula

The Dyrhólaey peninsula consists of an impressive rocky plateau that offers a spectacular cliff towards the sea where thousands of birds (including terns and also puffins) breed. The way to the top, where is also an old lighthouse, is very steep and leads you in serpentines to the top. But even with a normal car equipped with some driving skills you should have no problems.

What to expect?

Once you reach the top, if the weather is good, you will have a view of the black beach for miles to the west. On the other side of the plateau you can see all the way to the rock needles of Vik (Reynisdrangar) and you can also see a rock gate right at the foot of the plateau, through which even boats sometimes pass.

#16 Kvernufoss

Kvernufoss is located right next to the famous Skogafoss and thus right on the ring road in the south of Iceland. Kvernufoss was only the third waterfall we visited in Iceland and is only one of two (at least we don’t know of any other) waterfalls where you can actually walk behind the waterfall. We found not only the waterfall impressive, but also the small gorge in which the waterfall is located.

Even though the waterfall itself is not the highest or most spectacular, the small gorge and the fact that you can walk behind the waterfall make Kvernufoss a great attraction. It is also not quite as touristy as Seljalandfoss, for example.

30 BEST Things To Do In Iceland

What to expect?

Here you can find the untouristy alternative to Seljalandfoss. We were here for quite a while alone and could look at the waterfall very close. But don’t forget your rainwear, because you will get wet both behind and at the foot of the waterfall.

#17 Fjallsarlon

Near the Jökulsarlon glacier lagoon is something like a glacier secret tip and therefore another great Iceland sight. Well, it is not a real insider tip, because there is a lot going on here, too, but very little compared to the Jökulsárlón lagoon. We are talking about the Fjallsárlón glacier, which is also a branch of the Vatnajökull glacier.

The reason why you should visit this sight is the much closer glacier. Here you can really see the glacier with your own eyes, which is not possible at the neighboring glacier lagoon. There you can only imagine the glacier.

30 BEST Things To Do In Iceland

What to expect?

At the Fjallsárlón you have a great view of the glacier break-off edge and with a little luck you can also see how the glacier calves, so ice chunks break off from the glacier. Since you will pass by here on your road trip anyway, you should definitely stop here. The experience is just very different here and definitely worth seeing.

#18 Godafoss

Godafoss Waterfall is located just off the Ring Road and is one of the most famous waterfalls in all of Iceland. The water from the Skjálfandafljót River, which originates hundreds of kilometers away in the Icelandic highlands, plunges down about 11 meters in a large arc over a width of almost 160 meters. Since 2020, this waterfall has even been protected as a nature reserve.

Godafoss is not very high, but it has a considerable width. And also the gorge, in which he has dug in his further course is very impressive. The area around the waterfall is well developed for tourism, which is why we were surprised that we hardly met any other tourists here. But maybe it was due to the late hour, because we were here just before 9 pm.

What to expect?

There are some paths around the waterfall and along the gorge where you can get down to the riverbed and admire the waterfall and the river from all perspectives. There is also a pedestrian bridge over the river, so you can easily get to the other side.

#19 Myvatn

Lake Mývatn is the fourth largest lake in Iceland and is of volcanic origin. The whole area around the lake is still volcanically active today, as the border between the Eurasian and the American continental plate also runs here. You can drive around the lake once and take in the numerous sights.

What to expect?

Several Icelandic sights are waiting for you here. Besides the lake View you can visit caves filled with thermal water, the forest area Höfði or the thermal area Hverir. After a day of exploring, you can relax perfectly in the Myvatn Nature Baths*.

ActivityPrice p.P.Tickets
Myvatn Nature Bathfrom 45 €Book now*


30 BEST Things To Do In IcelandOnly 6 km away from the Mývatn Nature Baths is the Fosshótel Mývatn. Here you get breakfast, can rent bikes and that already from 120€ per night in a double room.

Fosshótel Mývatn at Booking.com*

#20 Whale Watching in Husavik

Húsavík is the capital of whale watching tours in Iceland. Almost all the tours you can take for whale watching on the high seas in Iceland start from this small town. The perfect conditions for the whales in Skjälfandi Bay allow for a really good success rate of almost 98% for whale watching tours in Húsavík, at least that’s what the providers say. Mainly minke whales, humpback whales and sperm whales can be observed in Húsavík. With a little luck also orcas and rare blue whales.

What to expect?

Even if you are lucky enough to see these magnificent animals from land, you should book an organized tour*. You can take a speedboat out to sea or a slower sailing boat, which is better for the animals.

