Limone sul Garda is located on the northwestern shore of Lake Garda in Italy and is one of the most visited places on Lago di Garda. Although the place Limone is so small there are some things to do to in this cute little town. We want to tell you the most beautiful sights in Limone, where you can park your car and what you should not miss.

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Limone Italy | Directions & Parking

Limone sul Garda is located in the northwest of Lake Garda and can be reached from Riva del Garda (in the north of the lake) within about 30 minutes. Since there is only one road around Lake Garda, the question of how to get there is easily answered. Via the SP115 you drive from the north or south directly through Limone sul Garda and then have the possibility to drive to several parking lots.

We would recommend you to park in the parking garage at the lakeside (Google Maps Link). The parking garage has for Italian standards quite large parking spaces and is perfectly located for a stroll through the small town. For parking here you pay 2,50 Euro for the first hour and 1,50 Euro for each additional hour.

Limone sul Garda I All You Need To Know
Limone sul Garda

Things To Do in Limone sul Garda

The small, charming town of Limone sul Garda is terraced on the shore of Lake Garda with steep mountain slopes behind it. Although the town is really small it has a lot to offer, so you should plan a few hours for the visit. Like the beautiful waterfront, churches, small stores to browse or even a hiking trail … here is something for everyone.

Strolling through Limone Italy

The parking garage is right at the waterfront of Limone sul Garda, so you can start right off with a walk to stroll around. At the beginning the promenade is wide and spacious with lots of restaurants and ice cream parlors, so the path quickly turns into the small, winding streets in which there is a lot to discover.

Sometimes the narrow, winding streets even become small tunnels in which there are also small stores to the right and left. This gives Limone sul Garda once again a charm all of its own. From small boutiques, souvenir stores to stores that offer local specialties. Here you will definitely find some goodies as well as some nice souvenirs for home.

Unfortunately, you will not have the old town of Limone to yourself, because Limone is (along with Sirmione in the south) one of the most visited places on Lake Garda and accordingly it is really crowded here. This was for us one of the negative points in this otherwise very beautiful place.

Lemon Motifs Everywhere

Limone sul Garda I All You Need To Know
Lemon motif in Limone

Actually, the name Limone sul Garda has nothing to do with lemons. The name originally comes from the term “Limes”, which means border, because here was the border between Austria and Italy in the past.

Nonetheless, it has become accepted that the name of the place stands for the lemon. Lemons are to be seen here namely everywhere and in any form. Therefore, in Limone sul Garda, from our point of view, the lemon is a very special sight.

It is always worth taking a closer look. So one discovers beside the quite public lemon magnets and lemon soaps in the souvenir stores also again and again floor tiles with lemon motive, paintings at house walls or also house signs.


The harbor of Limone sul Garda is really nicely developed and offers many restaurants and ice cream parlors along the promenade. At the harbor you can also rent a boat for an excursion or even go directly by ferry to the other side of Lake Garda to Malcesine.

Limone sul Garda I All You Need To Know

Churches of Limone

Towering over the old town is the mighty 17th century church of San Benedetto. Inside the impressive church there are beautiful paintings to discover. At the northern end of Limone sul Garda there is still the church of San Rocco from the 16th century. By the way, on the outside of the church there is a 400 year old sundial to discover.

Limonaia del Castèl | The Lemon Greenhouse

Situated on several terraces is the Limonaia del Castèl lemon greenhouse. From here you not only have a great view of Limone sul Garda, you also learn a lot about the region and the delicious citrus fruits. You walk along the narrow aisles between the lemon trees.

A tasting and guided tour Limonaia del Castèl is possible only upon prior request and reservation, subject to availability. To do so, call in advance at the following number: +39 0365 954008.

Entrance fee: 2 euros p.p.
Opening hours: High season (May-September): 10:00-22:00; Low season 10:00-18:00
Location: Google Maps Link

Ciclopista del Garda | Spectacular Panoramic Path in Limone sul Garda

For us, the bike and walking path near Limone sul Garda was one of the most beautiful sights in Limone. You can walk about 15-20 minutes from town to the Ciclopista del Garda. The best place to park your car is in the northern parking garage (Google Maps link). From the parking garage or from Limone you walk about 3.5 km and 30-40 minutes to the starting point of the panorama path (Google Maps Link).

Unfortunately there is no closer parking lot. There is only a small parking lot about halfway (Google Maps Link), but we would not recommend it. You have to walk across the road and then climb over the guardrail. There is actually no opening in the guardrail!

The path of the Ciclopista del Garda is well and safely built and leads directly past the outer rock walls, so you have a spectacular panoramic view of Lake Garda and the surrounding area. You’ll have views of the lake and the rock face here that you rarely get to experience anywhere else on Lake Garda. We found the panoramic path quite spectacular.

Limone sul Garda I All You Need To Know
Limone sul Garda bike path

The path is about 600 meters long and is not a circular path. That means you walk the path until the end of the panoramic path (Google Maps link) and then you have to walk back the same way. So in half an hour you have walked to the end and then have to turn back.

There is also no parking at the end, so it is not possible to be picked up there. In general, the parking spaces directly at the trail are very scarce, so we recommend you to visit the trail from Limone sul Garda. Even if you have to walk a lot to get here, we would highly recommend this panoramic trail.

Limone sul Garda with Dog

In general, we must say that the area around Lake Garda is very dog-friendly. In many places there are separate dog beaches, so that your dog can also enjoy an extensive bath in Lake Garda.

Dog Beach

Limone sul Garda I All You Need To Know
Dog beach in Limone

In Limone sul Garda there is a small dog beach at the northern end, where your dog can cool off after the walk trough the town. The beach is really only a few meters wide. But since it is a little bit outside, you will meet only a few other people here. You can find the dog beach of Limone on Lake Garda here on Google Maps.

What to consider with a dog in Limone

Limone sul Garda I All You Need To Know
Limone Lake Garda – rules for dogs

In Limone sul Garda there are a few rules for dog owners to follow that we didn’t know about before. One is obliged to always have a muzzle with you.

In addition, you have to clean up after dog in any way. You have to either use dog litter bags and also use water to clean the urine of your dog. As a dog owner, you must therefore also always carry a separate bottle of water for this. If you do not also rinse away the urine of the dog, you are also often pointed out by the locals.

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