Norway is a paradise for hikers and Jotunheimen National Park in the south of Norway is a very special place to hike and enjoy nature. There are so many different hiking trails here, ranging from a few kilometers to several days. The nature in Jotunheimen National Park is simply unique and should not be missing on any Norway road trip. You should plan at least one hike in this area on your trip.

Now we will tell you which hikes in Jotunheimen National Park are in our opinion the most beautiful and where you can find them.

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Jotunheimen National Park I The 4 Most Beautiful Hikes

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The Most Beautiful Hikes in Jotunheimen National Park

We have described the most beautiful hikes in Jotunheimen National Park in the following sections. All hikes can be done in a single day and should be manageable even by less experienced hikers.

On the overview map we have marked the individual hikes. If you want to know more about the hikes, then have a look at the respective travel reports, which we have linked below the text.

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The Best Norway Itinerary

Do you still need an itinerary for your Norway road trip? We have 2 nice suggestions for you:

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Hulderstigen | The Family Friendly Hike

The Hulderstigen hike in Jotunheimen National Park is an unknown, but nevertheless very beautiful and relaxing hike, which comes completely without incline and is therefore really walkable for everyone. It is almost be relaxing to walk the Hulderstigen hike after some exhausting days in Norway’s south.

If you have parked your car at the free parking lot then you can already see the beautiful wooden bridge that spans the 100 km long Sjoa River. Jotunheimen National Park I The 4 Most Beautiful Hikes

Directly behind it the path starts and since the hike is designed as a cultural and educational trail, there is a total of 15 information boards along the entire length of the hike on which you will find information about the history of the landscape, the wildlife or the plants in the area.

The hiking trail leads idyllically through the old forest in the national park and for a long time along a small brook. On the way you can hear the sheep bleating and discover new highlights of the beautiful nature of the Jotunheimen National Park around every corner.

Read more about the hike here:

Hulderstigen I family friendly hike in Jotunheimen National Park

Besseggen Ridge | The Panorama Hike

The hike to the Besseggen ridge is one of the most impressive hikes you can do in Norway. Not only is the hike with its 15 km very strenuous but also the journey by boat is very adventurous. But especially the view and the panorama during the Besseggen hike is unique and extremely spectacular.

The special thing about this hike is the ridge over which you walk during the hike, which gives the hike its name. This narrow rocky ridge separates the huge lake Gjende and the smaller lake Bessvatnet. Jotunheimen National Park I The 4 Most Beautiful Hikes

While Bessvatnet is rather dipped in a dark blue, the much larger Gjende Lake has a gorgeous milky turquoise blue color. It almost looks like you accidentally turned the saturation to 100% on a photo, but it really looks like on the pictures.

From the (almost) highest point of the hike youhave an insane view of the two lakes and the very narrow ridge that separates the two lakes.

You can find out everything about the hike here:

BESSEGGEN Hike I Everything you need to know (parking, boat, shuttle)

Knutshoe I The Alternative to Besseggen

Knutshoe is located right next to Besseggen and yet is much less known and hiked by much less people. When we did the hike a few years ago we were almost alone on the trail and accordingly the small parking lot was empty. On our last visit in 2022 it looked quite different.

The parking lot was full and people were also already parking along the road. Compared to the huge Besseggen parking lot, this is still a big difference. So we would still say that Knutshoe is a good alternative to Besseggen if you don’t want to meet so many other people on the hike.

Knutshoe Norwegen
Knutshoe Norway

You will first hike uphill for a fairly steep section and almost have to climb. After that it goes quite long relatively steep uphill and then you already get a wonderful view of the big lake Gjende, which lies between you and the Besseggen.

When you reach the summit after many kilometers, the view is simply fantastic. We couldn’t get enough of this wonderful panorama.

Learn everything about the Knutshoe hike in our travel report:

KNUTSHØE | The better alternative to Besseggen

Bitihorn | The Untouristy Hike

During our hike on the Bitihorn we were the only hikers on the trail the whole time. The feeling of having nature completely to ourselves was just wonderful. You park here on a small gravel parking lot that only costs a few euros and then you can start hiking right away.

On the Bitihorn hike, you spend most of your time looking out over the dramatic landscape of lakes and snow-capped mountains in your back, while looking ahead to the huge peak in fornt of you.

Bitihorn It takes just under 2 hours to reach the summit, and from the top, with good visibility, you’ll have a wonderful 360° view of the high peaks to the south and the entire Jotunheimen National Park. But dress warmly, because the wind can be quite strong up here.

More about the hike you can read here:

Bitihorn Norway | Hiking in Jotunheimen National Park

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