Since we wanted to manage Trolltunga in one day instead of two days and therefore had one day left, we searched on Tripadvisor what other activities there were around Odda. #1 was the Buarbreen Glacier, which was only about 15min away from our campsite.

At the beginning of the trail, a narrow road leads along a river, which then – as always in Norway – ends at a pay parking. 150 NOK later we had already parked and made our way to the approximately two-hour hike up to the glacier, which led on winding paths always along the river up to the mountain. Several areas were so steep that there were ropes attached, where you had to pull yourself up.

Buarbreen - Hiking our first glacier

The path itself was still easy to climb and the river, which was now always rushing, had a pleasant sound. The top of the glacier was in sight during thecomplete  hike and we were looking forward to seeing our first glacier in Norway. You can get pretty close to the glacier, but not so close that you could walk on it. Which you should never do for safety reasons anyway.

On the top, the whole beauty of this place revealed itself. The bluish shimmering glacier tongue and right next to it a rushing Vossen (waterfall) made this hike a very special experience.


Photo Tip

As we arrived at the top in the late afternoon, the sun was shining all the time and then disappeared behind the glacier massif. Unfortunately, not the best conditions for taking pictures.

So my tip: if you can arrange it, then go there morning. Then you have the sun in your back and the glacier shines in a much better light.

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