At the beginning of 2020 we finallytravelled to the Seychelles and therefore also visited one of the most beautiful beaches on Paslin, the Anse Georgette. Not only the beach was one of the must sees and the island but also the hike from Anse Lazio to Anse Georgette. Visiting Anse Lazio beach and Anse Georgette were at the top of our to-do list for the Seychelles. Both are located on Praslin, the second largest island in the small archipelago. Part of visiting both beaches on Praslin is the hike that connects the two beaches.

For the hike from Anse Lazio to Anse Georgette and the actual visit to Anse Georgette, I found different information on the Internet. I read that you can only get to the beach with registration,  that you need a guide for the hike and that you ca do it yourself. This was quite confusing. How we managed to do the hike in the end and what we experienced you can read in our travel report.

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How to get to Anse Lazio?

Anse Lazio is one of the most famous beaches on Praslin, located in the north of the island and is the starting point for the hike to Anse Georgette. Getting to Anse Lazio can be done by cab on the one hand and by bus on the other. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The arrival by cab has the advantage that you are brought directly to the parking lot in front of the beach.

The disadvantage is of course that it is much more expensive. The bus is much cheaper, but stops just under a kilometer from the beach. And this one kilometer is not easy to walk. It goes first steeply uphill and then just as steeply downhill. You should plan for about 20-30 minutes of additional walking.

How to get to Anse Lazio from Anse Volbert

We actually wanted to travel from our hotel at Anse Volbert by bus. For this we stood at the bus stop in the morning and waited… and waited… and waited. After we have waited nearly one hour and we were in the meantime no longer alone, we have shared with 4 other tourists a cab and have paid for this 50 SCR (approx. 3.30 €) per person. Thus, we arrived in just under 10 minutes finally at the Anse Lazio and also saved the walk from the bus station.

Hotel Recommendation at Anse Volbert

We stayed in a small self-catering apartment at Anse Volbert. The apartment consisted of a small living room with a kitchenette, a bedroom with air conditioning and a bathroom and a terrace

From the apartment, it took about 5 minutes to walk to the beach. There was a bus stop towards the street, so you could reach other parts of the island quickly. For us the apartment was the perfect and especially a cheap alternative on Praslin.

The Recommendable Coquillage Holiday Apartments on Praslin *

Anse Lazio Beach

At the Anse Lazio came the big disillusionment. The beach and the sea are of course beautiful, but you could not really swim. Due to the monsoon, the sea was very rough and there was a lot of waves.

Anse Lazio is divided into several sections, which are separated by granite rocks. So you can always go a little further and don’t have to stop at the first beach. On the last section there is also the Honesty Bar, where you can get drinks.

The Hike from Anse Lazio to Anse Georgette

Since I was unsure about the exact hiking route, I asked the super friendly owner of the Honesty Bar about the hike from Anse Lazio to Anse Georgette. The owner not only explained the best way, but also had a map that I could photograph. Regarding the hike you read again and again that this it is only possible with guide. According to the owner of the bar, this also applies to the “old” hiking trail. This is very overgrown so I’m not sure if this is still used today. But there is another way.

The Way over Mount Plaisir

Instead, we walked the path further to the Mount Plaisir stop. Here you go steeply uphill and are rewarded with a great view over the coast from the top. Afterwards it goes downhill again through the lush green vegetation. The way up to the stop Mount Plaisir was very exhausting especially in the heat of the blazing sun. The second part of the trail is no less strenuous, but the route is much more charming and also more beautiful.

Hike from the Bus Stop Mount Plaisir

Opposite the bus stop, a small sign marks the beginning of the hiking trail. The narrow trail is barely recognizable as such, so we wondered if we should really take it. Don’t be put off, because this is the right path. At the Mount Plaisir stop, there are always locals waiting to take you to Anse Georgette for a small fee. If you are very unsure, you can ask for help. However, the way is clearly marked and can be supported with a map (e.g. We dared the adventure alone and really didn’t regret it.

The Trail from Mount Plaisir

The trail at the stop, which is hardly recognizable at the beginning, first leads steeply uphill through dense greenery. Here you get a brief respite from the blazing sun. However, this break does not last long. After a short time you are quite high up on the hill and can enjoy at different view points again and again the great view of the coast below and the wonderfully cool and in the sun glistening sea.

While you wish nothing more than to dive into the cool water, it goes further and further uphill. At times you think that you must have finally reached the highest point… and then it goes even further uphill.

Hike early, bring a hat, sunscreen, and enough to drink!!!

But at some point you have followed the trail with the white markings again and again and arrived at the highest point. Here you can take great photos… unless, like us, you are now much too tired and sweaty. We enjoyed the view only briefly and then followed the path further downhill and enjoyed the refreshing breeze on the skin.

Shortly before the Finish

Anse Georgette | All You Need To Know To Hike From Anse Lazio
View of Anse Georgette

The last part on the hike from Anse Lazio to Anse Georgette led us through dense bushes at one point, where you could hardly be sure that this was the right way. Again, looking at the map at helped. We were right! And after a short time we could see Anse Georgette from a small hill. The sight provided us again for a short energy boost, so we hurried on the last meters.

We could no longer wait to finally get a cooling. After a total of just under 2.5 hours we arrived down at the beach, just quickly threw our things in the sand and jumped into the waves of Anse Georgette. Yay!

But also at the Anse Georgette, similar to the Anse Lazio, the bathing fun was a little clouded by the strong current, so that it remained with a short cooling in the shallow water and we allowed ourselves afterwards first a nap under one of the palm trees.

The way back from Anse Georgette

For the way back we walked from Anse Georgette over the golf course of the Hotel Constance Lemuria* to the bus stop. After about 25 minutes along the perfectly mowed meadows, we continued through the gate towards the bus stop.

Anse Georgette | All You Need To Know To Hike From Anse Lazio
Way back from Anse Georgette via Constance Lemuria

The way back we could actually take the bus – even if we had to wait a bit here again. The bus route goes along the sea and the coast at the beginning. With every stop the bus filled up with more and more people. All seats were occupied. In the meantime people were standing along the whole aisle

In the middle of the island, the bus turned to take the route across the island. The interior of the island is on a hill. And so the bus struggled up the hairpin curves with a groaning engine, swaying ominously to the side at each turn. Before each stop, the bus came to a halt only with loud squealing brakes.

Driving a Bus on Praslin

The view out of the window made one worry a bit, since in some places it goes down dangerously deep into the abyss. But the ride, which caused sweat beads on our foreheads, was quite relaxed for the locals. This also calmed us down a bit again. So this seems to be the normal madness here in the Seychelles.

And so we arrived after about 40 minutes at Anse Blague and had to leave the bus already here. Because unfortunately this did not go, as hoped, to Anse Volbert. And so it happened that we also had to finish the day with a small “hike” and still had to walk about 30 minutes to Anse Volbert.

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