What are the best things to do in the Dolomites? The South Tyrolean Dolomites are one of the most beautiful regions of the Italian Alps and offer wonderful sights that are hard to beat in their beauty. Wild mountain lakes, exciting hikes, fantastic viewpoints and spectacular panoramic views can be found here. We tell you what are the best things to do in the Dolomites and South Tyrol.

The Best Things To Do in the Dolomites Italy

We have been in the Dolomites in Summer but there are also a lot of reason to visit the Dolomites in winter. Our list of best things to do, best hikes and most beautiful sights in the South Tyrolean Dolomites are presented in ascending order.

#8 Lago di Landro | Bathing lake with panoramic view

Lago di Landro is located close to the highly frequented Tre Cime and yet is a rather less visited alpine lake. And this despite the impressive mountain scenery in the background. You can walk around Lago di Landro on a hiking trail and have a picnic on its shore or go swimming.

The 8 Best Things To Do In The Dolomites Italy

Lago di Landro offers fabulous turquoise blue water and is surrounded by impressive mountains. The panorama here is simply fantastic and even better is that you don’t have to share this view with many other people.

Nearby is a viewpoint from which you can see the Tre Cime di Lavaredo. So don’t hesitate to go there! Read more in our blogpost about Lago di Landro:

Lago di Landro South Tyrol | Bathing lake with panoramic view

#7 Lake Carezza

Lake Carezza in South Tyrol is truly a jewel of the Dolomites. The water shines in a wonderful turquoise blue and it is so clear that you can see from every spot to the bottom.

But the special highlight of Lake Carezza is the impressive view of the Rosengarten Group, which stretches majestically in the background. This panorama is so extremely unique and simply beautiful.

Things to do in the Dolomites - Lago di Carezza

Since the Lake Carezza is very conveniently located, also many tourists come here. And in recent years, a lot has also been invested in the tourist infrastructure. A new visitor center with a large paid parking lot was built. Nevertheless, the lake is simply too beautiful to not visit. Learn more about Lake Carezza in our travel report:

Lake Carezza I Everything you need to know for your visit

#6 Alpe di Siusi

The Alpe di Siusi in South Tyrol is the largest high alpine pasture in Europe and is located in the Dolomites in northern Italy and definitely one of the best things to go in the Dolomites. The Alpe di Siusi is over 56 km² and lies at an altitude of up to 2350 meters, making it one of the largest high plateaus in the Alps in the Dolomites.

The 8 Best Things To Do In The Dolomites Italy

The Alpe di Siusi (and therefore also the Alpe di Siusi hike) is extremely developed for tourism and so there are numerous offers for tourist. The beauty of this high alp naturally invites you to hike.

How to get to the Alpe di Siusi and which is the most beautiful hike on the Alpe di Siusi we tell you now:

Alpe di Siusi Hike I Everything you need to know

#5 Seceda Hike

The Seceda Hike is one of the most breathtaking hikes you can do in the Dolomites in South Tyrol. The nature is beautiful and there are numerous trails that will take you high up to the summit.

The Seceda hike is one of the most spectacular hikes in South Tyrol and awaits you with a natural scenery that cannot be captured on photos. You simply have to see and experienced it.

The 8 Best Things To Do In The Dolomites Italy

Especially one viewpoint with a certain view of the steeply sloping mountains is a real eye-catcher here. How to get there and what you should keep in mind during the hike, you can find out here:

Seceda Hike I Everything you need to know about the hike from Col-Raiser

#4 Cadini di Misurina Viewpoint

If you see photos of the Tre Cime di Lavaredo on Instagram, you will quite often see a viewpoint with a fantastic panorama. However, not the Tre Cime di Lavaredo are to be seen, but the peaks of the Cadini group.

When we saw this photo for the first time, we were totally flashed and spent many hours researching to find out exactly where this viewpoint really is and how to get there.

The 8 Best Things To Do In The Dolomites Italy

The viewpoint and the short hike are still a real hidden gem and hardly any other tourists come here. So grab your camera and take a look at this viewpoint not far from the Tre Cime in the Dolomites:

Cadini di Misurina viewpoint I Most beautiful 3 Peaks photo spot

#3 Tre Cime die Lavaredo Hike

The hike to Tre Cime di Lavaredo is probably the most popular and well-known hike in the Dolomites. If you are in South Tyrol or in the Dolomites, you can’t miss the hike to the Tre Cime di Lavaredo. It is an amazing hike with wonderful views and one of the best things to do in the Dolomites.

The 8 Best Things To Do In The Dolomites Italy

But is the hike to the Tre Cime di Lavaredo worth it and is it really as touristy and crowded as you hear everywhere?

And when is the toll road to the Tre Cime di Lavaredo open? We will tell you this and more in our travel report:

Tre Cime di Lavaredo | Complete Guide to the Dolomites Highlight

#2 Lago di Braies

If you are traveling in the Dolomites in South Tyrol, you can’t miss Lago di Braies. Especially in recent years and thanks to Instagram, the Lake Braies has become the absolute hotspot of the Dolomites.

The 8 Best Things To Do In The Dolomites Italy

With the beautiful backdrop of shimmering green water, impressive mountains and the old wooden boats, it has become a very popular spot. Whether a visit to the lake is really worth it, as well as all the tips on how to get there, parking, a hike and the boat trips can be found in our bogpost:

Lago di Braies 2022 | How to get there, hike and tips for Lago di Braies

#1 Dolomites best Places: Hike to Lake Sorapis

The Lago di Sorapis hike is one of the most spectacular hikes in the Dolomites and an absolute highlight of Veneto, the neighboring region of South Tyrol. However, in our opinion, the real highlight is not the lake itself, but the way to get there.

The hiking trail to Lake Sorapis leads not only through the forest but also along steep slopes and with views of the mountains of the Dolomites, which is truly unique.

Things To Do in Dolomites - Lago di Sorapis

Thus, this hike is our absolute #1 of the best things to do in the Dolomites and in our opinion the best thing to do in the region of South Tyrol and the Dolomites. Why this hike is so special you can learn here:

Lago di Sorapis Hike | All information about the Dolomites Highlight

We hope you liked our overview of the Dolomites best places to visit. More interest in Italy? By the way, there are also great highlights on neighboring Lago di Garda.

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