The Algarve coast in the south of Portugal is the dream destination of many travelers with its beautiful beaches, coastal highlights and spectacular sights. The Algarve is one of the most visited regions in Portugal. The region in southern Portugal is perfect for an extensive beach vacation. But aside from powdered sugar sand beaches, there are incredible Algarve highlights to discover here. Spectacular cliffs, cute towns, great landscapes and much more can be discovered in the Algarve.

But which are the most beautiful places in the Algarve? Which Algarve insider tips are there? What are the most beautiful beaches on the Algarve coast? This and everything about the most beautiful Algarve highlights you will learn now in our travel report.

Where to Stay in Algarve Portugal

The Algarve region is not too big, so it can be enough to have only one central accommodation. You have to drive up to an hour to the distant highlights, but you don’t have to change hotels every few days. We stayed in a rustic pool villa not far from the Algarve coast. Our stay was really great and we can really recommend the accommodation.

Poolvilla nahe Benagil Cave

Diese coole Poolvilla* liegt super nahe an den beliebten Algarve Highlights Benagil Cave und Praia Marinha
und bietet Platz für bis zu 6 Personen.

Algarve Coast I The 8 Best Things To Do- nur wenige Auto-Minuten von vielen Algarve-Highlights entfernt
- großer Pool & Dachterasse
- Große Küche und mehrere Schlafzimmer
- Ausgestattet mit einer Klimaanlage

Casa Joaquina | Preise prüfen*

The most Beautiful Beaches on the Algarve Coast

There are incredibly many beaches on the Algarve and actually almost every one is beautiful and worth seeing. In general, you can say that the beaches are more exciting the further west you go and only west of the provincial capital Faro they are really beautiful. Here is a selection of the most beautiful Algarve beaches that have impressed us the most.

Praia da Falésia

Praia da Falesia is in our opinion one of the most beautiful beaches on the Algarve coast. The Falesia beach is kilometers long and also offers the reddish-brown and clayey cliffs that are famous for the Algarve. There are not the spectacular limestone formations as on some other beaches, but we felt very comfortable here.

There are numerous access paths to Praia da Falesia and it is perfect for a long walk on the beach. Because of the sheer size of the beach it is usually not so crowded, so that you can enjoy the beach in peace.

If you don’t feel like sandy feet, you can also walk along the top of the cliffs. By the way, at this beach you will find the highly recommended camper site Algarve Motorhome Park Falésia. For only 10€ per day you are within walking distance to Falesia Beach and have a nice pitch with shower, toilets and washing facilities. More tips for your camper road trip through the Algarve can be found here.

Beach at the Algarve Coast

Praia da Marinha – Algarve Coast Beaches

Praia da Marinha is one of the top sights on the Algarve coast and is located right next to Benagil Cave. The beach is framed between big rocks and is not that big. Since the Marinha beach is very popular, it is always really crowded here. Therefore we did not like the beach so much.

To get to the beach, you park on a relatively small but free parking lot (note: RVs are not allowed to drive to the parking lot officially) and then walk down a small staircase to the beach. There is also a small restaurant with toilets.

Algarve Coast I The 8 Best Things To Do

The Praia da Marinha is not only suitable for an extended sunbath, you can also do really great kayak tours*. Either alone or with a guide you can paddle around the rock formations and even discover one or the other small cave.

Adventurous Kayak Tour at Praia da Marinha | Check Prices*

Praia do Bordeira

The Bordeira beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Algarve, Portugal and this despite the fact that there are no spectacular rock formations or huge cliffs here. The special thing about Praia do Bordeira is the huge dune landscape, which is located between the beach and the official parking lot.

You can walk here for miles over extensive sand dunes and are almost alone, because most visitors are drawn directly to the actual beach. Surprisingly, larger bushes and many colorful flowers also grow here on the dunes. This made the atmosphere at Bordeiras Beach even more beautiful for us. We really loved it here and that just because the Parai do Bordeira is completely different from the other Algarve beaches.

