The path to the legendary Atlantis Ibiza starts at the path to the viewpoint Es Vedra (this is located at here). The way is unfortunately a lot more difficult! But more about that later. This short hike to Sa Pedrera Ibiza can no longer be called a real insider tip, but we saw too many other tourists there at the end of October, but at least it seems to be (still) so unknown that there are not too many reports about it on the net.

Photos that made us extremely curious, but we did not found many reports, whether the way is really worth it. So we almost didn’t start this little trip on Ibiza at all. And that would have been, as we said later totally sweaty, a big mistake.

How to get to Atlantis Ibiza (Sa Pedrera)

On a Google Maps map we have marked the parking lot for you:

So after you have parked your car on a free space after the approx. 600 meter long mogul slope (if you are afraid for your rental car you should probably rather park at the beginning of the slope) you go instead of straight ahead (where it goes to the viewpoint of the Vedra Island) left up a small rise (always along the fence) and then keep half right until you see the sea and on the right side the vertically sloping rock, which is gladly climbed by climbers.

Sa Pedrera Ibiza 2023 | How To Visit The Atlantis Of Ibiza

Hotel Recommendation in Ibiza

Adult Hotel with view of Es Vedra

Sa Pedrera Ibiza 2023 | How To Visit The Atlantis Of IbizaOne of the best hotels in Ibiza awaits with a breathtaking view of one of Ibiza’s most beautiful landmarks. Lying on the terrace of the Petunia Ibiza* and enjoying the sunset with a view from Es Vedra…simply WOW. Here you are away from the big hotel bunkers and can enjoy the tranquility in this beautiful setting.

Petunia Ibiza on Booking*

Which way to go down?

Now there are several paths that lead down. There are reports that the one or the other way might be a few meters shorter, but actually they all lead to the same destination and the only difference in our opinion is the amount of loose debris, pebbles and sand that makes it difficult for you to descend. This should determine the path that takes you down: which fork offers fewer roots to climb over and less scree to take away your firm footing.

A walking stick is therefore a good companion in any case. Overall, the trail was rather arduous to walk, as you slip away or off quite often. So sturdy shoes are also advisable in any case, although we have also managed with normal sneakers.

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On the way down, the wonderful view of the shimmering turquoise sea and the reddish-brown rocky landscape always offers a change. The last part of the steep path then consists almost only of loose sand, which is naturally much easier to conquer downhill than uphill again.

Finally arrived at the bottom

Once at the bottom, the uniqueness of this place reveals itself to you. The building material, which was mined in layers for the construction of the Dat Villa fortress in the 16th century, has created strange rock formations, which in the past must have led more than a few hippies to believe that they had discovered the former Atlantis here.

In addition, this has created 3 natural pools, which are more or less filled depending on the tide. Graffiti and messages carved into the rock were then left by earlier visitors. Tip: Start early (not only because of the heat) We couldn’t get enough of this sight and had it completely to ourselves at the beginning. We arrived around 9 am and had the whole Atlantis Ibiza to ourselves for about half an hour. At around 11 o’clock on the way back there were already a few dozen other tourists.

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The Way Back from Sa Pedrera Ibiza

The fact that the way back starts with the sandy part made us especially happy and made us realize again how much sweat is sometimes necessary for an unforgettable experience. In the middle part of the path, thanks to some larger bushes or smaller trees, there are occasional opportunities to rest in the shade. After about 45 minutes (including some small breaks) we had made it but then also.

Sa Pedrera Ibiza 2023 | How To Visit The Atlantis Of Ibiza
Atlantis Ibiza (view to Isla de es Vedra)

The Most Important Facts About Hiking Atlantis Ibiza

The hike offers a great change from the beach and other scenic highlights of Ibiza. If you’re good on your feet and not afraid of a little effort, you won’t be disappointed by the views and the almost mystical atmosphere. Tips:

  • It took us about 30 minutes for the descent. As expected, a bit more for the steep way back.
  • The trail is doable for any reasonably fit person.
  • In any case, take enough drinks with you
  • Come early in the morning to avoid the rush and the heat(alternatively come in the late afternoon and then enjoy the sunset at the neighboring Es Vedra viewpoint)
  • Take a walking stick or “borrow” one from nature

Have you already visited the legendary Atlantis Ibiza? Then leave us a comment below our travel report and tell us how you liked it.

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