Whale Watching Tour in Husavik | Book now*

#21 Snæfellsnes Peninsula

On the peninsula Snæfellsnes several beautiful Icelandic sights are waiting for you. Just getting here is a very special highlight, because the road 60 leads through deserted areas and wonderful landscapes. The peninsula can also be explored well on a short trip in Iceland due to the proximity to the airport. From Reykjavik you can also book a day trip to the peninsula directly*.

What to expect?

On the peninsula Snæfellsnes you can see the waterfall Kirkjufellsfoss, one of the most famous photo motives from Iceland. The area is really beautiful. Furthermore, you should visit the Djúpalónssandur beach with its rugged rock formations and made of small, polished black stones and black lava sand. The next highlight is the Lóndrangar viewpoint. Here you can park for free and walk along the spectacular cliff. But be careful, it is really windy here.

Day Trip to Snæfellsnes | Check Prices*

Hotel Recommendation

Accommodation Tip: Hótel Hafnarfjall30 BEST Things To Do In Iceland

  • Off the main road is the Hotel Hafnarfjall, which consists of a main house and several small wooden cabins
  • Absolutely quiet and directly at the sea
  • You have a cabin for yourself with a view into the nature.
  • The cabin has a bathroom, kitchen and large floor-to-ceiling windows
Hótel Hafnarfjall | check prices*

#22 Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is a swimming pool fed by 40-degree water from a geothermal spring. The water here is light blue and offers a contrast to the black lava rock that surrounds the lagoon. The entrance fee is not exactly cheap at the equivalent of just under 45 Euro, but for that you also get a lot on offer.

30 BEST Things To Do In Iceland

What to expect?

There is a free drink, a free face mask and you also get free towels here. The Blue Lagoon is always very well attended, but since the area is very spacious, you don’t get the feeling that it’s really crowded.

The tickets should be booked a few days in advance and you also have to choose a certain time when booking. Tickets are available on the official website or also at GetYourGuide*. We recommend booking through GetYourGuide*, because they often still have tickets for the same day, while they are already fully booked on the official website.

Relax in the famous Blue Lagoon | Check Prices*

#23 Studlagil Canyon

Studlagil Canyon is a canyon not far from Egilsstadir that boasts impressive basalt column formations and where you can also hike right down to the bottom of the canyon. By the way, the name Studlagil also means basalt column canyon in Icelandic and there are said to be the largest number of basalt columns in Iceland.

By the way, basalt columns are formed when lava cools down and the cooled lava contracts into crystal shapes. The resulting columns are mostly vertical, but here in the canyon horizontal ones also occur. Most of the columns have a hexagonal shape (with 6 sides), but there are also basalt columns with 4 or 5 sides.

30 BEST Things To Do In Iceland

What to expect?

You drive only a few kilometers off the ring road on a gravel road and then have to decide between 2 parking lots. If you have only little time and no desire to hike, then you drive straight ahead until you come to this parking lot (Google Maps Link). Here you park at a small campground with toilet. You can go down 240 steps on a steep metal staircase here and can then look down on the gorge from a small viewing platform about 50 meters above the ground. You can’t get further down into the gorge.

If you really want to go down into the canyon and hike around, you have to drive to a parking lot that branches off from the road a few miles earlier (Google Maps link). From this parking lot you can continue on a somewhat rugged road for about 2 km until you get to the 2nd parking lot. From there it is another 2 km to walk for which you need about 30 minutes.

Overnight Stay

30 BEST Things To Do In IcelandNear Studlagil Gorge you can stay at the cozy Fjalladyrd Guesthouse. The guesthouse is located in a quiet area and breakfast is included.

Fjalladyrd Guesthouse | Check Prices*

#24 Pagkil

Just a few minutes outside of Vik (Google Maps link) begins a true dream road of Iceland, the Kerlingardalsvegur to Pakgil. The road to Pakgil Canyon leads to the secluded Thakgil campsite in Katla National Park, which should also only be visited with a 4×4 vehicle (read our rental car guide here). The way is really amazing.

30 BEST Things To Do In Iceland

What to expect?

You always have fantastic views and the route is really very varied. The campsite at the end of the road is surrounded by high mountains and has a small river flowing through it. From here also start various hikes in the beautiful surroundings.

The area it is super idyllic and we would have liked to stay here if the cabin prices had not been so high (180€ per night). So we enjoyed some nature and then drove back towards Vik.

#25 Reynisfjara

In the south of Iceland just before the town of Vik, a black lava beach awaits you, where there are spectacular basalt columns to discover. Directly at the sea and next to a large cave (Hálsanefshellir Cave) hundreds of columns, some of them 30 meters high, are waiting to be admired by you and also to be climbed.

But be careful: The waves can be very treacherous and generally have an extremely strong current. A few years ago, an Asian tourist was pulled into the sea and drowned. So never turn your back to the waves!

