How much is a trip to the Seychelles? Exactly this question was buzzing around in my head when planning our 2 week Seychelles itinerary. The Seychelles are not exactly known for being very cheap. 2020… right before the COVID pandemic we went to the Seychelles. Since we usually do more backpacking or adventure vacations, the question arose also in the Seychelles, whether you can organize a vacation to the dream islands yourself and maybe even save a few Euro.

The Seychelles as a typical honeymoon destination are mostly organized as a complete package through a tour operator. If you like me prefer to take the planning into your own hands, here is some information on how to organize your vacation to the Seychelles yourself and what alternatives there are.

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Seychelles Travel Cost: How much is a 2 Week Vacation?

A decisive factor in the question of whether to organize your Seychelles vacation yourself or book it as a package tour is probably the price. If you take the planning into your own hands you don’t have to worry about the travel costs of the tour operator being included in the price. But of course, it must be said that this is also quite justified if the tour operator takes over the planning of your vacation in the Seychelles from you. How the prices for the different types of travel planning differ, we have compiled for you.

Complete Package with Online Tour Operator

On the Internet, travel providers are a dime a dozen. Here you can book a trip to the Seychelles quickly and in just a few mouse clicks. The complete package with flight and hotel on the island of Mahe you get from about 1400 € pP with 2 people. It is difficult to book a island hopping tour in this way.

These options are not usually found in these portals, so that a Seychelles island hopping is difficult to put together here. However, if you want to stay on only one island, booking with an online tour operator could be just the right thing for you.

How much does a 14 day vacation in the Seychelles cost with online tour operators?


  • from 1400 Euro per person for flight and hotel without island hopping


  • fast booking
  • good possibility to compare several providers
  • Price/performance, if you want to stay on one island


  • inflexible, if you want to see more islands

Complete Package at Seyvillas

Seyvillas is a large and very well known provider for organizing trips to the Seychelles. At Seyvillas you can also easily put together a complete package within a few minutes. The difference here is that you can click together various combinations for different islands. In addition to the flight and hotel, transportation between the islands is also provided. For this, different routes for island hopping are proposed from which can be selected.

Seychelles Travel Cost | How Much Is A Trip To Paradise
Robinson Crueso Tour

Since Seyvillas also has to earn its money, the prices here are partly a bit higher than if you book yourself (e.g. flight via Seyvillas 754 Euro, self-organized 639 Euro; transport 526 Euro, self-organized approx. 350 Euro). In addition it is to be mentioned however that one buys an appropriate service with Seyvillas in addition.

Especially in the case of transport, the costs include a personal welcome, local support, ferry rides between the islands as well as transfers on the islands from the respective pier/airport to the hotel and back. For your own organization, you have to invest time in research before the start of the trip, as well as independently organize the right cab, bus, etc. on site. Of course, something can go wrong. But if you prefer to save money, you can use Seyvillas to research your Seychelles trip. Here you will find a lot of information about the individual islands, beaches and excursions in the Seychelles.

How much does 14 days Seychelles cost at Seyvillas?


  • from 1600 Euro per person incl. island hopping


  • fast booking
  • Island hopping can be arranged individually


  • higher costs due to the service of Seyvillas

Individual Booking with own Organization

Now let’s face the question of how to organize a trip to Seychelles by yourself. Actually, this is very simple, since you only need a few building blocks … to be honest, our vacation in the Seychelles was the easiest to organize so far. This is especially because it is usually enough to book one hotel per island and use this as a starting point for excursions around the respective Seychelles island.

You need to book:

  1. Flight
  2. Transport (ferries via Seyferry)
  3. Hotel (e.g. via Booking*)

For these 3 modules we paid about 1.650 Euro per person. With all other costs for food, excursions, souvenirs, etc., it was in the end about 2.200 Euro per person for 2 weeks in the Seychelles.

What are the costs for 2 weeks of vacation in the Seychelles if booked individually?


  • from 1200 Euro per person incl. island hopping


  • cheapest way to come to the Seychelles
  • Island hopping can be arranged individually


  • Flights, hotels and transfer have to be researched
Seychelles Travel Cost | How Much Is A Trip To Paradise
Anse Cocos on La Digue


How to organize a vacation to the Seychelles?

Arrival to the Seychelles

The first part of getting there is the international flight to Mahé, the capital (island) of Seychelles. International flights to Mahé cost around 600-700 Euro from Germany depending on the time of travel. We paid about 680 Euro pp in March from Düsseldorf to Mahé with British Airways.

Onward Travel from Mahé airport

From the airport, most people head towards the port or Beau Vallon. In either case, you’ll be on the road for about 30 minutes and pay about 600 SCR (about 40 Euro) for the ride. If you are staying at least a whole day on Mahé, you should consider renting a car for 24 hours at the airport, as this costs only slightly more than the cab ride. If you have booked a hotel on Mahé, you can order the cab in advance through the hotel. But even without prior organization you don’t need to worry. As in most other countries, there are plenty of cabs waiting at the airport.

