What are the best things to do in El Nido in the Philippines? The small town of El Nido on the island of Palawan is one of the most touristy places in the whole Philippines. Not only because its beautiful, but there are a lot of cool things to do in El Nido Palawan. Actually all travelers who visit the Philippines come here. Some even come exclusively to Palawan Island. And El Nido is really the sightseeing hot spot here.

But it is also beautiful here: There are truly dream beaches, crystal clear water and lots to discover here. But which sights and highlights of El Nido and Palawan should you not miss? And what don’t you have to see? We tell you in our list of the top sights for Palawan, El Nido.

Things to Know about El Nido, Palawan

Of the thousands of islands in the Philippines, Palawan is certainly the most famous one and on Palawan, El Nido is by far the most famous and most visited place. So you probably won’t meet more other tourists anywhere in the Philippines than here. But you will not be able to experience the “typical Philippine life” here. The city is completely geared towards tourists.

This has its advantages – a super developed tourist infrastructure – but also its downsides, pushy vendors and many begging children. But it is also beautiful here: The many small islands and bays that can only be reached by boat, dream beaches, crystal clear water and a landscape that knows only a few colors: the blue of the sky and water and the gray-green of the rocky islands, often completely overgrown with trees. And in the middle of it all, the town of El Nido.

The town itself is of course not beautiful in the aesthetic sense, but it is practical for tourists. You can get everything you need or don’t need here. From restaurants and hotels to souvenir stores and cell phone repair stores, there is really everything here.

It’s also fun to stroll down the main street – where there’s actually no traffic – and drink a freshly squeezed juice, eat a tasty burger, and then browse for a few souvenirs. We like such places that offer a lot of life and also a lively restlessness, but still remain pleasant to explore on foot (like Medellin in Colombia, for example).

How to get to El Nido Palawan?

Since El Nido on Palawan is very touristy, there are several ways to get there, but unfortunately none of them is really good. Why, we tell you now.

By Plane directly to El Nido

El Nido on Palawan has its own airport, but it is owned by a single airline (Air Swift), which is why air travel there is quite expensive by Philippine standards (one-way flights cost from about 120€ pP). Also, there are not very many flights per day and the planes used are small propeller planes, which means that you also have only 10kg of free luggage. This leads to the fact that most tourists decide not to fly here, but from the southern Puerto Princesa (see next chapter).

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By Bus from Puerto Princesa

If you want to get to El Nido cheaper, you should fly to Puerto Princesa and take the bus from there to El Nido. The provincial capital Puerto Princesa is located in the middle of Palawan about 260 km away from El Nido. By bus it takes about 5-6 hours and you pay 600-700 Pesos (12 Euro). Here you can book a bus ticket online.

Unfortunately, the ride is anything but pleasant due to the numerous curves and altitude differences. The bus is of course packed to capacity and then it goes up and down and left and right and the driver of course tries to go as fast as possible. We found it terrible and could neither sleep nor relax. Super cold it is also always in these small minivans, which is why we were really glad when we could get out again.

Transfer between Puerto Princesa and El Nido | Check Prices*

By the way, there are also 2 breaks on the way, so you can buy provisions or go to the toilet. But also to warm up these breaks are quite suitable. Puerto Princesa is a big bustling city and actually has nothing to offer itself( apart from the nearby underground river: Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park).

But there is a big international airport from where you can fly to all possible destinations in the Philippines very cheap. From 20€ you can travel from here to your next destination. Because of the long bus trip, it makes sense to start in El Nido in the afternoon on the way to Puerto Princesa and then take a hotel. You should then take the plane the next morning. If you want to travel from Puerto Princesa to El Nido, you can of course take the first bus at the airport.

Things To Do in El Nido 2024 | Must Visits In El Nido PalawanIf you have to stay overnight in Puerto Princesa, like we did, we can recommend the Hotel Cleon Villas Pension*. The owner was really nice and even waited longer for us, because we arrived there around midnight. The rooms are simple but very clean and perfect for one night.

