The landscape of the Lofoten Islands is incomparably beautiful and the fjords, mountains and cute little fishing villages make this area in northern Norway so special. But there is one particular natural highlight that you would not expect to find here: namely beaches. In fact, there are such beautiful beaches in Lofoten as in the Caribbean. The sand is super fine and the water is really everywhere on the Lofoten so crystal clear and shimmers in an impressive turquoise blue.

We would never have imagined the Lofoten beaches to be so beautiful. There are really many beautiful beaches in Lofoten, but what are the most beautiful ones? We now present you our selection of the best beaches in Lofoten.

The Best Lofoten Beaches

Haukland Beach

Haukland Beach is probably one of the most famous beaches in Lofoten. It offers a true postcard motif with its powdered sugar sand and the mighty mountain massif in the background. Here is enthroned exactly 400 meters high Mannen, on which even a relatively easy hiking trail leads.

On the other hand, you are never alone here at Haukland Beach, at least in the high season the beach is very well frequented. Unfortunately, this also means that parking here is very difficult. Nevertheless, you can watch wonderful sunsets here and you can walk along the beach.

Haukeland Beach | Short Info

  • Parking: few paid places (40 NOK / 6h)
  • Camping: possible at the parking lot for 160 NOK (payment at the beach cafe)
  • Google Maps: location
The 7 Most Beautiful Lofoten Beaches

Vik Beach

Vik Beach is right next door and the little brother of Haukland Beach. Here it actually looks almost the same and also the mighty scenery with the mountain Mannen in the background is identical here. Vik Beach is only a few hundred meters away from Haukland Beach and is just as paradisiacally beautiful, especially of course when the sun is shining. Parking is extremely difficult here.

There is no official parking lot here, but only a few parking spaces right next to the road. But there is a small camping site here on a meadow directly on the beach for a fee.

Vik Beach | Short Info

  • Parking: few free places at the roadside
  • Camping: possible on a meadow (Google Maps) for 200 NOK (farmer comes by in the evening to collect money)
  • Google Maps: location
The 7 Most Beautiful Lofoten Beaches

Uttakleiv Beach

Uttakleiv beach is another beach in the same region as Vik and Haukland beach and is located on the other side of Mount Mannen. It can only be reached through a dark road tunnel or – and this is the really cool thing – through a coastal hiking trail that connects Uttakleiv beach and Haukland beach.

Parking here unfortunately also costs quite a lot, because for 50 NOK (5€) you can stand here for 3 hours. If you want to stay overnight at the beautiful beach then it costs a total of 250 NOK. But you can also just park for now and if you can’t get away from the wonderful Uttakleiv Beach anymore, then you just pay the difference at the cash desk.

But as beautiful as Uttakleiv Beach is, the hiking trail along the coast is the real highlight here as we find. Here you can walk along the beautiful coast in about 1 hour to the other beach. The route is just under 4 km long and completely flat.

Alternatively, you can go back through the road tunnel instead of the same way. But we would not recommend this. The tunnel is very dark and actually only for cars, because there is no sidewalk.

Uttakleiv Beach | Short Info

  • Parking: 50 NOK for 3 hours (cash or card)
  • Camping: possible on the same parking lot. Costs 250 NOK, you can also park first only for 50 NOK and then later for 200 NOK extra charge but still stay overnight.
  • Google Maps: location
The 7 Most Beautiful Lofoten Beaches

Stor Hestvika

The Stor Hestvika beach is actually not on the Lofoten Islands, but exactly on the other side of the sea near the ferry port of Bognes, from where you can get to the ferry port of Lodingen on the Lofoten Islands. So you can watch the big ferries from the beach as they sail across to Lofoten.

We were each before the departure to the Lofoten and on the return to mainland Norway each with our campervan Bruno here and have spent the night here by the sea.

The campsite at the lonely beach was by far the coolest place to stay on the Lofoten Islands and Norway. We were here all alone and could enjoy the beach to the fullest. The sand here is also super fine and the water extremely clear.

You can walk along here for miles and sometimes you don’t walk on sand, but on bare rocks. All this makes this beach here so special. You should definitely make a stop here, not only to see the beach, but also to spend the night here in the beautiful Norwegian nature.

Stor Hestvika Strand | Short Info

  • Parking: no official parking lot, but some single parking bays
  • Camping: free standing is possible here with campervan or camper. Just pick a great secluded spot to spend the night.
  • Google Maps: location
The 7 Most Beautiful Lofoten Beaches

Lofoten Beach in Eggum

Eggum is an extremely small village a bit off the scenic route E10. To get to the beach (Eggum Picnic) you have to drive over a private road and pay 40 NOK into a mailbox. There is no possibility to pay with credit card here.

After a few kilometers you will come to a parking lot from where you can reach the beach in a few meters. The beach here does not consist of powdered sugar sand as usual from the Lofoten, but of thousands of extremely large and round washed boulders.

It is just fun to jump over the many small and large rocks at Eggum Beach while in the background a wonderful mountain landscape forms a perfect panorama. By the way, you can also spend the night at this wonderful beach for only 200 NOK.

Eggum Beach | Short Info

  • Parking: private road costs 40 NOK. Parking is then included
  • Camping: if you want to stay here overnight it will cost you 200 NOK
  • Google Maps: Location
The 7 Most Beautiful Lofoten Beaches

Kvalvika Beach

Another highlight and one of the most beautiful beaches of Lofoten is Kvalvika Beach. The water here is as turquoise blue and clear as usually only on the most beautiful Caribbean beaches. The special thing about this beach is also the journey, because you can not get here so easily. You can combine the hike to Kvalvika Beach with a hike to the imposing Ryten Mountain and thus combine two Lofoten attractions.

You can park either on the paid parking lot for the Ryten hike (Google Maps Link) or on the very small parking lot for the hike to Kvalvika Beach (Google Maps Link).

Kvalvika Beach | Short Info

The 7 Most Beautiful Lofoten Beaches


For us really one of the most beautiful beaches on the Lofoten. Here we felt for the first time not like in the Caribbean, but like on a beach in South Africa. The atmosphere here is really unique and draws you directly into its spell.

If you park your car on the free, but extremely small parking lot, you can walk over a small path directly down to the beach.

This slightly curved beach is almost 900 meters long, and it’s a great place to walk along and soak up the atmosphere. Rambergstranda beach is located in the small village of Ramberg and so the atmosphere is a bit different from the other beaches in Lofoten.

There are some nice beach houses along the road and contribute to the rather urban atmosphere. For us, this beach is unique in Lofoten.

Rambergstranda Beach | Short Info

  • Parking: it is free to park at the beginning of the beach (Google Maps link)
  • Camping: is not allowed on the beach parking lot. However, there is a beautiful camping site nearby called Lofoten Beach Camp*, which is located on the neighboring Skagsanden beach.
The 7 Most Beautiful Lofoten Beaches

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