Actually, we had chosen Omis as a stopover on our road trip through Croatia for only one reason… we wanted to go ziplining. But there are a lot of things to do in Omis. In Omis you can spend 2-3 days and experience different things. We arrived in Omis in the afternoon and first booked our excursion at Ziplining Croatia ( for the next day. The booking was quick and easy, so we had a few hours left of the day to explore the town and visit Omis beach.

Hotel Recommendation in Omis

If you want to spend several days in Omis we can recommend Apartment Mimac*. The beautiful, modern apartments are located within walking distance to Omis beach. With fresh fruits and homemade cakes you can enjoy the view of the sea with its crystal clear water on the terrace: Simply dreamlike!

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The Best Things To Do In Omis

Fortica Starigrad

After a short research we decided to take a short walk to a fortress (Fortica Starigrad) situated on the mountain. To the fortress 2 ways lead, so that one can make the hike as a round trip and does not have to take the same way there and back. We started the hike from the parking lot behind the first tunnel.

The way up looked quite easy at first glance, but turned out to be quite strenuous due to the steep climb. The first part of the trail is surrounded by trees and thus protects from the sun. The last part then leads over rocks and is no less strenuous.

The fortress on the mountain comes more and more into view and also the view back into the valley and onto the river rewards for the steep climb. Once at the top, you can freely explore the fortress and also get a view of the other side of the mountain and thus of the sea and Omis itself. (In high season you have to pay an entrance fee, but when we were there in May we could just walk in)

The way back we took on the side of the mountain facing the sea. This way was much easier to walk than the way there and all the time you have a beautiful view of the sea and Omis itself. Once down in the village, you can then walk a bit through the old town and get back to the parking lot along the mouth of the river. Since you also walk through residential areas and easily take the wrong path, it is always important to pay attention to the red arrows sprayed on streets and walls. These point the way back to the city.

Ziplining in Omis

On our second day in Omis, one of our Croatia highlights awaited us… ziplining. The provider (Ziplining Croatia) had very good reviews on Tripadvisor, which we can only confirm. We had booked the trip the day before at short notice and were lucky that besides us only one other couple had booked the ziplining… but that may also be due to the fact that we were in low season in Croatia.

Things To Do In Omis Croatia

The tour started in the morning with a short drive to the starting point. Once there, we had to put on our harnesses and helmets (does a helmet help with a 100m fall?) before a short walk up the mountain. On the way, a short stop was made at a ziplining exercise track. Here the handling of the equipment and the hand signals of the guides were explained and everyone was allowed to try out ziplining and braking briefly. On we went up the mountain.


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At the top, a fantastic view of the river and the first ziplining course awaited us…. and with it the first trembling of the knees. The first route was the longest (600 meters) and highest of the whole day. When the guides asked who would like to go first, there was strangely no spontaneous message… the height was respect-inspiring for all of us and neither I nor Andreas dared to go first.

After the other couple had mastered the route it was our turn too… i took all my courage and went first. In the first moment I was quite queasy… but after 2-3 seconds you just enjoyed the view and the speed… and hoped that you manage to brake in time.

8 Tracks in Total

After the first track there were 7 more. Each zipline was different. Sometimes it went through a forest, over the river and on one track we could even ride in pairs. The photos and videos we have made mostly mutually from each other. Selfies were not possible, because you had to have both hands on top of the brake. But it is possible to place a GoPro on his helmet. If you ride last you can also ask one of the guides if he can ride close behind you and film. So we got a lot of great footage documenting this great experience.

Things To Do In Omis Croatia

Omis Beach

After ziplining, we spent some more time in Omis. A special feature of Omis is the sandy beach. Most of the time in Croatia you can find only pebble beach. The sand on Omis beach is washed up by the river and ensures that you can enjoy a little sand between your toes. After we had a little sun and a short bath in the much too cold sea had taken, we were still a little in the old town.

Omis Old Town

The old town is very small but has a lot of charm. You can buy fresh fruit at several stalls, stroll in small stores or go out for a delicious meal. We spent a few relaxing hours in Omis before we moved on to the next town. We would have liked to make a trip with the kayak along the river, but unfortunately the time was not enough. If you want to get some impressions of our road trip to Croatia, check out our travel video.

What do you think are the best things to do in Omis Croatia? Have you visited Omis beach? Leave us a comment!

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