Hotel Cleon Villas | Check Prices*

By Ferry/Ship from Coron

There are regular ferry services between Coron and El Nido. The ferries run once a day and take between 4 and 7 hours to cover the distance. In Palawan you will not arrive directly in El Nido, but at the San Fernando port in the north of the start. Here you have to take a minivan, which will take you to the city in about 45 minutes.

In Coron you arrive directly at the ferry terminal and are at least directly in the city. Information about the route can be found here at Rome2Rio. Alternatively, if you have more time, you can drive the route in 3 days. There are many companies that offer so called 3D/2N (3 days/2 nights) boat trips between El Nido and Coron. Here you not only overcome the distance, but also see and experience beautiful islands, lagoons and places on the route, to which you would not otherwise come. We have made such a unique tour with the provider El Nido Paradise* and can only recommend it!

3 Day Tour between El Nido and Coron | Check Availability*

Is El Nido very touristy?

You can safely answer this question with yes, probably there are only a few places more touristy in the Philippines. But El Nido is just beautiful and that’s why so many tourists come here. We don’t think it’s too crowded here. If you take a hotel a little outside (see below), then you do not get too much of the hustle and bustle. But you won’t find the original Philippines here.

Where to eat in El Nido?

El Nido is full of a lot of cafes and restaurants that reminded us a lot of Bali. You can get tasty local dishes as well as smoothie bowls, burgers or pizza. Just walk through the town of El Nido to find a place that suits you the best.

El Nido during Covid

Things To Do in El Nido 2024 | Must Visits In El Nido Palawan
Juice stand in El Nido

A few weeks after the country reopened to tourists after more than 2 years we traveled to the Philippines in early March 2022. At first, we were also unsure how the country would receive us in the middle of the pandemic and whether the tourist infrastructure was already rebuilt at all. After our trip, we can say that the situation on the ground (as of April 2022) is definitely good enough on many islands in the Philippines (and especially in El Nido) to travel there.

Not all hotels, tour providers and restaurants are open yet, but enough stores are open for a wonderful vacation. For all other Philippine islands, you should check in advance (also because of the typhoon that raged at the end of 2021) if you should travel there.

How long should I stay in El Nido?

If you have little time then 2-3 days here should be enough. Then do one or two boat tours and take in one of the other highlights of El Nido. But if you want to make the most of your time here then you should spend 5 days or even a week in El Nido. The journey is unfortunately already long and exhausting and so it is hardly worthwhile to spend only a few days in El Nido. There is plenty to do here and it is also perfect for relaxing on the beautiful beaches. El Nido is a dream destination in the Philippines.

Hotel Recommendation for El Nido

El Nido is not that big and also the extended area around El Nido Town can be reached by tricycle in a few minutes. But where is the best place to stay? The choice is not so easy and also we made one or the other wrong decision regarding the best hotel location during the one week we spent in El Nido. Therefore, we will first describe the different “regions” of El Nido, so that you can decide for yourself where to stay best.

El Nido Town

You can stay in the middle of town and be right in the hustle and bustle. You are not far from many restaurants, stores and all the tour providers of El Nido. But you are not at a beach where you can swim and you will have to search for rest and relaxation for a long time. Just like hotels where you don’t notice the hustle and bustle outside. But if you prefer to stay in the middle of life and not have to walk far to all possible highlights, we have 2 recommendations for a nice overnight stay in the middle of El Nido for you.

Fisheye Hotel Things To Do in El Nido 2024 | Must Visits In El Nido Palawan

The Fisheye Hotel* is located in the middle of the hustle and bustle of El Nido Town and yet you sleep here quietly in the backyard. You will not hear anything of the noise of the city. The hotel has only 4 rooms and the whole complex is lovingly decorated in Bali-style. Breakfast is also included here and it is delicious. There is a hotel-owned store where you can buy chic jewelry and clothes. We felt very comfortable here and you can get everywhere quickly on foot.

