Looking for Mallorca weekend getaway? We will tell you how to spend a beautiful and varied weekend on the beautiful island of Mallorca. After flying to Andalusia for a few days, we flew to Mallorca for a 2 day road trip. We wanted to get out for a weekend to hike and relax. The German favorite vacation island is approached several times a day, which is why there are always very cheap flight tickets, for example, with Ryanair. We flew there for only 42 Euro Saturday morning at 6 o’clock and Monday morning at 6 o’clock back.

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Travel Costs Mallorca

Apart from the flight, Mallorca is unfortunately not that cheap in the high season. For a simple accommodation with shared bathroom you can get rid of between 50 and 100 Euro per night. If you want to have your own bathroom you have to invest more than 100 Euro per night… at least if you – like us – book everything only a few weeks in advance. It should be noted that you also have to pay a tourist tax in Mallorca.

Also the rental car was not quite cheap with almost 75 Euro. Because we always make sure to book only with reputable providers (Europcar, Hertz, etc.). In total, we paid about 250 Euro per person for our Mallorca weekend. But what did we get for it???

To make our stay varied we reserved one day for the Tramuntana mountains and the mountain villages and the second day for a hike and relaxing on the beach. Overall, this was probably a little too much for just one weekend. We have in any case picked out our highlights of Mallorca and have tried to make the best of the 2 days on site.

We have been more in the car on the road than was actually good, but we have also seen a lot of great sights on Mallorca. What we have seen and what travel tip we can give for quiet beaches in Mallorca you can read in this travel report

Day 1 | Villages in the Tramuntana Mountains on Mallorca

Our first day on this wonderful weekend in Mallorca started with picking up our rental car. We booked it through Europcar, because they offer the possibility to simply throw the key into a key box when returning the car – even outside the opening hours… and that without any extra charge. Another provider (Budget) wanted to collect another 50 Euros extra  for this kind of service.

What a usury! So if you book a rental car and fly back very early or late like we did, ask if you can put the key in a key box and if there are additional costs. With Europcar we had so far (in various countries) no problems with this type of return.

Mallorca Spain | A Weekend Getaway


From the airport on Mallorca, we went briefly to the supermarket to provide food for the weekend and then directly to the northwest of the island to Valdemossa in the municipality of Serra de Tramuntana. From the airport it is only about 25 minutes until you arrive in Valldemossa. There are two larger parking lots on the main road, which were quite full even in the early morning.

The parking lot must be booked for at least one hour. The parking ticket costs 2 Euro/hour. If you only want to stroll a little through the village and not additionally visit the museums, the one hour is enough in our opinion. The mountain village is especially famous because the Polish composer Frédéric Chopin spent the winter of 1838 there. He lived during that time in the former Carthusian monastery, which today can be visited as a museum. Admission to the museum costs 9 Euro per person.

If you photograph your parking ticket, you get a discount of 1.50 Euro when visiting the museum. In the museum you can see Mallorcan everyday objects as well as former possessions of Chopin himself. The monastery pharmacy and the monastery garden are also worth a visit. If you are an art enthusiast, you can then admire works of art by Picasso and Miro in the Museo Municipal. The entrance fee here is 7.50 Euro.

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After our side trip to Valdemossa, we had planned to visit the artist village Deià. However, since it was quite crowded there and there are only very few, paid parking spaces, we went directly on to Fornalutx. Since Deià is so small, the big tourist busses are not allowed to stop there. Alternatively, you can take the 210 bus to Deià. If you have more luck and time than we did, you should pay a short visit to this small village.

The small village of Deiá in Mallorca captivates with its picturesque setting with small, dreamy alleys. The best way to explore the 700 souls community is on foot and stroll along the boutiques and small galleries. In addition, you can walk from Deiá to the bay Cala Deià within 30 minutes via a small hiking trail. The small semicircular bay with its pebble beach is perfect for a short break by the sea.


But for us, unfortunately, we went straight on to Fornalutx. This village is always called the most beautiful mountain village in Spain. Whether it is really the most beautiful we do not know, but we really liked it. The paid parking lot in Fornalutx enchants directly with a beautiful view into the valley and offers the first photo motif. From there, it goes uphill along the small alleys decorated with flowers and plants.

The village is nestled between citrus and orange trees, which invite you to steal one or the other citrus fruit. There are great photo opportunities around every corner. The quarry stone houses with their green shutters, beautiful wooden doors and ornaments give the village a unique flair. At the Plaza Espana you will find small stores and restaurants offering Mallorcan souvenirs and specialties.

If you have time for a short stroll, you can walk down a small natural stone staircase at the town hall to a stream. From there, cross the bridge and walk along a narrow path to the right. From here you have a beautiful view of the village and the surrounding valley.


Mallorca Beachtime – Platja des Muro

After spending the day mainly in the mountain villages, it was time for one of the beautiful beaches on Mallorca. From Fornalutx we went to the north of the island. We had marked some beaches in advance that were supposed to be nice… although quite crowded in the high season (like actually every beach).