Praia da Arrifana

Praia da Arrifana is located on the wilder Atlantic coast and is a beach that offers the surfer atmosphere typical of the Algarve. The beach is located below a small village with some restaurants and bars. The way down is unfortunately quite steep and since the parking lot is at the top of the village, you have to take the steep way on foot. The beach is really beautiful and even if you don’t want to take the way down, you can watch the surfers surfing from the cliff.

Praia de Odeceixe

Praia de Odeceixe is a beautiful large beach on the northern Atlantic coast of the Algarve and is less popular than the beaches in the south of the Algarve. But this is completely unjustified as we find. There are only a few parking spaces here, because you have to park outside the small town of Odeceixe. You then walk through the small town in which there are some nice restaurants and bars.

Then you walk down a steep path to the beach, which is several hundred meters wide and long. The special thing about this beach is that at high tide a river forms at the edge of the beach and frames the beach.

Algarve Coast I The 8 Best Things To Do

Praia da Amália – Algarve Coast

Praia da Amália was for us one of the coolest beaches in the Algarve and got the nickname Stork Beach. The way to Praia da Amalia is quite adventurous, because it leads through a dense forest with ferns and creepers and we felt almost like in Costa Rica. After you have scrambled down a small staircase, you will find yourself on a dreamlike beach with powdered sugar sand. On the pointed rocks to your right you may already be able to see the storks.

Algarve Coast I The 8 Best Things To Do

There is always one parent on the nest while the other one is looking for food. If one of the storks rises from the nest and flies over the beach you will notice it immediately, because a big shadow flits over the beach and we always had to look up to watch the stork flying. Simply beautiful!

Praia do Alemao

Praia do Alemao near the town of Portimao is a rather small but beautiful beach on the south coast of the Algarve. There is a large free parking lot and the beach is framed by the typical red-brown rocks. If you have a SUP or a kayak with you, then you can also drive around these boulders and have a close look at the limestone boulders.

From Portimao you also have the possibility to go on a great sailing tour. During the private sailing trip* you can swim in the sea, relax on deck in the sun while enjoying the regional wine.

Private Sailing Trip in Portimao | Check Prices*

Algarve Coast Hotels in Portimao

Villa Moments – Guest House

At this Portimao accommodation*, you’ll sleep within walking distance of the town’s most beautiful beaches.

Algarve Coast I The 8 Best Things To Do– beautiful suites
– pool
– breakfast on the terrace
– many restaurants nearby

Villa Moments - Guest House | Check Prices*

Praia dos Três Irmãos

Praia dos Três Irmãos is so special because it is virtually divided in two. The first section, located near the free parking lot, is a relatively normal beach. This means that there is super fine sand and a super wide beach here, but no wild rock formations in the water.

But if you go a few hundred meters to the left, the beach becomes more spectacular and exciting. Because there are different limestone rocks and you can walk around the red-brown rocks. Especially in the morning it is much emptier here than on the “normal” beach next door and you have the opportunity to take undisturbed photos here.

Algarve Coast I The 8 Best Things To Do

Tips for your Algarve Vacation

Best Time to visit the Algarve Coast

The Algarve Coast is best to be traveled between May and October. The main travel season are the summer months of July and August, in which it can also be very hot and of course very crowded in the Algarve.

We would recommend the shoulder season in the months of May/June and September. In these months it is not yet so crowded and you can still experience the beauty of the Algarve.

Algarve Coast I The 8 Best Things To Do

Wild Camping in the Algarve | Motorhome Tips

Wild camping is unfortunately not welcome in the Algarve. Although it is officially not generally forbidden in Portugal to stand freely in nature, it is neither possible nor allowed to stay overnight near the Algarve coast or beaches. Wild camping is only tolerated inland. On the Algarve coast you will almost certainly get a visit from the police (GNR).

Read more about wild camping in Portugal and the Algarve here: Wildcamping Portugal | 8 important camping tips + legal situation

Algarve Coast I The 8 Best Things To Do

We hope you enjoyed our article about the most beautiful beaches on the Algarve coast. If you have any questions or further tips, please leave us a comment!

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