  • stylishly furnished in Bali style
  • Air conditioning and TV with Netflix
  • Rooms are quietly located in the backyard
  • Double room from 30 Euro

Fisheye Hotel | Check Availability*

Frendz Hostel El Nido Things To Do in El Nido 2024 | Must Visits In El Nido Palawan

Are you looking for a little more action and want to meet other people quickly? Then you should check in at Frendz Hostel*. From the roof terrace with its huge pool you have a breathtaking view of the sea. You have a huge common area with pool table and bar. If you’re looking for peace and quiet, you’re in the wrong place, but if you want to party on the roof terrace in the evening, you’re in the right place.

  • Large hostel in the middle of the city
  • Huge roof terrace with pool
  • Large common area
  • Party at the hotel pool in the evening

Frendz Hostel | Check Prices*

Corong Corong Beach

In our opinion, Corong Corong is the best mix between being almost in town and already a bit out of the hustle and bustle. You are a maximum of 2 km away from El Nido Town and in case of doubt you can even walk into town (which of course you don’t have to because of the many trikes) if you want to take advantage of the numerous amenities of El Nido. At the same time, though, you’ll be in a somewhat quieter environment.

The Corong Corong Beach is not predestined for swimming, because there are a lot of boats, but you can go into the water. Also the sunsets are really beautiful here. we would like to introduce 2 beautiful hotels to you here:

Coco Resort | Large Bungalows in a beautiful garden Things To Do in El Nido 2024 | Must Visits In El Nido PalawanThe Coco Resort consists of many small and large detached bungalows in a garden-like complex with a large pool and private beach access. In the large bungalows you even have your own small whirlpool, your own terrace and enough space for privacy. We really felt very comfortable here and we could walk to the beach in 2 minutes.
  • own bungalow with a lot of space around it
  • big hotel pool
  • breakfast included
  • own access to the beach
Coco Resort | Check Availability*

Moringa Resort

Things To Do in El Nido 2024 | Must Visits In El Nido PalawanThere are no bungalows here but nicely furnished double rooms from which you have a great view of the huge pool and the hotel grounds. From the higher rooms you even have a view of the sea, which is not far away. Breakfast is included and you can also order dinner in the hotel restaurant. Wi-Fi is also available and for 100 Pesos you can be in El Nido Town in a few minutes by trike.

  • big hotel pool
  • nicely furnished double rooms
  • each room has a balcony
  • Breakfast is included

Moringa Resort | Check Availability*

Maremegmeg Beach

This is the farthest beach that is still part of El Nido, and it is actually the most beautiful beach in El Nido that is accessible by land. It’s a great place to swim, the water is crystal clear and the sunsets are simply gorgeous. The beach is lined with beach bars and hotel restaurants for the first few hundred meters. So here is always a pleasant background noise and in the evening sometimes party music.

In the back part of the beach (transition to Las Cabanas Beach) it gets quieter and here everyone gathers for sunset. You should also pay attention to where you stay, especially if it is a beach accommodation.

Hotel Recommendation Maremegmeg Beach Club

Things To Do in El Nido 2024 | Must Visits In El Nido PalawanThe Beach Club is located directly on Maremegmeg beach and gives you the right beach vibe. There’s a good restaurant here that even offers vegan options. In the evenings, chill music plays and you can really feel at home here. The rooms are stylishly furnished and right in front of the door is the large infinity pool.

  • stylishly furnished double rooms
  • large infinity pool
  • located directly at the Maremegmeg beach
  • chilly beach bar directly in front of the hotel

Maremegmeg Beach Club |  Check Availability*

Out of Town Hotels

There are of course still hotels that are located outside far away from all the hustle and bustle. Here you are often in the middle of nature, directly on a beautiful beach and thus also far away from civilization. You have to be aware that you can’t just walk to a kiosk or choose a new restaurant for the evening. You are mostly dependent on the services of the hotel for excursions, food, etc..

But often this is not a problem, because that’s why you choose such a remote hotel, right? We had also planned to stay in one of these remote hotels and therefore present you here the most beautiful remote hotels of El Nido.

Palawan Island Experience

Things To Do in El Nido 2024 | Must Visits In El Nido Palawan
Palawan Escapes

This accommodation stands on its own deserted island. That’s right, you’re staying here on a remote island off Palawan on which (except for 2 similar accommodations) there’s really nothing. No stores, no streets, no noise. You spend the night in simple bamboo huts with a view of the sea and have only a few steps to walk to the beach. The absolute contrast to the rest of your vacation!

