The thundering Golling Waterfall is one of the most attractive and romantic natural monuments in Austria. Not far from the late Gothic pilgrimage church of St. Nicholas, which is also worth seeing, the Golling Waterfall plunges an impressive 75 meters into the depths in two drop stages. The Golling Waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls in Austria and one of the most popular sights in the province of Salzburg.

A small forest path takes you directly to the waterfall and over partly steep steps you come up to the source of the waterfall. The popular natural spectacle is a great tip for a family trip with children or even with your dog! Here at the Golling waterfall the best of two worlds meet: an impressive hiking trail and a fabulous natural spectacle that takes place here in the middle of the forest.


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Golling Waterfall: Arrival, Parking & Entrance Fee

The Golling Waterfall is located about 3 kilometers from the center of Golling and offers a free parking lot (Google Maps). From the parking lot you have to pass through a small kiosk, where you also have to pay the entrance fee of currently 5 Euro. From the entrance you already reach the stream after 10 Minutes and the hike through the beautiful nature can begin.

By the way, there are some steps on the paths, so unfortunately the hike is not suitable for strollers or wheelchairs. The opening hours of the Golling waterfall are from 09.00 – 19.00. The entrance fee is 5 Euro for adults and 3 Euro for children. Unfortunately, it can only be paid in cash.

Our Experience at the Golling Waterfall

Since we had our dog Schoko with us on our road trip through the Salzburger Region, we were grateful for every sight where you can take a dog. Dogs are allowed to taken on the hike to the Golling Waterfall and do not have to wear a muzzle, just be kept on a leash.

The Mill at the Golling waterfall

Only a few decades ago, the Salzbach valley (in which the Salzachöfen gorge is also located) looked completely different than it does today. Like on a chessboard, colorful, cultivated fields characterized the fertile valley. The Golling district of Torren was primarily rural in structure and the inhabitants were self-sufficient in agricultural products.

The grain grown here was ground into flour at a total of seven mills along the Schwarzbach. The last mill still preserved today stands on the site of the Golling waterfall. The year 1618 can be seen on a roof beam of the mill. Today, of course, grain is no longer ground in the mill, but it is still a popular photospot on the way to the Golling waterfall.

Gollinger Wasserfall - Österreich

The Hike to the Golling Waterfall

A few meters after passing the old mill on the right, we are already at the first cascade of the Golling waterfall. Here, the water plunges an impressive 25 meters into the depths. Here are also many tourists to get a nice photo. It is not easy to get a photo without other people. One could almost think that the journey would end here, but there are other vantage points from which you can admire the rest of the waterfall from above.

This also makes the Golling Waterfall quite unique, because there are not many waterfalls in Austria that you can experience up close from different heights. To do this, we have to walk up a relatively steep path and because of the heat, we also take a little break in between. Officially because of Schoko, but I am of course also happy about a few minutes of rest. After about 10 minutes we see a small cave into which the water from the upper step of the Gollinger waterfall falls. Very spectacular.

The spray whips towards us

It then briefly goes down again a bit (before it goes even further uphill) and over a metal path we cross the waterfall. Thereby the spray of the waterfall shoots full towards us and we gladly accept this wet cooling.

But we have to carry Schoko over the metal path, otherwise he wouldn’t get over the holey path with his little paws. After another steep staircase, the staircase to the witches’ cauldron goes down on the left. But we go a little further and after a few meters we are at the source of the Schwarzbach and thus also at the source of the waterfall.

The associated viewing platform is not very large, so after a few minutes we gave priority to the other visitors and walked back towards the Hexenkessel. You can reach the witches’ cauldron within 2 minutes via a steep staircase. The view here is really bombastic and you see the waterfall as it falls with full force into the cave, which you have already seen on the way there. Wow! With a little luck you will also see a small rainbow in the small cave, which shimmers but only very inconspicuous in the corner. Try to pay attention to it.


Tips for an Extension of the Hike: Bluntau Valley

Here is a real tip for hiking fans who also like to hike for a few hours: You can hike from the Golling waterfall to the Bluntau Valley and lake Bluntau. To do this, you have to follow a meadow path towards the forest at Gasthof Torrenerhof (Google Maps), which is about a hundred meters from the parking lot. There you will find the romantic Bachtei Chapel.

The forest path to the left then leads into the Bluntau valley, past Gasthof Göllhof (Google Maps – there is also a parking lot), and thus directly into the next natural paradise to the Bluntau lakes. To Gasthof Göllhof you walk about 30 minutes and then again about 2 hours around the lake. Thus you could be on your circular route in about 3 hours back at the Golling waterfall. We have also written our own travel report on the highly recommended Bluntau lake in the Bluntautal valley with tips and beautiful photos.

Hotel Recommendation near the Golling Waterfalls

We had originally planned to stay only 3 nights at Hotel Pass Lueg*, but it turned out to be 5. We simply felt right at home in this small, family-run guesthouse. The hotel is located directly in the mountains and is the starting point for various hikes. Also, the entrance to the gorge of the Salzachöfen is right next door. While you can strengthen yourself in the morning with a delicious breakfast with many homemade treats, you can relax after the hikes in the free wellness area in the sauna or steam sauna.

The cozy Hotel Pass Lueg at Booking*

Golling Waterfall: Is the Hike worth it?

We think it is definitely worth a visit. There are of course higher waterfalls in Austria, but we think the Golling Waterfall is super charming and also definitely worth the 5 Euro entrance fee. Just the various viewpoints that you have on the hike to the waterfall make this excursion special. If you are in the Salzburger Region or even near Golling, then you should pay a visit to the Golling Waterfalls.

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