Where can you find the most beautiful beaches in Colombia? In our opinion on the island of Providencia. The Providencia beaches make you feel like you are in paradise. The secluded island paradise of Providencia in Colombia was one of the highlights of our trip through Central and South America. There are some beautiful beaches on Providencia. The two largest and also most beautiful beaches of Providencia can be found in the south of the island: Southwest Bay and Manzanillo Beach. But also the other beaches, which are spread over the island, have of course their advantages.

In our report we would like to briefly introduce you to the best Providencia beaches.

Tips for all Providencia Beaches
On almost every beach there are many mosquitoes and small sand flies. The bites do not hurt much, but they are very annoying. Therefore you should take mosquito spray to the beach.

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Colombia Beaches: The Most Beautiful Beaches on Providencia

South West Bay

In our opinion, this is the most beautiful beach on Providencia. And not just because we stayed within walking distance of this beach. The beach at Southwest Bay is several hundred meters long and lined with palm trees. There are several bars, restaurants and you can snorkel directly from the beach.

The best way to do this is to go to the far left end of the beach and swim along the cliffs there. In the very calm water you can see some starfish and fish. At the left end of the Southwest Bay beach you are almost alone, because most of the other tourists are on the right side of the beach. Including some beach bars that turn up their music a little louder.

Diving at Providencia

At the Southwest Bay Beach are also some diving schools, so that from here you can perfectly explore the underwater world. Here is a list of good diving schools on Providencia:

However, for our dive we decided to go with a newcomer among the dive schools. At Anda Di Wata you get already for 230.000 COP per person (about 60 Euro) 2 dives and the owners are a super nice Swiss-Colombian couple. They have very modern equipment and each diver even gets his own dive computer. I never had that before. We had an amazing day on the sea and could see the island from a completely different perspective.

By the way, you can drive directly to (and even onto) the beach by car or scooter. Some motorcyclists take advantage of this to jet across the entire beach. Unfortunately, this is a bit annoying.

You can find South West Bay here on Google Maps.

Manzanillo Bay

Manzanillo Beach, ProvidenciaYou can also drive directly to the Manzanillo Beach (Manchaneel Beach). You have to take a side road shortly after the turn to the Peak and follow it a few kilometers to the sea. Here, too, is a restaurant and swings suspended from palm trees with which you can swing back and forth over the water. If you want to party a little on Providencia, Roland’s Roots Bar is the place to go.

The atmospheric beach bar consists of bamboo-made booths under tattered thatched roofs. The bar is famous for its booming reggae soundtrack and its coco locos – pimped-out piña coladas served in coconuts. There’s also excellent seafood (main courses: 20,000 to 35,000 COP). The beach is just under 300 meters long and is sometimes even used as a track for horse races.

You can find Manzanillo Bay here on Google Maps.

Almond Bay

Almond Bay auf Providencia, KolumbienThe beach at Almond Bay on Providencia is not really big and also quite far from the road. This, of course, makes the beach very quiet as the possible road noise is far away. From the road, where there are also a few parking spaces (right next to a big plastic octopus), you have to walk another 350 meters downhill.

There is a small bar on the beach, so you can buy drinks and snacks there. During our visit, the sea on this side of the island was very choppy and restless. There are also very few shady spots on the comparatively small beach, so we only paid a short visit to Almond Bay.

You can find Almond Bay here on Google Maps.

Hotel Recommendation on Providencia

Posada Miss Portia, providencia

Miss Portia on Providencia

Our lodging where we stayed on Providencia is within walking distance of South West Beach on a small side street. The rooms have air conditioning, a terrace and there is even a communal kitchen with a free water dispenser. In addition, you can also rent scooters directly here to explore the island. Miss Portia at Booking.com*

Fresh Water Bay

Fresh Water Bay is another beautiful and very long beach with some hotels, but unfortunately it is located directly on the main road. Nevertheless, the beach is very picturesque with many rocks lying in the water and many palm trees that provide some shade. Therefore, this beach is very suitable for taking photos.

Fresh Water Bay can be found here on Google Maps.

Pash Bay

Pash Beach is a really, really small beach on Providencia that is also right on the road. There is a small pavilion there and the beach is maybe 100 meters long. So it’s not a beach where you go to spend the whole day. But if you’re touring the island anyway, you should definitely pay a visit to Pash Bay and cool off in the small, quiet bay.

You can find Pash Bay here on Google Maps.

Providencia Beaches: Fort Bay

This beach is located on Santa Catalina Island. To get here, you’ll need to walk over to Santa Catalina and turn left to the end of the path. Then you will inevitably come to this beach. It is also very small and borders directly on the dense green forest of the island. It is very quiet here, because Fort Bay is quite remote. You can also snorkel here very well.

You can find Fort Bay here on Google Maps.

Have you been to Providencia? What was your favourite Providencia Beach? Then write us in the comments which beach you liked the most.

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