Þakgil (or Thakgil) is a 15 kilometers long road near Vik and leads you to the campsite of the same name. But even if you don’t want to spend the night here, you should drive this road, because the track to Þakgil (sometimes also spelled Pakgil) is one of the dream roads of Iceland. You’re not quite in the highlands of Iceland yet, but it certainly feels like it. If you still need a rental car for Iceland, check out what we think is the best rental car company, Northbound*.

Dream Road Þakgil

Þakgil Scenery Road | The Best Camping Spot In IcelandSabrina had only discovered this road by accident, but I’m glad we included this dirt road in our itinerary for Iceland. This road is one of the most beautiful roads we saw in our 4 weeks in Iceland. And that although it is not an F-Road in the highlands and also starts directly at the ring road in the south of Iceland.

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From the ring road 1 you drive about 30 minutes to the end of the road 214. But you can take your time here, because the path is definitely the goal. The gravel road is really beautiful from the beginning. You start in a green valley full of lupines from which the way leads steeply uphill. From this point you have a great view of the valley in front of you.

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Þakgil Scenery Road | The Best Camping Spot In Iceland

We continue on partly very adventurous roads. It goes up and down, winding past narrow rock faces and in the distance you can see pointed volcanic rock glistening black in the sun. Often the ground is very uneven and you drive over very sharp rocks. Partly you can drive here only walking speed.

During the ride we can’t get out of our amazement. Shortly before we reach the campsite at the end of the road it becomes really beautiful and green. Beside the clay-brown rocky ridges there are also many moss-covered mountains and it green and blossoms on the left and on the right of the road. You drive through a narrow gorge that winds its way to the campsite.

Þakgil Scenery Road | The Best Camping Spot In Iceland

In the descriptions on the Internet we have read descriptions such as “the valley of Mordor” or “the valley of the trolls and elves” to this gorge. This sounds very funny, but it comes very close to reality. It is simply beautiful here and we immediately feel like staying here.

Unfortunately, we did not have that much time, so we couldn’t do any of the many hikes, nor could we spend the night here at the campsite. Nevertheless, we walked around a bit and visited a nearby waterfall before we started our return trip. The road is really a dream and I could have driven back and forth ten more times.

Spending the Night at Thakgil Campsite

If you have time and a tent, we would recommend staying here. The campsite is incredibly idyllic and you feel right at home here. For us it is the most beautiful campsite we have seen in Iceland. You can pitch a tent here for only 2000 ISK per person, the shower is already included.

You can also rent cozy wooden cabins here, but they cost about 170 € per night. And for that you have to bring your own sleeping bag. Quite expensive, we think, but you spend the night in a unique environment. You have to consider that you have no cell phone reception directly in the valley or at the campsite. But on the rest of the way you will have good reception. In addition, this is a no-drone zone. So flying a drone is not allowed here. You can get more information at: www.thakgil.is

Hikes in Þakgil

Besides relaxing you can also go hiking here. There are several hiking trails in Þakgil (or Pakgil) that will keep you busy for several hours. The shortest one is about 5 kilometers long and leads through the direct surroundings of the campsite.

Þakgil Scenery Road | The Best Camping Spot In Iceland

There is also a hiking map on site, which describes the route and also gives exact information about the length, duration and course of the route. Þakgil Scenery Road | The Best Camping Spot In Iceland


Do I Need an Off-Road Vehicle to get to Þakgil?

Definitely, you should have an off-road capable car to drive this dream road. It is not mandatory, because it is not an F-road and there are no rivers to ford. But still the track is partly very adventurous, so that it’s better to have at least an SUV, like a Dacia Duster.

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