  • lonely bamboo huts on a deserted island
  • There is nothing else here
  • Back to basics – pure nature
  • You feel like Robinson Crusoe

Palawan Island Experience |  Check Availability*

Dolarog Beach Resort

Things To Do in El Nido 2024 | Must Visits In El Nido PalawanHere you are dealing with a luxury resort that is located away from civilization and can only be reached by boat. You heard right, there is no road leading here and you have to take a boat shuttle to the city. But you are away from the noise and in the middle of nature and of course directly at the sea. In addition, the resort offers everything you could wish for: Pool, large bungalows and a great restaurant.

  • Hotel located away from civilization
  • only reachable by boat
  • luxuriously furnished bungalows
  • Hotel pool and fancy restaurant

Dolarog Beach Resort | Check Availability*

The Best Things To Do in El Nido Palawan

There are really many amazing things to do in El Nido. There are dream beaches with powdered sugar sand, beautiful lagoons, strenuous hikes with amazing panoramas and many other activities that are among the best things to do in El Nido and also Palawan. What you should definitely do when you are in El Nido, we tell you now.

#1 El Nido Boat Tours (Tour A-D)

What would be best for a day trip in El Nido Palawan? The boat tours (island hopping) in El Nido are probably one of the most famous things to do in El Nido in Palawan and probably every tourist who visits El Nido does at least one boat tour. The reason for this is that the most beautiful places and great beaches can only be visited by boat. Some beaches you can also paddle on your own with a kayak (see below), but to most destinations you can only get in the context of a guided tour.

The different boat tours in El Nido are funnily standardized and have the names Tour A – D. They also cost exactly the same everywhere, so it makes no difference where you book your tour, because on the beach you will be randomly distributed to the boats anyway. You can also easily book the tours online through the provider El Nido Paradise*. We were very satisfied with the provider. Everything is well and professionally organized!

Amazing Boat Trip in El Nido | Check Availability*

Things To Do in El Nido 2024 | Must Visits In El Nido Palawan

The different tours will take you to different beautiful destinations and are divided as follows:

Tour A : Lagoons and Beaches

Tour A is the most popular tour in El Nido, because it includes the famous Big Lagoon. You will see a selection of the most beautiful destinations in El Nido, but you will also meet most of the other tourists.

  • Big Lagoon
  • Seven Commando Beach
  • Secret Lagoon
  • Payon Payong Beach
  • Shimizu Island

Cost: 1200 Pesos + 200 Pesos Enviromental Fee

Tour : Caves and Bays

On Tour B you will see mysterious caves, great beaches and Snake Island, which looks especially impressive from the drone. Note that Snake Island is visited at noon, when it is mostly high tide and thus the sandbar is not really visible.

  • Papaya Beach
  • Entalula Island
  • Cudugnon Cave
  • Catheral Cave
  • Snake Island

Cost: 1300 Pesos + 200 Pesos Enviromental Fee

Tour C : Hidden Beaches

This tour is the second most popular tour in El Nido and offers a great mix of adventure and snorkeling. You will visit beautiful beaches and the insane Helicopter Island.

  • Hidden Beach
  • Star Beach
  • Talisay Beach
  • Helicopter Island
  • Matinloc Shrine

Cost: 1400 pesos + 200 pesos environmental fee

Tour D : Island Beaches

On this rather unpopular tour you will visit the Small Lagoon and a selection of the most beautiful beaches of El Nido.

  • Nat-Nat Beach
  • Paradise Beach
  • Cadloa Lagoon
  • Pasandigan Beach
  • Small Lagoon

Cost: 1200 Pesos + 200 Pesos Enviromental Fee

Dreamy Boat Trip in El Nido | Check Availability*

Things To Do in El Nido 2024 | Must Visits In El Nido Palawan
Entalula Island

Which Tour should you choose?

It’s really hard to say, because every tour has its nice sides. Just see if you are more into beaches, secluded bays or caves and decide after that. If you have time, you can do 2 or even more tours, because there is so much to discover.

