Mellbystrand is a coastal town on the southwestern tip of Sweden in the province of Hallands and has the longest (and in our opinion) most beautiful beach in Sweden. A whole 12 km long is the sandy beach that Mellbystrand has together with the neighboring village Skummeslövsstrand. And every kilometer of it is really beautiful and invites for swimming, beach walks or even other activities.

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The Mellby Beach in Sweden

Mellby beach is made of powder-sugar fine sand and is extremely wide. It is wonderful for visits with the whole family and of course dogs also feel comfortable here.

Mellbystrand I Swedens Most Beautiful Beach

At some points of Mellby Beach you can even drive your car directly onto the beach, so it’s a real car beach. I only knew that from my visit to Daytona Beach in Florida. In the northern part of Mellbystrand (at the nature reserve Hökafält) there is even the possibility for nudism.

This part of the beach is clearly separated by signs from the rest of the beach.

The dunes at Mellby beach

The dunes on the beach of Mellbystrand are another highlight of this wonderful place. These are several meters high and heavily overgrown with dune grade or reeds. And unlike at the Dutch dunes, it is not forbidden to enter the dunes here.

Mellbystrand I Swedens Most Beautiful Beach

On the one hand, this ensures that the dunes and the plants are already very flattened in many places. On the other hand, you can experience the dune world very closely and find a great place for the sunset at Mellbystrand.

Mellbystrand I Swedens Most Beautiful Beach

The Nature Reserve Hökafältet

Behind the dunes begins the beautiful nature reserve Hökafältet. At the nature reserve 4 million trees were planted at the turn of the last century, which nowadays provide a closed forest.

Here grows dune heath vegetation, which is very unusual and rare and gives a home to many rare species of animals.

There are several paths or roads leading through the nature reserve, so the forest can be explored on your own. There are also established and signposted trails, so you won’t get lost when exploring this vast area.

Mellbystrand I Swedens Most Beautiful Beach

Overnight Stay at Mellbystrand

Free camping site

We drove with our Campervan Bruno through Sweden and up to the Lofoten in Norway. Not far from the beach is a free parking lot, which is also suitable for staying overnight or camping.

It is beautifully located right next to the forest and also offers a free toilet. From here you can reach the beach in a few minutes. You can find the free pitch at Mellbystrand here on Google Maps.

Mellbystrand I Swedens Most Beautiful Beach

Camping site

If you need a little more comfort you can also visit the nearby campground. This one was very expensive and didn’t look any better than our free campsite.

But if you are looking for a warm shower and more comfort, you should have a look at this campground. More info on the website:

Mellbystrand I Swedens Most Beautiful Beach

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