Seychelles Island Hopping

Most people spend their time in Seychelles island hopping between Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. You can travel between the islands by ferry (up to 1.5 hours) or by plane (about 20 minutes). The decision should depend on how fast you get seasick and what your budget allows.

Island hopping Seychelles by Ferry

Fährhafen auf Praslin
Ferry port on Praslin

To secure a place on one of the ferries and to minimize the organizational effort on site, you can book the ferries in advance at e.g. Seyferry. The booking is fast and unproblematic and the pages of Seyferry are even available in German. When booking online, you will receive a voucher that you can exchange for a ticket on site.

On site, everything was well organized, so that you have to be at the port no more than one hour before departure. If you want to be more flexible with the booking, you can also drive to the port one hour before departure and buy a ticket at the counter. The best way to organize a cab from your hotel to the port is through the hotel.

  • Ferry Mahé – Praslin
    • Price: 50 Euro
    • Duration: approx. 1 hour
  • Ferry Praslin – La Digue
    • Price: 14 Euro
    • Duration: approx. 15 minutes
  • Ferry La Digue – Mahé
    • Price: 50 Euro
    • Duration: approx. 1 hour 15 minutes

Island hopping Seychelles by Plane

Between Mahé and Praslin you can also choose an airplane as an alternative to the ferry. The flight costs with ca.150 Euro pP only 50 Euro more than the ferry for round trip and can be booked, like the international flight. In addition, you get to see the islands here again from a bird’s eye view, which can also be a real highlight.

How to organize a Hotel in Seychelles?

Since you usually stay in only one hotel per island in the Seychelles, it is a good idea to book them online before your trip as well. We usually book our hotels at Booking* and can clearly recommend this platform for hotel bookings. Here you can filter the selection of hotels according to your criteria (location, amenities, ratings, pool, Wi-Fi, etc.) and quickly find a suitable hotel.

In the Seychelles, in addition to the normal hotels with half board or all-inclusive, many self-catering apartments are also offered. These are the perfect alternative if you don’t want to go to the restaurant every day and prefer to relax on the balcony after a busy day at the beach.

Hotel Recommendations for your Island Hopping

Mahe – Beau Vallon

On Mahe we had 2 apartments, because we spent one night on Mahe at the beginning of our vacation and then another 3 nights at the end of our vacation. We started with a hotel on one of the biggest beaches on Mahe, the Beau Vallon. At Lemongras Lodge we had a nice big room with a terrace and a view over the whole bay. Especially at sunset this view was fantastic. Next to our room there was a shared kitchen, which was available for a total of 3 rooms and was perfectly adequate for us.

To Lemongrass Lodge at Beau Vallon*

Mahe – Anse Royale

We stayed at Anse Royale at the Pieds Dans L’eau*. The apartment, terrace, etc were really nice too. Now comes the big BUT. Right next to the apartment was a huge construction site (as of March 2020), so we heard the construction noise from early in the morning until late in the evening. As the construction site looked it will also take some time until the new building is ready. I would therefore rather recommend the Shanaz Beachside Retreat*. The beautiful new apartments are equipped with everything you need and there are comfortable sunbeds on the beach.

To Shanaz Beachside Retreat at Anse Royale*


We stayed on Praslin in a small self-catering apartment on Anse Volbert. The apartment consisted of a small living room with a kitchenette, a bedroom with air conditioning and a bathroom and a terrace.

From the apartment, it took about 5 minutes to walk to the beach. There was a bus stop towards the street, so you could reach other parts of the island quickly. For us the apartment was the perfect and especially cheap alternative on Praslin.

The recommendable Coquillage Holiday Apartments on Praslin *

La Digue

On La Digue, we can recommend the Bord Mer Luxury Apartment right near the Jetty. Our beautiful little apartment was super central at the harbor and was the perfect starting point to reach all the different corners of the island by bike. We also had several supermarkets, restaurants and a great bakery nearby so we could get enough provisions for our bike baskets and spend the day on the most beautiful beaches on La Digue. If you want to take a closer look at the hotel, just click on the button below and you will see the exact availability and current prices.

The highly recommended Bord Mer Luxury Apartment on La Digue*

How to save money when booking yourself

  • Book early – Especially on the small island of La Digue, only the expensive accommodations are still available when booking on short notice
  • Look for vouchers when booking online
  • Save with Cashback – If you sign up for Shoop*, you can save money on many online bookings by getting a small amount refunded. And that’s without it costing you more.

Conclusion: Seychelles Travel Costs – How much does 14 days cost?

The cheapest option is definitely to organize your own Seychelles trip. On if you have not organized a trip independently before, this is very easy and feasible without major problems for a Seychelles trip. The disadvantage, however, is that you are not covered by the tour operator. If you are looking for the all-round carefree package and want to visit several islands, you are right with the provider Seyvillas.

Have you already organized a vacation to the Seychelles? Then leave us a comment how you organized your vacation in the Seychelles and what your experiences are.

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