Our way leads us along the northeast coast of Mallorca towards Alcúdia. On the way north we also led us further and further up the mountains with unfortunately far too few possibilities to stop and admire the scenery. Shortly before we left the Tramuntana Mountains behind us, we passed a large reservoir near which a number of donkeys (with really huge ears) at the roadside patiently waiting for petting. Although behind a fence, but at least it looked as if the Burros liked the presence of tourists rather than disturbed.

Mallorca Spain | A Weekend Getaway

After spending a few minutes with the donkeys, we drove on towards Platja des Muro. The beach is beautiful and the sea perfectly turquoise. It was quite crowded but not as extremely crowded as we thought. The Platja des Muro, as well as the beaches further north of Mallorca, are especially popular with kitesurfers, as it is often very windy here… so also when we were there.

Mallorca Spain | A Weekend GetawayBut that was not too bad. So we took a longer break here and enjoyed the last hours of the day on the beach until it went on to our accommodation in the evening. Although we liked the mountain villages, we found the route too long for one day.

We have unfortunately spent too much of the day in the car and would plan this differently next time. If you have more time in Mallorca, it offers to do the whole thing in stages and spend more time in total in the Tramuntana Mountains. Especially for hikers this area has a lot to offer.

Day 2 | Hike to Cap des Freu and Relax on the Beach

The second day of our weekend in Mallorca should definitely be less in the car than the first. Therefore, we picked the nearby hike to the Talaia de son Jaumell (Google Maps link). The hike starts in Cala Agulla. If you walk from the parking lot (5 EUR per day) the first piece to the left either across the beach or the parallel hiking trail, there is a white house at the end of the beach.

Behind it the very well signposted hiking trail continues. The first short piece runs along the bays before it goes through a pine forest. There are several routes to the ruins of the watchtower on the hill. The blue route that goes along a small pebble cove is really strenuous. This was also the route we chose to make another short stop in the cove of Cala de na Llòbriga.

When we were there early in the morning, we were all alone and did not miss the chance to cool down a little. In this bay you should be very careful because of the strong current and not go too far into the water. After the deserved cooling down we went back to the hiking trail. After a few more meters through a dense pine forest, the path became steeper and steeper and sometimes it was no longer really visible where the path leads. In the end, you also had to climb over large rocks again and again, so this path is not suitable for everyone.

The Goal is finally reached

Eventually, however, we had made it and reached the top of our destination. From the ruins of the watchtower you have a great view to the starting point of Cala Agulla as well as to Cala Mesquida on the other side. If you are interested in an even longer hike, you can continue from here in the direction of Cala Mesquida.

For us, however, it should go back to Cala Agulla. This time, however, via the easier red hiking trail. When we arrived back at the beach, it had become very crowded in the meantime and rest and relaxation were out of the question. But a little relaxation on the beach was now urgently needed. So we looked for a free spot on the spacious, crowded beach of Cala Agulla. But there was also an extremely high swell, which is why the beach was also mostly closed by red flags for swimming.

Mallorca Travel Tips for Beaches in the High Season

In the run-up to our weekend trip to Mallorca, I did a lot of research and kept reading about “insider tips”. However, if you looked at the Google reviews, these tips were apparently no longer secret. Everywhere you read that these beaches and bays are completely overrun. Since we were very tired from our hike and Cala Agulla was extremely crowded, we simply looked for the next best beach further southeast and were lucky in our search.

Our Insider Tip – The Platja Son Serveta

In about 12 km distance was the Platja Son Serveta. This is a very fine pebble beach that is mainly used by locals. We saw only a few tourists. The beach was in no way crowded and therefore exactly what we were looking for. The water was a lovely turquoise blue and, unlike the beaches in the northeast, very calm, so you could go swimming without any problems.

There were also hardly any reviews for this beach on Google and that seems to be a good indication of rather unknown and therefore quiet beaches. If you have a car and don’t want to lie towel to towel, search Google for the beaches that have no or very few reviews. With a little luck, you can end the day in peace on the beach, just like we did.

The evening we spent – again with a bit more people- at the beach promenade of Cala Millor. You can stroll along the promenade and enjoy a few delicious tapas and a glass of sangria in one of the restaurants.

Conclusion about Mallorca Weekend Getaway

It is a beautiful island that is unjustly associated only with the Ballermann. There is so much more to discover here, so we are pretty sure to spend a few days here again. Even if our 2 days were a bit too stressful, you can still have a great, relaxing time here if you only have a weekend. Also if you own a drone you can take beautiful aerial photos.

Of course, you should follow the legal regulations, but there are just too many great motifs here and the landscape looks just too breathtaking from the air not to let the drone rise. You can see which shots I took with my DJI drone in our travel video!

Do you have any other travel tips for a Mallorca weekend getaway? Or would you do a completely different program? Then post them in the comments!

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