How does a tour work?

Each tour is basically the same. You will be picked up between 8-9 am either at your hotel or you meet in front of the agency where you booked. Then you walk to the beach, there you will be divided into the different boats. One by one you will go to the different destinations where you will snorkel or visit beaches. At noon you will have a rich buffet with fish, meat and a wonderful fruit buffet. Around 5 pm you will be brought back to the beach and then walk back to your hotel.

Amazing Boat Trip at El Nido | Check Prices*

Water is usually free of charge on the boats, but it makes sense to take something with you and to pack snacks for in between. You can also rent a snorkel and buy water shoes and waterproof cell phone cases right on the beach.

Enviromental Fee

This environmental fee of 200 Pesos you have to pay for every tour, but only once per 5 days. So if you want to do more than one tour, keep or photograph the receipt so you don’t have to pay the fee again.

Private Tour or Group Tour?

Things To Do in El Nido 2024 | Must Visits In El Nido Palawan
Group tour

If you do a group tour then you will be accommodated with up to 20 other people on a boat and then visit the individual destinations in such a large group. Of course you have no influence on the selection of the destinations or on the time you spend at the individual stations.

If you prefer to travel alone and even want to adjust the destinations of a tour a bit or want to spend more time at destination A and less time at destination B, then you have to book a private tour. You can do the same tours as described above with a minimum of 2 people, but you don’t have to share the boat with other people.

This does not mean that you are alone at the destinations, because the order in which the destinations are sailed is also identical with a private tour. You could at most ask your captain to sail the destinations in reverse order, then you have the chance to meet less other tourists.

The private tours cost from 6500 Pesos upwards, more than double the price of a group tour for 2 people. A tip to save money here is to find another couple in your hostel or hotel to share the private tour with. So you pay just as much as a group tour, but share the boat only with 2 other people.

#2 Kayak Tour On Your Own

One of the best things to do in El Nido was a kayak tour we did on our own. We simply rented a kayak at Corong Corong beach (500-700 Pesos per day) and paddled around the small peninsula where El Nido is located. You will pass many beautiful and lonely beaches like the Seven Commandos Beach, the Ipil Beach 2 and the Ipil Ipil Beach.

At some of these beaches, day-tripper boats (Tour A) pass by once a day, but the rest of the time you are really alone there. For us it was also the most beautiful excursion we did in El Nido and there we also saw the most beautiful beaches of El Nido.

We would recommend everyone to rent a kayak at Corong Corong Beach or directly in El Nido Town and just paddle away. From El Nido Town you have the possibility not only to go around the peninsula, but also to visit the beautiful Paradise Beach on the island of Cadlao, which you can otherwise only reach by boat.

#3 Visit one of the Beautiful Beaches in El Nido

El Nido doesn’t even have as many beaches as you would think. There are actually only 4 beaches directly in El Nido, of which we recommend only one for swimming and lying on the beach.

El Nido Beach Things To Do in El Nido 2024 | Must Visits In El Nido Palawan

This beach is located directly in El Nido Town and can be reached within a few minutes from downtown. The beach is also quite beautiful and also offers a great view of the Philippine Islands.

Only swimming or lying on the beach here is not possible at all because of the hundreds of boats that are moored here. But for a walk on the beach El Nido Beach is enough.

Corong Corong Beach

About 2 km outside is the famous Corong Corong Beach. For about 100 Pesos you can take a tricycle or walk directly from your hotel to the beach.

The beach is very beautiful and offers a great panorama especially at sunset. It is several kilometers long, but becomes much smaller at high tide, because most of the beach is swallowed by the water. But also here are hundreds of boats, so that you can lie here well on the beach, but for swimming you should rather choose the Maremegmeg Beach.

Maremegmeg Beach (Our recommendation)

Maremegmeg Beach is located just under 4 km outside of El Nido and it costs 150 Pesos to get there by trike. You will be let out at the local McDonalds, because this is really the only public access to Maremegmeg Beach. You walk a few hundred meters through a shopping mall to get to the beach.

