The hike to the Bluntau lake in the Bluntau valley of the same name in Austria is a bit reminiscent of an idyllic fairy tale. You walk along the babbling brook with its light blue glacial water, look at the moss-covered stones between the trees and eventually come to the emerald green lake, in which the surrounding mountains are reflected and here and there a fish likes to jump out of the water. And the best thing is that this hike is in no way crowded and you can enjoy the tranquility of nature.

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Start of the Bluntau Valley Hike

Parkplatz zur Bluntausee Wanderung
Parking lot for the Bluntausee hike

The hike in the Bluntau Valley nature reserve starts about 10 minutes away from the public parking lot. You walk up to the road and then just straight ahead. The first signs already point the way to the Bluntau bridge, where the hike can finally start.

Parking: Gravel parking lot P1 at the Bluntaustraße available (7 € for a day ticket)
Circular route: Yes
Difficulty: Easy
Length/duration of the hike: approx. 6 km, 2 hours
Condition of the hiking trail: well-maintained gravel path, which is also suitable for children
Swimming: Swimming is not allowed in the Bluntausee lake
Biking: Biking is allowed

Hotel Recommendation in Golling

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The Hike to the Bluntau Lakes

Especially in summer, the hike in the Bluntau Valley offers the opportunity to enjoy nature without breaking a big sweat. The valley in which the hike is located is encircled by the high steep walls of the Hoher Göll and the Hagen mountains. The path runs most of the time without a strenuous incline and is also mostly in the shade. There is also the possibility of a small Kneipp cure on the arms and feet at two points of the hike.

You hold your feet or arms in the water up to the elbow for 20 seconds. The first few seconds are no problem … but then you notice how the cold goes all the way to your bones and 20 seconds suddenly feels like 10 minutes. To free the arms from the ice-cold water again is a relief. One notices directly how the blood circulation is promoted and feels immediately fit and refreshed for the further hike.

After the first meters of the hike, the path splits. On the left you cross the bridge and take the short path to the Bluntau lake. Continuing straight ahead, you walk along the Torrenerbach for some time and only at the end of the hike you come to the Bluntau lake. In general, the left path is rather a well-developed forest path, while the right path is much more natural.

The path along the river was, in terms of scenery, the clearly more beautiful way. On the one hand, you hear the wild roar of the river the whole time, on the other hand, you can always watch how the water flowing along the moss-covered rocks and stones sometimes calmer, sometimes more hectic.

Wanderung am Bluntausee mit Hund
Hiking at the Bluntausee with dog

We only walked the circular trail along the Bärenhütte. However, you can also follow the trail further to get to the Bluntau waterfall (is mostly dried up in summer) and also to the Jochalm. The Bluntau waterfall is located about 2 km from the Gasthof Bärenhof.

Conclusion to the Hike to Bluntau Lake

Berge im Bluntautal
Mountains in the Bluntau valley

For us it was the first hike in Austria and at the same time one of the most beautiful. The combination of the beautiful stream, the Buntau Lakes with its clear water and the outstanding backdrop of high steep walls of the surrounding mountains was simply fantastic.

In addition, there was the peace and quiet, as this hike is not heavily visited. You could just enjoy nature for yourself and has hardly met other people on the way.

Have you been in the area around Golling and done the hike to the Lake Bluntau? How did you like the hike and do you have any other tips for Golling? Leave us a comment below. We are looking forward to it!

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