Hamra National Park in Sweden is a wonderful small national park with dense forest and very special hiking trails. Hamra National Park is located quite centrally in Sweden directly on the European road E45 and is therefore super easy to reach on the way to northern Sweden or even to the Lofoten. What you can do in Hamra National Park and how much time you should plan here you will read in this article.

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Hamra National Park Sweden

Hamra National Park was the smallest national park in Sweden when it was founded in 1909 and was enlarged to over 1300 hectares in 2011. It is located in an intensively cultivated region and has therefore preserved the originality of nature on its territory. There are several professionally designed hiking trails in the park where you can admire the unique landscape and untouched nature.

Since it is very swampy in many places in Hamra National Park, there are several planks that will keep your feet dry in the wet sections. The national park consists mainly of dense coniferous forest where the oldest spruces are said to be over 400 years old. Around the forests of the national park there are large moor areas where in spring the cranes meet for their annual courtship dance.

Unspoiled bog areas have become rare, even in scenically pristine Sweden. This is what makes Hamra National Park so beautiful. The park consists of only about 54% forest and almost 45% bog, the remaining percent is water. Based on these figures, you can already imagine how special this area in central Sweden is.

Hamra National Park | Searching the Bears

The oldest part of the national park is one of very few forests in central Sweden that have never seen an axe or chainsaw. A total of 5 forest fires have raged here and have made the forest what it is today.

In the old and dead trees live many plants and various animal inhabitants of the forest, such as over 300 different species of beetles. As a big highlight of the Hamra National Park we felt the wild originality of the forest. Everywhere are fallen trees, some of which are completely overgrown with moss. Nowhere are trampling paths or in any other way trampled down nature.

No matter where you look: dense moss in which you almost want to lie down, lush green spruce and a lot of water in the form of bog or the Näckrostjärnen lake. We totally enjoyed walking through the forest, whether on the well-secured wooden planks or on the established trails. There was always something new to discover everywhere.

Hamra National Park | Searching the Bears

Bears in Hamra National Park

Hamra is located in one of the most bear rich areas in Sweden. If you look closely, you can find numerous traces of brown bears, such as excavated anthills or claw prints on trees. However, it is very unlikely that you will meet a bear in person. Bears are very shy animals and tend to move away when they detect human sounds or smells.

Hiking in Hamra National Park

The hiking trails in Hamra National Park are often only 2-3 km long, but there is also the possibility to hike more than 10 km through the forest. On the right side of the spur road, the so-called primeval forest entrance shows the way on well-built wooden planks to a viewing platform at the lake Näckrostjärnen. From there it goes over hill and dale through the forest. It is always obvious where to go and there is no danger of getting lost. You walk partly directly over the forest floor and in places that are too swampy again over stable planks.

At the end you will arrive at a wide path that will lead you back to the parking lot. You should then go to the other side of the road and visit the small bog there. The first meters are again covered with wide wooden planks.

Then comes a small picnic area with a barbecue area where there is also wood for the fire place. Then you take a walk around the moor, again without getting wet feet. At the end of this loop you will end up back at the parking lot. In total, these two paths are about 5.5 km long and take about 2-3 hours, depending on how many photo stops you make.

Hamra National Park | Searching the Bears

Travel Tips for Hamra National Park

Arrival & Parking at Hamra National Park

Hamra National Park is located not far from the European Road E45 and is therefore easy to reach if you are on a road trip through Sweden or on your way to the north (e.g. to the Lofoten Islands). A few kilometers long gravel road with some potholes leads you to two free parking lots, which are equipped with a small shelter, a dry toilet and trash cans.

From the parking lot it is only a small distance to the hiking trails and the wonderful nature of Hamra National Park.

Visiting Hamra National Park with your Dog

We traveled with our dog Aaro through the Hamra National Park and we think he had a lot of fun in the nature. Dogs have to be leashed of course, but there is a lot to sniff and discover here. And if the leash is long enough, then there is nothing against a swim in the lake Näckrostjärnen.

Hamra National Park | Searching the Bears

Hamra National Park with Stroller or Wheelchair

The first meters of the bog area on the left side of the access road are covered with wooden planks. As well as the estimated first kilometer in the forest area, which is on the right side of the road and is entered through the jungle entrance.

Up to the lake Näckrostjärnen you can thus also with baby carriages or also with a wheelchair easily come forward and enjoy the wonderful nature. Only after that it becomes difficult to impossible to explore the further parts of the forest without being good on foot.

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