The beach is really beautiful, the water crystal clear and here you can relax wonderfully on the beach and enjoy the warm water. There are many hotels and bars or restaurants here. For sunset, you can go to the neighboring Las Cabanas Beach, which is directly adjacent to Maremegmeg Beach.

Las Cabanas Beach

Las Cabanas Beach is directly connected to Maremegmeg Beach and is much quieter. There are only a few bars here and most of the beach is unmanaged and very secluded. Unfortunately, there are also quite a few jellyfish swimming around here, which can make swimming in the ocean a bit uncomfortable. To get to Las Cabanas Beach you have to drive to Maremegmeg Beach and then walk along the beach to Las Cabanas Beach Resort.

An overview of the most beautiful beaches in El Nido can be found here: The 6 most beautiful beaches of El Nido

#4 Canopy Walk

The Canopy Walk of El Nido is the small and easy version of the big Taraw Cliff hike, which we present you below. The canopy walk is definitely one of the best things to do in El Nido, so you should not miss it. You hike here in about 10-20 minutes to a height of about 75 meters and have a great view of the city and the sea. This little hike is not really strenuous, except for the heat, and can be done by almost everyone (even not sporty people). The whole path is well secured, you wear a helmet and a device to secure yourself on a suspension bridge by rope.

This is also really necessary, because the bridge sways and wobbles all the time when you walk across it. The real highlight are the lookouts at the top of the mountain and the various nets that have been placed up there. Your guide, who accompanies you the whole time, also takes a lot of pictures of you the whole time and takes pictures of you in all possible positions. But don’t forget to enjoy the view as well.

Tips for the Canopy Walk in El Nido

Where & when can I do the Canopy Walk?
You just have to go to the starting point of the walk (Google Maps link) and you can start right there. The provider is called Via Ferrata Canopy Walk and is located at the exit of El Nido. You can do the hike between 8 am and 5 pm, but we would advise you to start very early in the morning because of the heat. The whole fun will take about an hour in total.

How much does the Canopy Walk in El Nido cost?
You pay 700 Pesos per person if you not only want to climb to the top, but also walk over the nets. You should definitely do that. If you only pay 400 Pesos then you climb to the top and then back the same way.

Do I have to be athletic or bring anything?
You don’t have to be athletic, just surefooted. You don’t need to bring anything, except maybe a camera and something to drink. All other essentials, like a helmet, will be provided.

#5 Taraw Cliff

You should not confuse the Taraw Cliff with the Canopy Walk, as it happened to us. The mountain you climb is the same (Taraw Mountain), but the hikes are fundamentally different. While the Canopy Walk is an official hike that can be done by unathletic people, the hike up Taraw Cliff is really a different story. Here you should be really experienced in climbing and be really sure-footed and athletic. Otherwise, the hike can be very dangerous very quickly.

Things To Do in El Nido 2024 | Must Visits In El Nido Palawan

Officially the Hike is Forbidden

Since a few years ago a few tourists have fallen from the top, due to lack of safety, the hike was closed by the city and is also officially no longer accessible. Correspondingly rotten and run down are the existing belays and the stairs that lead you up the mountain at the beginning. But since we are in the Philippines, it is of course still possible to do the hike up Taraw Cliff with a guide, despite all safety concerns.

In our case, it was the same guide who had led us on the canopy walk the day before. He had simply asked us during the hike on the Canopy Walk if we wanted to do a much more gnarly hike and of course we agreed right away.

How strenuous is the hike up Taraw Cliff?

We already found the hike extremely strenuous, especially because of the heat. You start at 5 o’clock in the morning well before sunrise, but without wind you sweat a lot. You also have to be very sure-footed and good at climbing.

Often you have to pull yourself up vertical rock faces and climb over extremely sharp stones. You will need about 45-60 minutes for the ascent and a similar amount for the descent. At the top you will spend about 1h, but of course you can stay longer.

Is the hike up Taraw Cliff worth it?

For us, it was one of the best things to do in El Nido. The hike up the mountain is super fun and also very strenuous. Once you get to the top, however, the view is nothing like the view you get from the canopy walk. You are here at almost 230 meters high (instead of only 75) and the panorama of El Nido and the view of the sea at sunrise is really indescribable.

