The El Nido Canopy Walk in the Philippines is the small and harmless version of the big and dangerous Taraw Cliff hike. Unlike its big brother, the Canopy Walk only takes you up to 75 meters above sea level, but the view from up there is no less spectacular. But this El Nido hike is quite easy to walk and can be experienced even by unathletic people. What you have to keep in mind for the El Nido Canopy Walk and what you can experience we will tell you now.

Hotel Recommendation in El Nido

Coco Resort | Large Bungalows in a beautiful garden Canopy Walk El Nido Palawan (Taraw Cliff) 2024The Coco Resort consists of many small and large detached bungalows in a garden-like complex with a large pool and private beach access. In the large bungalows you even have your own small whirlpool, your own terrace and enough space for privacy. We really felt very comfortable here and we could walk to the beach in 2 minutes.
  • own bungalow with a lot of space around it
  • big hotel pool
  • breakfast included
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Canopy Walk El Nido | What to Expect

First of all, don’t mistake the canopy walk with the hike up Taraw Cliff. This one is much more extreme and only recommended for sporty people. The Canopy Walk is also suitable for unathletic people and can be experienced by almost everyone. So this is also a great trip for a family with children.

Canopy Walk El Nido Palawan (Taraw Cliff) 2024

This is a guided tour, so everything will be explained to you and the guide leads you the way. At the beginning you walk over a long wobbly suspension bridge. Here you are secured with your safety harness on a guide rope, so that you can´t fall off in any case. The rest of the way is also really super secured. There are railings everywhere and there are footbridges and paths built into the rock, which make the hike relatively easy and definitely safe.

It is never strenuous and you can reach the top in less than 20 minutes. From the viewpoint you have a great view of the bay of El Nido and the sea. If you have chosen the “big” package for 700 pesos then it goes even further over the various nets that are stretched up there at dizzying heights. There are always photo breaks and your guide will take numerous photos of you.

We found the canopy walk hike really beautiful and would rate it as one of the highlights of El Nido. You really have a beautiful view up there and enjoy a panorama that you can otherwise only see with a drone.

The Most Epic Boat Trip between El Nido and Coron

You can expect:

  • Canopy Walk El Nido Palawan (Taraw Cliff) 2024paradise islands
  • unique snorkeling experiences
  • Overnight stays directly on the beach
  • stunning views of the sea
  • relaxed boat life
We have an absolute recommendation for you when you visit the Philippines. A boat tour between El Nido and Coron. There are many providers who offer so-called 3D/2N (3 days/2 nights) boat tours between El Nido and Coron. Not only do you cover the distance, but you also see and experience beautiful islands, lagoons and places along the way that you wouldn't otherwise get to. We did such a unique tour with the provider El Nido Paradise* and can only recommend it! Epic Boat Trip between El Nido and Coron | Check Availability*

El Nido Via Ferrata Canopy Walk | Tips

Where & When can I do the El Nido Canopy Walk?

You just have to go to the starting point of the hike (Google Maps link) and start right there. The provider is called Via Ferrata Canopy Walk and is located at the exit of El Nido. You can do the hike between 8 am and 5 pm, but we would advise you to start very early in the morning because of the heat. The whole tour will take about an hour in total.

Canopy Walk El Nido Palawan (Taraw Cliff) 2024

How Much Does The Canopy Walk In El Nido Cost?

You pay 700 pesos per person if you not only want to climb to the top, but also walk over the nets. You should do that in any case. If you only pay 400 pesos then you climb to the top and then the same way back.

Do I Have To Be Athletic Or Bring Anything?

You don’t have to be athletic, just surefooted. You don’t need to bring anything, except maybe a camera and something to drink. All other essentials, like a helmet, will be provided.

Canopy Walk El Nido Palawan (Taraw Cliff) 2024

Conclusion: Canopy Walk El Nido

We found the Canopy Walk really great, as you have a great view of El Nido and the visit offers something different to the time spent on the beach. Also, the canopy walk is great for families as you are guided here secured by a guide.



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