What to expect?

The nearby parking lot is, like everywhere in Iceland, free and big enough. You walk only a few minutes and then you come to the pebble beach, where you can take great photos of you on the basalt columns. But be careful, you will not be alone here. The place is always very crowded and it is not easy to find a place where you can take an undisturbed photo.

Hotel Recommendation

30 BEST Things To Do In IcelandWe stayed in this wonderful little hotel that has been recently modernized. You’re virtually within walking distance of the famous basalt columns at Black Beach Reynisfjara. There is free breakfast in the form of coffee, cookies and cereals and you only pay about 50 Euro per night here. We felt very comfortable here.

Guesthouse Reynir in Vik*

#26 Öxi Road

Öxi Road is a short dirt road that branches off from the Ring Road in the East Fjords of Iceland and rejoins the Ring Road after a few kilometers. The small detour is worth it though, because the road feels like a highland road and awaits you with spectacular views. So if you don’t have a trip to the highlands planned, this is the perfect alternative and for us one of the most beautiful Icelandic sights.

30 BEST Things To Do In Iceland

What to expect?

You drive on gravel roads, but at the beginning (coming from the south) up a steep serpentine road. Once at the top, a phenomenal view of the valley stretching for miles in front of you and the waterfall next to you reveals itself. Simply fantastic! In the further course you drive along a wildly flowing river, which knows how to shine with some smaller waterfalls. Later on, the road gets wilder and wilder and invites you to numerous photo stops. If you don’t drive here you really missed something!

#27 Golden Valley

The Golden Valley is an insider tip not far from the Ring Road (link to Google Maps). You don’t drive along a highland road, but it feels like it. You should not drive this route with a normal rental car.

The golden valley is, as the name suggests, a valley with colorful shimmering mountains waiting for you. You walk all the time over thick pebbles and the mountains around you enchant with bright colors and loop left and right again and again, so that you do not know how far you can still walk here.

What to expect?

The mountains aren’t really golden, but the experience of walking through this narrow gorge, seeing the steep hills around you and being completely alone is very cool. If you go here, you will probably be all alone: a real insider tip and therefore for us one of the most beautiful Icelandic sights.

#28 Skaftafell National Park

Skaftafell National Park was founded in 1967 and later incorporated into Vatnajökull National Park. It has an area of over 1,700 square kilometers and is located not far from the ring road. Here you can hike to the beautiful Svartifoss and get close to the glacier on a second hike.

This hike to the glacier leads you to a side arm of the glacier Vatnajökull, which you can also see at the nearby glacier lagoon Fjallsárlón. But here you can get much closer and, if you wear rubber boots and carefully cross a small river, you can even get directly to the glacier’s ice shield. It takes about 30 minutes to get from the parking lot to the glacier.

The second big highlight of Skaftafell National Park is the Svartifoss waterfall, which pours over a rock face full of basalt columns. It takes about 45 minutes to get from the park’s large visitor center to the waterfall and a circular route back to the parking lot.

What to expect?

There is also a large visitor center with a restaurant, restrooms and souvenir store. Unfortunately, there is a fee for the huge parking lot. You are automatically photographed when you drive in and must pay your day ticket of 600 ISK (about 4 €) at parking machines. The national park is really beautiful and especially on the hike to the glacier we were all alone. To Svartifoss there were already a little more people on the way.

#29 Puffins at Látrabjarg

One of the biggest sights in Iceland are the puffins. These little animals are just wonderful to look at. In Iceland, especially between May and August, there are several places where you can see puffins. We saw them at the cliffs of Látrabjarg in the Westfjords.

What to expect?

Watching the little puffins was really a great experience. Since they are sometimes not in direct proximity, it is recommended to take a good camera with zoom and maybe even binoculars. Even though you can see the puffins in many places we found the cliffs of Latrabjag really beautiful. To be sure if the birds are currently there you should check the Google maps reviews. Often you can find actual comments about sightings there.

#30 Hengifoss

Hengifoss is usually well visited, so there is even a food truck at the free parking lot. From the parking lot, walk up the steep trail within about 1 hour until you come to a viewpoint of the waterfall. From here, about 1km from the waterfall, you have a great view of the red layers that run through the back wall of the waterfall. These, by the way, were formed by oxidized lava layers that were formed in the last millennia.

30 BEST Things To Do In Iceland

What to expect?

Hengifoss may not be the biggest waterfall in Iceland but it has a unique look due to the different colored rock layers, which makes it a very special Iceland attraction.

Have you been to Iceland? If yes, write us a comment what is for you one of the most beautiful Iceland sights.

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