In addition to the famous Lago di Braies and Lago di Carezza, we also particularly liked Lago di Landro a lot. The different mountain lakes simply belong to the most beautiful sights in South Tyrol. All lakes have in common the beautiful blue shimmering water and the spectacular mountain scenery in the back. Lago di Landro is the least touristy of the three lakes. What awaits you here you learn in our blog post.

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How to Get to Lago di Landro?

Lago di Landro is located at an altitude of 1406 m in the Tre Cime of Alta Pusteria Nature Park in South Tyrol. Enclosed by the Sesto Dolomites and the Braies Dolomites, the lake offers a breathtaking backdrop of blue shimmering natural lake and majestic mountain scenery. The most famous sight near Lago di Landro is the Tre Cime, so hiking the Tre Cime and visiting Lago di Landro can be easily combined. If you don’t want to go hiking at TreCime, there is also a viewpoint of the famous Tre Cime close to the lake.

Lago Di Landro South Tyrol | All You Need To Know


Lago di Landro is best reached in the direction of Dobbiaco. If you are sporty you can cover the only 7 km also well by bike.

Parking at Lago di Landro

Parking is no problem: right next to the lake there are many free parking spaces along the road. Parking lot: Google Maps

Hike around Lago di Landro

Directly from the parking lot on the eastern shore of the lake, a wide path leads along the shore. Since the lake is easy to reach and the hike is easy to walk, it is also perfect for families. Along the parking lot it can be crowded in the summer, as many want to stop here for a short break and take a photo of the blue-green shimmering mountain lake.

We would recommend you to at least walk to the flat beach of the northern shore. Here you have a perfect panoramic view of the lake and the mountains of the Cristallo group behind it. Here you can also take a longer break, bathe in the sun or if you are very brave even jump into the cool water. If you continue along the trail, you will come to a viewpoint of the Tre Cime. From here, the gigantic mountain peaks look very small and do not give you any idea of what awaits you during a hike there.

From the vantage point we return to the lake on trail 6B. This path leads you through the small forest and offers new views of the lake and the mountains behind it.

Swimming in Lago di Landro

Swimming is allowed and especially at the shallow beach of the northern shore it is a great possibility to cool down in summer. If the water is too cold for you, just take a blanket with you and enjoy the view from the north shore over Lago di Landro to the magnificent mountain panorama.

Lago Di Landro South Tyrol | All You Need To Know
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