Of course, there is no viewing platform at the top, so you have to find a comfortable place on one of the sharp rocks. But this works quite well and you can enjoy the view in peace while your guide takes pictures of you. But be careful: There are no safety devices up there and if you make a wrong step, you can fall several hundred meters into the depth!

Things To Do in El Nido 2024 | Must Visits In El Nido Palawan

Tips for the hike up Taraw Cliff

Where & when can I do the hike to Tara Cliff?
You can only start the hike early in the morning at 5 am, so you’d best be up there before sunrise. You will therefore hike in complete darkness and only see anything at all by the glow of the flashlight provided by the guide. The starting point is the same as for the hike on the Canopy Walk (Google Maps Link), but you can also arrange something else with your guide.

Is the hike up Taraw Cliff dangerous?
Yes, definitely. The trail is completely unsecured and the few belays that used to exist are rotten and no longer usable. You can easily injure yourself on the sharp rocks and also fall off the top very easily if you make a careless move. In any case, wear sturdy shoes, with sandals or even flip flops you do not come up the mountain. Absolutely necessary gloves will be provided by your guide. You should provide yourself with enough water.

All information about the Taraw Cliff hike can be found here: Taraw Cliff Hike I El Nido Palawan

#6 El Nido Town

The town is not really worth seeing from an architectural point of view and is not really beautiful. Nevertheless, in our opinion it is fun to stroll along here and to plan at least one day here, even if your hotel should be a bit outside. There are numerous restaurants, bars and souvenir stores here.

There are many opportunities to buy cheap T-shirts and other clothes, but there are also chic (higher-priced) boutiques in which it is wonderful to browse. Of course you can organize day trips, bus trips to Puerto Princesa or other things. We felt very comfortable in El Nido.

#7 Zipline at Las Cabañas Beach

If you want to have some action in El Nido then the zipline at Las Cabañas Beach is one of the best things to do in El Nido. The zipline starts above the beach and takes you on several hundred meters to a small island (Depeldet Island), which is located just off the coast. You can walk back across the beach or go back by zipline. During our visit in March 2022, the zipline was unfortunately out of service, so we could not test it.

Opening hours: 9am – 5:30pm
Cost: 500 Pesos (there) – 1100 Pesos (there/back): 9-19 euros
Arrival: from El Nido you pay 150 Pesos. Let a trike take you directly to the zipline.

#8 Multi Days Boat Trip to Coron

This was the absolute highlight of our whole trip to the Philippines. If there is one of the best things to do in El Nido that you should not miss it is this amazing tour. We went with the provider El Nido Paradise* in a total of 3 days from Coron to El Nido (you can also go the other way around). No matter from where you start, you drive in 3 days along the beautiful island world of the Philippines and discover beaches, lagoons and deserted islands that you would otherwise never experience.

Unforgettable Boat Trip between El Nido and Coron | Check Availability*

On your trip you will spend two nights on the Linapacan archipelago in tents or simple huts directly on the beach. (Note that you will also need to apply for an S-PaSS for Linapacan)

The tour operator will take care of your physical well-being from front to back. Three times a day you get something warm (and tasty) to eat and also in between there are snacks and of course long drinks and water. The day is divided into boating while enjoying the landscape or relaxing and activities like snorkeling, swimming or cliff jumping. It is simply a wonderful trip with experiences that are very much etched in our memory.

Since you have to travel the distance between Coron and El Nido anyway, it makes sense to combine the transportation directly with something nice. A normal ferry connection takes almost a whole day. Therefore we would recommend you to invest 2 days more and do a 3 day tour. This is really the most beautiful way to bridge the distance between Coron and El Nido and the most beautiful experience of our trip to the Philippines.

Do you have any questions about the best things to do in El Nido or just want to comment? Just send it!

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  1. Olga sagt:

    I really appreciate your hard work which you put to wrote all details about your trip to Philippines. I read all of them, it’s really helpful thanks which I will be now more prepared to my travel to Philippines. Nice to hear that your trip was amazing :). You’re star, thank you sooooo much!

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